– Shabby chic mirror frames for beautifying home decorations are necessary to do. It can gives many effects on our home and one of them is to make it prettier. However, how to beautify our home? There are many ways that we can do to make it look beautiful. Attractive decorations, stunning furniture, and others can be added to create a fascinating interior design. After adding all of them, the best recommendation is to make them prettier by adding accessories. For example, we can paint a dining table with bright colors by ourselves to make a beautiful shabby chic dining room. Today, we will give you shabby chic frame recommendations.

Shabby Chic Mirror Frame Recommendations

Beautifying our house with a shabby chic interior design is the best choice that we can choose. To maximize beauty in our decorations and furniture, something prettier should be added to them. A mirror frame makes our mirror doesn’t monotonous because it has a beautiful design. Some of it can be bought in the store or we can make it by ourselves. Now, we will give you mirror frame recommendations.

Shabby Chic White And Pink Rose Mirror Frame

Shabby chic flowers mirror frame
Rose mirror frame shabby chic style

Flower decorations are always used in the shabby chic interior design. It has a feminine accent with beautiful pastel color. If we use it, a stronger design can be created. We can also make a mirror frame with some rose with different colors like the picture above. It can be made by ourselves by using some flowers in pink and white pastel. We can use glue to attach the flower or we can buy a mirror frame in the store. The suitable place to add it is in the shabby chic bedroom style.

Shabby Chic Flower And Fairy Light Mirror Frame

Shabby chic mirror frame recommendations
Fairy light and flower mirror frame

Sometimes we want to have something which has two benefits. If you want it, we should install a fairy light and combine it with some artificial flowers. We can add them to the mirror as a frame. It makes us have a beautiful mirror in our shabby chic home. Besides flowers, an artificial leaf is suitable to be added to makes our home decoration have more variation and won’t look monotonous.

Shabby Chic Flower Pattern Acrylic Paint Mirror Frame

Shabby chic mirror frame recommendations
Shabby chic acrylic paint flower mirror frame

If we don’t want to buy a mirror frame in the store, we suggest making a flower pattern by using acrylic paint. For those of you who love painting, it will be a fun activity for us. It also makes our mirror have a unique design that is different from other mirror patterns. We should make it to create the impression that we want. After making it, we can add this mirror to the shabby chic living room. It will save our expenses because it is a DIY mirror frame.

Shabby Chic Beige Carved Mirror Frame

Aesthetic beige carved mirror frame

An aesthetic impression is a unique accent that can make our home have a warm atmosphere. Basically, it tends to have a beige color because it has a natural and stunning look at the same time. If we want to create this impression, a shabby chic beige carved mirror frame should be made. It is preferred to be added in any room but to create a feminine french country accent, a living room is a suitable place. It also has a vintage accent which makes our home have both a beautiful and unique impression.

Shabby Chic DIY Mirror Frame

Shabby chic paper flower mirror frame
Shabby chic paper flower mirror frame

For those of you who on a budget, we suggest you create a DIY shabby chic mirror frame by using a colored paper. It can be made into a flower shape and attach to the mirror. We can choose light grey and brown color if we don’t like bright colors. It can be combined with shabby chic DIY curtains.

6 Natural Ingredients To Clean A Mirror

Do you want to clean your mirror but don’t want to use a chemical cleaner? Don’t worry because we can use natural ingredients to clean it. What are they?

  1. Old newspaper. We can utilize it to clean our mirrors. Take one sheet and wet it with water. Wipe our mirror with it and use dry newspaper to make it look clean and the dirt gone.
  2. Toothpaste. The main function is to clean our teeth but we can utilize it for cleaning our mirror. It does not only make the mirror clean, but it can also remove fine scratches. We only apply a little bit of toothpaste using wet fabric or a sponge. Let it for a moment and wipe it.
  3. Potato. Do you believe a potato can be used for cleaning a mirror? You can’t believe it until use it. Cut it into two parts and use one part for wiping the mirror which we want to clean. Let it for a minute and wipe it with a wet sponge
  4. Vinegar. This liquid is similar to water but has acid content which can clean our mirror. Mixing a little bit of lemon liquid with vinegar. We should wet fabric or sponge with it and wipe the mirror.
  5. Lemon. It contains high acid and useful for cleaning the dirt on the mirror. Squeezing it and spray it and then wipe by using a clean cloth.
  6. Baking soda. Dissolving it with water then pour it into a cloth and wipe to the dirty window.


Beautifying home decoration with a shabby chic mirror frame can make our home look beautiful and make the design feel stronger. It also makes our mirror prettier than doesn’t use a beautiful frame. For people who on a budget, the best recommendations from us are to make a mirror frame by ourselves. However, if we want to buy it in the store, it is easier and more convenient. Hopefully, by using our recommendations and some tips to clean a mirror, we might help you to create a beautiful shabby chic interior design.


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