– An eclectic design doesn’t only can be applied in the interior but is also suitable for exterior design. We can apply it in the backyard or front porch that can make us have a pretty space in each part of our home. By applying this design we can have many furniture that has many design and shape that we can add to it. We can also combine many interior designs that make us free to mix and match the style we want. It is also suitable for people who are in the first time to decorate their home exterior. Today, we will give you eclectic landscaping front porch decorating design ideas.

What Is The Landscaping Front Porch?

Generally, it is a park on the front porch that has a patio and many plants like a flower as a decoration. It is also be equipped with furniture that can make us have a relaxing place outside our house. The landscaping front porch is a beautiful space that can make our eclectic home exterior have a plus value for people who look at our house even when viewed only from the outside.

Eclectic Landscaping Front Porch Decorating Ideas

To decorate our front porch into having beautiful landscaping, we should choose beautiful furniture, decoration, and plant that we want to add. We should use eclectic design to make it have a rare design but look pretty that won’t be found in any exterior style.

Vines On The Roof

Beautiful landscaping in the front yard
Beautiful landscaping front porch

This concept has a fresh impression and air because uses vines for covering the roof of the front porch. It is suitable for a relaxing place in the summer or spring because we can’t feel hot while staying here. To make it look beautiful, we can also add eclectic indoor plants if we want to have tiny plants decoration. Eclectic furniture like a white chair with unique pattern pillows can be added to make it more comfortable for us.

Pink Flower Decoration

Eclectic wooden furniture
Pretty landscaping front porch

We should make a roof accent from wooden materials and decorate it with pink flower vines to make it fascinating. If we want to make it into a comfortable place, wooden furniture is suitable to add to this concept. A pink flower can be added to our landscaping front porch to make it look prettier. Brick tiles can be applied as pedestals to make a patio on our front porch.

Aesthetic Front Porch

Porch front decoration
Beautiful aesthetic front porch

The aesthetic front porch is always beautiful every time looking at it. We can combine it with an eclectic design that will make it look prettier than before. By using beautiful rare pattern carpet and white sofa, we can make our porch comfortable and aesthetic. To make it have a stronger concept, we can combine it with a dark brown table and rattan basket that has white flowers in it.

Eclectic Front Porch

Eclectic front porch with light bulbs

If we want to have a warm atmosphere on our front porch, we can add black furniture and flowers as a decoration. A black and white carpet is suitable for adding in this concept and light bulbs with yellow light can be installed for making it bright. It also makes us comfortable while staying on the front porch.

Cozy Eclectic Front Porch

Cozy eclectic porch front
Cozy accent in eclectic front porch

Some people, want to create an eclectic design but also want to have a cozy accent in it. To create it, we can add a rattan chair and unique carpet. To make it feel bright and beautiful even at the night, we can install a light bulb on it. A white table can be added to support our design and make it have a harmonious concept in furniture selection. We can also use a blue side table to make us comfortable while spending time on our front porch. We should apply this concept to make a cozy small living room for making our home have a warm atmosphere.

Colorful Pillows

Eclectic front porch in our home
Eclectic front porch with colorful pillows

We should add many colorful pillows to make our front porch have a colorful concept and look pleasant. We should add a dark brown rattan chair and combine it with a rattan swing that can make us comfortable while staying on this front porch. To make it have a stronger concept, we can add a colorful pattern rug as a pedestal under the table. We can also add a rattan lamp to make it bright at the night and have beautiful decoration in it. For your information, a colorful concept can also be applied to the eclectic bathroom interior.

Simple But Comfortable Front Porch

Comfortable front porch
Comfortable front porch by using rattan furniture and flower decoration

Sometimes we love a simple concept than other design that little bit complicated to apply. If we are one of them, we can make this concept for our front porch. A simple but comfortable front porch is the main character in this design. Without using much furniture and decorations, voila! We can create an almost perfect front porch in our home and complete it with flower decorations to make it prettier.

Plants Decoration

Plants decoration
We can add plants as decoration to our front porch

Do you want to have a green accent and fresh air on your front porch? If you want, we should make this concept. We should use a light brown chair and a little table where it can be combined with light brown rugs. Black and white floors are suitable for this concept because they can give us a unique color combination. It also makes our front porch feel fresh than using any tiles.


We should apply an eclectic design if we love bright colors, rattan and wooden furniture, also plant decoration where it can be combined with many designs that we want. For example, we can combine a cozy and aesthetic design in an eclectic interior. It makes us enjoy mixing and matching many concepts, right? The furniture and decoration are also necessary to pay attention to make us have a perfect exterior design.


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