– Do you ever go to Mexico? Or you decided to go there? If you want to go to Mexico but are deterred due to covid-19, we can make our bedroom looks like in there. How to make it? We should apply a Mexican interior design that doesn’t complicate to do it. We can make it look unique and have a different characteristic that won’t be found in any interior design. By applying it, we can feel like sleeping in Mexico country with a beautiful concept. This time, we will give you some Mexican bedroom interior design ideas that might help you to apply them.

3 Things To Consider On Applying Mexican Interior

To avoid us making a mistake while applying a Mexican interior design, we have to know 3 things to consider to make us applying it better. This time, we will give you some information about it that necessary to know to apply this design.

  1. We should use related furniture that has a characteristic of Mexican interior design. If we use different furniture from different designs, we can’t create a bedroom that has this design.
  2. Decorations that have a Mexican accent are suitable to be combined with furniture that we will choose. If we use something that has a Mexican accent, we can create a stronger design.
  3. If we want to decorate our bedroom but we decorated it before with another interior design, we should choose the furniture and decoration that it still can use. It is useful to make us save our expenses.

6 Mexican Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

It is necessary to make our bedroom have beautiful decoration and furniture. We can’t allow it to have a bad look and make us doesn’t comfortable staying in it. As the owner of our bedroom, we should make it have a pretty design that can make us more comfortable and confident to stay and invite someone to stay in it.

Simple But Neat Design Ideas

Small but neat design ideas
Simple but look neat Mexican bedroom ideas

Some people want to have a simple concept because it can make our bedroom look beautiful. The advantage of it is, we can add a little bit of furniture and decoration because more simple is prettier. To create this concept, we shouldn’t choose a bigger bed because it can make our room looks narrow. We should add a bed that has enough size and cover it with a yellow bed sheet. To make it feel bright, we can add a vintage lamp to make it have a beautiful lamp. A pink pillowcase is our recommendation to make us have a harmonious color in bed furniture.

White But Look Colorful

White color with colorful bedsheet
Looks colorful in color combination

Generally, a colorful concept is always applied in the modern Mexican living room. If you want to apply it, we should paint our wall white color. A round mirror with a gold frame can be added as decoration. We recommend don’t using many decorations because it can make our room doesn’t have a concept. A white bed and colorful blanket where it can be combined with a colorful pillowcase is the main character in this concept. To make it prettier and comfortable, we can add a glass side table with a table lamp on it.

Fascinating Bedroom By Using Many Decorations

Many decoration in the bedroom
Fascinating bedroom by using many decorations

To create a fascinating look like the picture above, the main character that we have to add is a Mexican accent picture on the wall. We can search on the internet to find it and print it to make a picture decoration. For making it have a beautiful design, we should choose a blanket and pillowcase that has a beautiful pattern. This fascinating look can also be made for a Mexican traditional kitchen because it is suitable for it. We can also add plant decoration to make it have fresh air and look attractive at the same time.

Mexican Pattern Fabric On The Wall

We can add a Mexican pattern fabric to the wall

Mexican pattern fabric can be made as decoration by decorating it with a wooden frame and add it to the wall. We should choose a rattan chair to make it have a natural concept in our bedroom. A plant can be added as decoration and combined with a beautiful carpet that has many colors in one design. Because after using many decorations and attractive furniture, a simple bedsheet is our recommendation to cover our bed. We can also add a dark brown cushion to make a variation in furniture selection.

Mexican Rug As A Decoration

Mexican bedroom ideas
Mexican rug on the wall as decoration

Some people who love all about Mexican things, certainly have a rug collection because Mexico is popular with it. We can use it as a decoration on the wall and we can add one more on the floor. Wooden vinyl tiles are very suitable to add to our bedroom if we create this concept. Don’t forget to choose a white bedsheet with a simple pattern that will make an amazing combination in decoration selection. If we want to add something different from a Mexican rug, we recommend you to add a white fluffy rug.

Talavera Pattern Plate Decoration

Flower pattern blanket
Flower pattern blanket with Talavera pattern plate

This concept has a feminine impression because uses a pink color for a wall. It also uses a white lacy bed sheet that makes a concept feel stronger. We can combine them with a floral pattern blanket and a Talavera pattern plate on the wall. For making it prettier, we should add a wooden cabinet and a table lamp to it. We can also add a picture that has a related design or have a Mexican accent that can make our room have a nice outlook.


For you who love a colorful concept with unique patterns and using many rugs in a bedroom, a Mexican interior design is the best choice for you. Applying this design doesn’t complicate because we only should know more about the Mexican accent. We should choose furniture and decoration that related to it. If we choose the right of it, we can make a perfect Mexican bedroom interior design!


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