– In this pandemic because of covid 19 there are many people who don’t work in their office but in their home. It is necessary to make an office room for making us comfortable while working at home. We should decorate it with beautiful decorations to make it look prettier.

Before making an office room, we should decide on a design that we want to choose for our office room where there is a various design that we can choose, but we recommend an eclectic design for our office room. An eclectic Living room and eclectic kitchen design ideas are very suitable for you.

Today we will help you to apply an eclectic design for the office room that might help you easier to apply it. For those of you who love to mix and match decorations and furniture without thinking anything, this design is very preferred for you. It can be applied according to our taste and we can combine many designs in one place. Hopefully, we might help you to apply the design.

Home Office Ideas With Eclectic Design

An office room can allow us to work in the home with a comfortable feeling. This room makes us focus while working and should have better-looking room decoration. An eclectic design is suitable for us to make a comfortable room and it won’t be found in any design interior.

Boho eclectic office home design
An eclectic design can be applied for home office

For you who want to make a home office with a unique design and have a warm atmosphere, Boho eclectic is very suitable for you. We should choose a unique pattern of carpet and add it to the floor. Wooden table office is very preferred if we apply this design to our home office. We can choose an Eames chair to make us comfortable during working because it has a design that adjusted to our posture. Don’t forget to add some decorations for making it look pretty. A deer head statue can be added to the wall with some decorations to make it look prettier and aesthetic.

Office home with eclectic design decorating ideas
Apply an eclectic design to make a home office

To apply this concept we can apply wooden vinyl tiles to our floor to make it look aesthetic. We should choose a carpet that has a colorful design and we can add it to the floor. Don’t forget to choose a chair that has a suitable design for this concept. The bright colors chair is very preferred to make harmonious color in our office room. A big desk can be added to our room with a table lamp on it to make us focus during working. Some decorations like pictures can be added to the wall to make it prettier.

Eclectic office home design
We can apply the design with a floral single sofa

We can apply an eclectic design by adding a floral single sofa to make it a more enchanting look. We should paint our wall with green color and add a desk close to the window to make it brighter in the daytime. Plants and many pictures can be added as decorations to make our home office look prettier and impressive.

Eclectic office home with blue chair
We can make home office close to the other room

If we don’t have space for making office room in the house, we can make it close to other rooms. For example, we can make a home office close to the living room by adding a computer desk table. A rug can be added as decoration or only as a pedestal for our chair and don’t forget to add plants for making this concept feel more authentic.

Wooden Shelf
We can add a wooden shelf to our home office

A wooden shelf on the wall can be made to support this concept in our house. We can add our book collection or any decorations to the shelf. A rattan basket can be added to our office room to make it look beautiful. Don’t forget to add a unique pattern carpet and some plants to it.

Types Of Office Room Furniture

There are various types of office room furniture that we can choose to make it prettier. If you are still confused about choosing it, we will give you various types that might help you.

Armchair in the office home
We can add an armchair to the home office

An armchair in the home office can give a serious but relaxed impression at the same time. It also has many designs and colors that we can choose them as long as it is related to the concept that we make. We can choose bright colors like pink, yellow, light blue or purple but if we love dark colors, we can choose black, blue, grey and others.

Wooden table in the house
We can use a wooden table for our home office

A wooden office table can give a warm and vintage impression to our office room. We should choose a pinewood table to make a minimalist impression so that makes us more comfortable and focus during working. It also has a natural color that can make our room harmonious in color selection.

Side table can be added to office home
We can add a side table in the home office

If we love to spend a lot of time in the office room it means we need something which allows us to add food. It can make us rest without leaving our office room and efficient to the working time usage. There are many eclectic interior style informations that we can find on the internet to make us comfortable and doesn’t feel dizzy while applying it.

Table lamp
A table lamp can make our office room feel brighter

Sometimes we will work in a dark place because we want to more focus during working. If you confused about how to make your room have a little bit of lamp but still bright, a table lamp is a solution. We can add it to the table for making us still focus and feel brighter while working.


We can work in the cafe or any place that makes us focus but in this pandemic, we can’t go anywhere. An office room is our recommendation because we can still work in our house without going anywhere. An eclectic design can be applied to make it look prettier and astonishing at the same time. Hopefully, by using our ideas and recommendations we might help you to make the home office that you want.


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