1. Overview of vacant land next to the house

Building a house often leaves open land or space on the front, side, or back of the house. Many people leave the rest of the land unattended without being decorated and used so that it is overgrown with grass and gives the impression of being a slum.

However, some people then use the remaining land to channel their gardening hobby or make a garden in the corner. But If you arrange it with the right, the remaining land does not look shabby anymore. Therefore, many people understand that the remaining land in a house is more important. For that, let’s discuss the ideas and designs below!

2. Ideas for designing vacant land

The open space next to the house can be designed as a garden. It can use as a place to relax with family. To further support the beautiful atmosphere of a garden, you can plant green grass in this area.

Having the remaining land next to the house can be used to beautify the area of ​​the house. One of them is to create a beautiful garden or make a room where you relax with your family. If you are interested in designing it, we provide some ideas and inspiration so that it can be used as a place to relax with your family. Hopefully, these ideas can be used for you to create your dream home design.

3. Examples of attractive designs

When building a new house, you forget about the vacant land next to the house. You only focus on the front garden or back garden. The vacant land next to the house is easily overgrown with weeds. However, if you pay attention to this section, you can make this side an important area as a liaison between the front and back of the house. That way, it doesn’t interrupt the conversation when there are guests. Therefore, let’s take a look at some designs below. Welcome to our review!

Aesthetic design

Some people may not have a large enough front land. It could be because it is used as a carport or terrace. But if you want to give it a touch of green, you can use the side land for your flower garden.

The land next to the house is more attractive to be used as a small garden design with stones arranged like a garden. Then, to look more beautiful, you can add sofas, garden chairs, ornamental plants, and beautiful garden accessories. That way, you can make this place for you to relax while enjoying the fresh air in the morning and evening. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy designing!

Garden for relaxing

Although there is not much that can be done with the side land, especially if the size is narrow, you can still place a park bench or a relaxing seat in this place. To look more beautiful, you can plant green grass in this area. With green grass and several pots of ornamental plants, it can give a relaxed and fresh impression. Don’t forget to design the walls with brightness, to make them look wider. Hopefully, this simple design can be an inspiration for you.

Rear and front connecting area

For those of you who have a side door to the house, this side land can be used as a connecting area as well as an attractive garden. You can place stones in the path and also decorate them with several types of plants.

Although the size of the land is small, the side land can be used as an attractive multifunctional garden. For example, like the garden picture above, you can place tables and chairs to drink coffee like a cafe. Then, you can also plant some of your favorite ornamental plants and flowers. Therefore, take advantage of your side land appropriately. That way, your home will look more beautiful.

Colorful ornamental plants

Decorating the land next to the house is easy because this area is always used as a path. Therefore, try to add various ornamental plants with bright colors. So your garden is pleasing to the eye.

Then, in arranging the landscape, do not miss the slightest detail. For example, the decoration on the garden wall area because the impression is different from the wall that is not decorated. Then get inspiration for a beautifully simple home garden to make your home’s exterior design look aesthetic. If necessary, you can apply a vine garden to make it look more attractive. The method is easy, you can plant vines at the top of the house. Then, let the plant dangle down. That way, the garden design next to your garden looks artistic.

Natural stone design and ornamental plants

When arranging the garden next to the house, don’t forget to add decorative rocks to beautify the look like the garden picture above. A garden with brick and natural stone nuances feels timeless because it looks a beautiful impression. For example, like the garden picture above, shades of brick and natural stone dominate the side garden area.

To look more beautiful, you can put some pots of ornamental plants, bricks, and river stones neatly arranged on the edge of the path. To make it look sweeter, add coral in between the river stones that are used as paths. With a combination of ornamental plants and river stones, the side design of your house makes you and your family feel at home in this place while enjoying the beautiful garden. Hopefully, this design can be a guide for you.

Beautifully arranged pots

If you have side land with a narrow area, that doesn’t mean it should be left as is for examples such as the minimalist garden above. That way, you can make the rest of the narrow land next to the house by utilizing a row of pots, natural stones, and minimalist paths.

Then, to look more aesthetic, design a beautiful pot color. Then, add natural stones and paths in a color that matches the house. Then, add ornamental plants with a fresh dark green color, such as the mother-in-law’s tongue. The combination of neutral colors and green also creates a slick color combination. Then, to make you more relaxed while enjoying the free air, place a garden chair on the side of the garden. With this arrangement, the exterior design of the house feels more comfortable.

Paving and flower pots plot models for plants

If there is sufficient space on the side of the house, you do not need to use pots to display your plants. Just plant it on the sides of the land that you design like a tub model and then decorate it with ceramics and natural stone. To look more beautiful, install paving next to your house.

By making a design like this, you can choose your favorite plants to plant in the available plots of land. To make it look lush, try planting flower bushes, small trees, or decorative grass as in the picture above. With this design, your garden will look elegant and luxurious.

A simple line of plants

Arranging a garden to make it look minimalist is simple. The trick, you only use minimalist plants on one side of the land, then add simple ornaments that can beautify the garden. An example is a garden next to the house above, which uses a combination of ornamental plants and trees planted in rows on one side of the land. Meanwhile, in the middle of the park has installed natural stones as a traffic area.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add natural stone and make the path like the mountains. But if you have a narrow side of the house, this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Plant tub design and iron trellis

Making plant tubs or beds is an easy way, and you can use them to place plants without having to use a pot. Designs like this can save you costs. Then you can plant neatly lined plants and green grass in this area. So it looks more beautiful.

To make it look more attractive, you can add plants to the wall by hanging them on a metal trellis mounted on the wall. In addition, you can also hang ornamental plants on the garden ceiling and hang ornamental plant pots on the wall. With an arrangement like this, your simple garden design will become a favorite of everyone who looks at it. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for the garden next to your house.

Beautiful flower plants beside the house

This garden design looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In this garden, various ornamental plants and flowers in pots fill the garden area next to the house. This design has its own charm. The arrangement of ornamental plants and flowers is very neat so that the access to the traffic lane with a footpath designed with ceramic tiles in the middle makes it comfortable for you to walk.

Then, to add to the lively atmosphere of the garden, plant beautiful ornamental plants and arrange them neatly in the garden area. In addition, you can also hang it on the side of the wall like ivory betel plants, Paris lilies, or calathea with beautiful leaves. Therefore, for those of you who want to design a garden next to the house, this garden image is perfect for your garden. Happy decorating!

Gravel garden design

Usually, the side walls of the house are adjacent to other residential houses. It’s different if your house is around a large garden yard. If the conditions are like that, you can replace the dividing wall by planting ornamental plants as a permanent substitute for the fence.

Then, to look more artistic, you can design a garden area with white pebbles. Then, in the middle of the gravel, you can put natural stone as a path to the front of the house. Don’t forget to arrange the plants neatly. So your garden doesn’t fall apart. Then, it makes you happy to walk in the garden area while enjoying your favorite flowers. If you want to add other types of plants, you can place them at the end of the hallway so that the side lane of the house seems more spacious for activities.

Industrial style design

The side garden of an industrial-style house must have an iron frame, and the roof can be covered with fiberglass. Generally, this design does not have many plants. That way, the side of the house can be used for your walk. Then, to make it look attractive, you can decorate it with ornamental plants attached to the wall.

Then, To look more beautiful, the floors and walls are unfinished and equipped with an iron trellis roof as a decorative accent. With this design, the atmosphere next to the garden will not feel cramped even if you add plants or vines. That way, you can make the room air cooler and more pleasant. For those of you who don’t want to bother planting flowers next to the house, this design can be an inspiration for

Accent with exposed brick

If the width of the hallway next to your house is more than 1.5 m, you can give an accent on the dividing wall like the garden design above. Adding some wooden furniture can make your side garden a relaxing place while enjoying warm coffee.

To look more natural, you can decorate the garden walls with exposed bricks without plastering. In addition, you can also combine exposed brick designs with natural stone. A design like this, makes the side of your house look more aesthetic. Then, to provide lighting at night, you can give an antique chandelier as lighting. With a design like this, the atmosphere in your garden will feel calm and comfortable. Well, you can use this design as your inspiration.

Lush garden in a beautiful alley

The garden design next to this house looks more beautiful. The alley is decorated with ornamental plants with characteristic height but has small stems and broad leaves. This type of plant is suitable for the side hallway of the house to make it look beautiful. In addition, the types of plants like the picture above can make the atmosphere of the house cool and calm.

Then, to decorate the floor, you can use ceramic motifs to cover the ground. So it looks neater and gives natural freshness. By covering the path with the floor, of course, the garden area is not flooded. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Lounge park

If you need a place to relax, you can also take advantage of the remaining land next to the house. The key to making a comfortable side aisle garden is the placement of the right plant position. Because the land is narrow, put plants in the corner area. That way you will be free to walk around to enjoy the park.

To look more beautiful, add a long wooden bench, then, you can also decorate this area with several vines on the wall. Then, decorate with pebbles to become a path. With a design like this, the exterior of your home feels very cozy. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

4. Conclusion

Those are some of the side garden designs that we can explain. We know that your dream house must be a house that has a beautiful garden. With the presence of a garden in your home area, you will feel calm and comfortable. Then, your soul will also feel at ease. We hope that the designs we have reviewed above can be an inspiration for you. So that your home design looks aesthetic, attractive, and comfortable. Hopefully, our review above can be useful for you and your family.


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