– Who has a roof that has a flat design but doesn’t know to make it pretty? If you are one of them, this article is perfect for you to read. It is necessary to make our roof have a beautiful look because we can utilize it as a place that we can feel relax. To make our roof beautiful, we can apply an interior design that doesn’t feel complicated to apply. Moreover, for people who are for the first time making their roof have better-looking, we should choose an easy interior. We recommend you applying an eclectic design for the roof. This time, we will give you simple and small eclectic roof terrace design ideas that might help you to create a beautiful place.

What Is The Roof Terrace?

If you don’t know what it is, we will explain it briefly. Basically, a roof terrace is a space that usually has for people who have a flat roof design. Actually, we don’t have to make it look beautiful or decorate it with pretty decorations. But, it is necessary to do if you want to have a roof terrace that has a nice view.

The Advantages Of Making Beautiful Terrace

Eclectic roof terrace
The advantages of having a roof terrace

We can get advantages if we make our roof beautiful and we don’t worry to feel complicated because we will use an eclectic interior design. It is easy to apply and suitable for people who are on a budget. It also suits a small place because we can customize the design. Do you know if an eclectic roof decoration can also be added to the eclectic dining room? You can try it if having an interest to add it. This time, we will give you some advantages that we can get if we make our roof look beautiful.

  • Having A Relaxing Place In Your Home

For those of you who feel bored with the home atmosphere and want to have a different impression but can’t go anywhere, utilizing your roof terrace is the right choice. We should decorate it and make it as a relaxed place for us. If it feels complicated to make, we should choose an eclectic design.

  • Another Place For Attending Party Or Gathering With Family

Spending time with our family is the best time that we can do, right? In this pandemic, we can’t free go anywhere we want. We can’t also go to tourist attractions with family and we recommend you to make a roof terrace. It can be used as a place for attending parties or only gathering with family. If we want to attend it, we should make our roof terrace looks beautiful. We can use the best eclectic plants or any decoration as long as it is related to our concept.

  • Utilize Each Part Of Space In Our Home

Try to check our space in the home is there any unused? For example, an empty room or roof terrace that has nothing on it. If you have it, we can utilize it and makes a beautiful new room by adding decorations to it. It makes us have a pretty view even if we have a small roof terrace in our home.

  • Makes Our Home Have Beautiful View In Any Environment

Sometimes for people who live in the city can’t feel a beautiful view in their home. It only has a multi-story building view. If we decided to make a beautiful space to make a different environment, decorating our roof terrace is our recommendation. Moreover, this design has a natural impression by using wooden furniture and simple decorations.

Simple And Small Eclectic Roof Terrace Design Ideas

Don’t worry if you have a small roof because we can still decorate it with eclectic decorations and make it have beautiful look. To make it easier to decorate your roof terrace, we will give you some ideas about it that might help you to decorate it.

Dark Brown Rattan Chair With Unique Pattern Carpet

We can decorate it with eclectic decorations

a simple decoration is a definition of making our roof terrace look beautiful but with minimal decoration that we use for it. We can use a dark brown rattan chair and unique pattern carpet as a pedestal. For making it have a stronger design, we can use a yellow cushion and plants. Don’t forget to add a simple sofa with a little pillow on it to make it prettier. If we want to feel comfortable, we can add a little side table and cover it with a tablecloth.

Plants Decorations In The Roof Terrace

Eclectic roof terrace with plant decorations
Plant decorations for eclectic roof terrace

For flooring, we can use a wooden floor to make it have a natural concept. It can be combined with plants that have high enough size to make it look natural and fresh. We should try to make this concept if we live in the city. It can make it has fresh and clean air because we gonna use many plants as decorations. We can add a rattan chair and white table to make it have a better looking. If we want to make a variation for our roof terrace, we can add a black rattan chair and combine it with light grey little pillows.

Eclectic Colorful Concept

Colorful concept in an eclectic roof
By adding colorful furniture and carpet can make look prettier

This concept is suitable for people who are on a budget. We can add a colorful carpet as a pedestal and a colorful cushion on the chair. Shabby or old furniture can be added to this concept because it can make our roof terrace look simple but beautiful. We can also add many flower plants to make it prettier by using many colors. If you are still confused to apply an eclectic interior design, we should know how to apply an eclectic exterior to make it prettier.

White Cube Chair

White cube chair and red carpet
We can add a simple white cube chair

Creating a small space on our roof terrace is easy to do because we only need some decorations and even it is suitable for people who are on a budget. This concept brings a simple and minimalist impression at the same time but still using an eclectic design. We should add a red and white carpet as a pedestal. This concept can also be applied in an eclectic living room because it has a suitable design for it. For a chair, we should add white cube chairs and a sofa with some little pillows on it. A wooden table can be added to make a harmonious concept of furniture selection.

White Wooden Furniture

White wooden furniture
White wooden furniture can be added for applying an eclectic design

Do you like the white color? If you like it or even love it, we can make this concept into your roof terrace. We should add white wooden furniture and pink carpet as a pedestal on the floor. Why should we use wooden material? It has long durability and gives us natural concepts at the same time. That’s why it is very preferred to add as furniture in our roof terrace. We should make a gazebo for making us doesn’t feel hot while staying in it.


Decorating each space of our home is necessary to do for making us doesn’t have wasted room. We can start to make our roof terrace look prettier by applying an eclectic interior design. We should pay attention to furniture and decorations that we will add and also by using our ideas, it can be easy to make it look beautiful. Hopefully, by using our ideas, we might help you to make a home design of roof terrace has a fascinating concept.


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