1. Industrial-style narrow kitchen

Kitchens with industrial concepts are currently one of the designs that are trending because of their contemporary designs. Various decoration elements and concepts were created and made independently. Likewise, the supporting furniture is made according to the kitchen model. In addition, the arrangement and the combination that was created made many people fascinated.

Industrial style has believed to be one of the styles that will be popular in 2023. The combination of brick walls, wooden floors, and decorations in the form of pipes that can be seen clearly are some of the characteristics of this industrial style. As far as we know, the industrial style also gives the impression of being cozy and comfortable. For that, let’s discuss a series of industrial kitchen design inspirations that you can use as a reference.

2. Interesting industrial design ideas

Industrial kitchen designs are still rarely used. However, there is nothing wrong with applying it at home to display a unique, artistic, and contemporary impression. The ideas and design inspirations also look modern and unique with their distinctive monochrome colors. This design also tends to use rough materials and elements with an unfinished impression. Then, the design also features exposed brick or pipes and wires that are left exposed.

Usually, industrial designs many used for commercial buildings such as cafes, restaurants, offices, and others. Because this design also has a lot of fans. Therefore, many people apply this design style to their homes. One of the rooms in the house that can be designed in an industrial style is the kitchen. If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, let’s discuss some kitchens that can be your choice.

3. Some designs that can be your inspiration

The kitchen is one space that always gets more attention in a house. Even the opinion often arises that the kitchen is the center of a house, making it an important room to be beautifully designed. Therefore, this concept is more important to make you feel comfortable while cooking. For that, you have to pay attention to the interior design, the choice of colors, and the materials and furniture needed.

It is not easy to arrange the kitchen according to your dreams. Therefore, the aesthetic kitchen also must be considered in addition to its function and use. This is what triggers the emergence of various models or interior designs for the kitchen. For that, let’s discuss industrial kitchens below. Welcome to our review!

Pistachio style kitchen

Everyone wants a beautiful and comfortable kitchen. A kitchen like this can make you more enthusiastic about cooking. Moreover, the pistachio-style kitchen design has equipped with modern cooking equipment. Wow, you will spend more time cooking your favorite dishes.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add a gas stove set on the kitchen table, dining table and chairs, and some ornamental plant pots. Moreover, this pistachio color kitchen combines wood accents that give an industrial impression. With the right arrangement, this kitchen design will look aesthetic and attractive. Well, hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Let’s discuss industrial kitchens below. Welcome to our review!

Industrial Kitchen with neat design

This first industrial kitchen design is pistachio style with a clean and tidy arrangement. But for this one kitchen, even though the size is not too big, this kitchen looks comfortable. A neat design can make the kitchen look more attractive, such as the presence of iron shelves combined with wood that adorns the kitchen walls.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, this kitchen is decorated with a table that has adjusted to the color of the original wood. In addition, to complete it, there are wooden shelves attached to the wall, gas stove sets, unique kitchen knick-knacks, and spotlights to illuminate the kitchen at night. Then, this kitchen also looks beautiful with the presence of exposed bricks on the top wall. With a design like this, your partner will feel at home and comfortable cooking. Hopefully, this design can add inspiration to you.

Black and white industrial kitchen design

This industrial kitchen design is suitable for a minimalist kitchen. Therefore, you should never be afraid to research to determine the concept or design. Then, you also don’t need to hesitate to look for interior design services to create an industrial kitchen or residential design that suits your style and personality.

This unique black-and-white industrial kitchen design looks attractive with black metal shelves mounted on the wall. In addition, the kitchen looks impressive with an antique black chandelier on the ceiling with a tube-like motif. Then, the surface of the kitchen table uses a glossy white and black. Then, to match the refrigerator and chairs, it is adjusted to black color. With a design like this, your kitchen looks antique and unique. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for those of you who are renovating the kitchen.

Kitchen with pipe iron theme

When you see a kitchen with a factory atmosphere, it immediately reminds us of a contemporary cafe design. This design looks like iron and wood are present in this kitchen with unfinished walls. Not only the walls, floors, and ceilings are deliberately designed with wooden floors. The presence of a wooden kitchen island in this kitchen also makes the atmosphere feel warmer, and the kitchen looks more beautiful.

To look more attractive, the walls of the kitchen room use plaster finishes and white exposed bricks. A bright color brick arrangement, makes the kitchen look more modern. In addition, the presence of a black chandelier, a gas stove set on the kitchen table, wall hangings, and kitchen equipment makes the kitchen design look more artistic and aesthetic. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your industrial kitchen.

Cafe-style minimalist industrial kitchen design

The appearance of this kitchen looks more accentuated by white exposed bricks. With a design like this, it makes the kitchen look contemporary. This cafe or bar-style industrial kitchen looks comfortable even though it is small. In addition, this industrial hallmark is in the black iron chair used

Then, to make it look more attractive, the bar table is designed in wood color and decorated with antique chandeliers installed above the bar table. Then, the kitchen looks more aesthetic, the kitchen floor has decorated with black, white, and gray ceramic tiles. That way, this kitchen design looks more aesthetic. Hopefully, this kitchen inspiration is suitable for those of you who want an industrial cafe-style kitchen with an elegant appearance.

Black and pink industrial kitchen design

This industrial kitchen design has been created with the kitchen walls painted black. To add a cute impression, draw with white paint such as cakes, ice cream, fried eggs, and others. Then to look more attractive, this kitchen design has been designed with pink and white colors. So it makes the kitchen look more feminine.

In addition, the presence of a dining table, decorative hanging lamps installed above the dining table, a pink refrigerator, and pink knick-knacks make the kitchen look even sweeter and more fun. Wall designs with unique images make the kitchen look different from other kitchens. Hopefully, this antique kitchen design can be an inspiration for you.

design with wooden furniture

This kitchen design looks natural. The presence of all-wood furniture makes the kitchen concept warmer. With kitchen inspiration like this, the design of wood materials and the use of spotlights make the kitchen thick with industrial characteristics.

Then, to look more fashionable, this kitchen is equipped with a kitchen table, kitchen set, barriers, dining table and chairs, floor carpet, and corner table. In addition, wall tiles are adjusted to the color of the wood. Anyway, all the designs in this kitchen use wood that is processed and tidied up. That way, the small kitchen design feels comfortable.

Spacious industrial kitchen design

This kitchen design is not much different from the previous design. This industrial kitchen also uses white exposed brick as a wall and kitchen backsplash. It’s just that in terms of seat selection and lamp models are slightly different.

This kitchen uses a combination of bright and warm colors. Such as white, gray, blue, and brown, making the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing. This combination is quite harmonious to make you interested. In addition, another industrial impression is reflected in the bar stools and antique industrial big lamps. An arrangement like this, makes the kitchen look more spacious. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Design with red exposed brick

The following kitchen inspiration is an industrial kitchen with an unfinished concept. So, the interior parts are intentionally not done finishing. Then the walls are designed with exposed red bricks and a wooden kitchen table. In addition, some of the kitchen walls has designed with ceramic motifs. For the kitchen table to keep safe, there is an additional transparent epoxy to make it slippery and shiny.

Add bar stools, ornamental plants, and antique decorative lights hanging on the ceiling to look more attractive. The atmosphere is getting busier and livelier with antique knick-knacks. This combination further strengthens the industrial style of the kitchen. For those of you who like designs like this, you can use them for your inspiration.

Design with walls without plaster

This industrial kitchen inspiration looks quirky with a unique design. The stove and sink arrangement are located on the same side. We usually find this model in a house with a limited area. However, the area is not an obstacle to being creative in realizing an industrial kitchen. Based on the inspiration above, the walls in this kitchen are only rough plastered. Then, without the ceiling and exposed galvalume.

That way, you do not need to bother installing plasterboard to cover the galvalume roof. Then, to look attractive, you can add accessories such as pendant lights, simple wall hangings, and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, the kitchen design looks antique.

Factory-style design with pipe decoration

Industrial concepts are also often created by using exposed pipes on the walls. As you can see in the picture above, the selection of black bar stools combined with lightning lacquered wood makes the kitchen thick with an industrial design.

Then, to complete the industrial design, this kitchen is decorated with metal shelves that are hung from the ceiling. So that makes the kitchen look unique. Meanwhile, the kitchen table uses a thick wooden block with a transparent finish, such as clear epoxy. So that the natural impression is also created, for those of you who want to be different, this kitchen design can be an inspiration for you.

Brooklyn-style design

Next, we review the inspiration for an industrial kitchen with a luxurious impression. This design looks like Brooklyn-styles. This design was inspired by artists in Brooklyn who often gather in stylish shops, restaurants, and cafes. Then, the interior uses vintage furniture, and the atmosphere has made as if it were in a warehouse.

Who would have thought that the Brooklyn style also could be applied in industrial kitchens? This Brooklyn style features some vintage furniture in the kitchen space. In addition, industrial points that we can see are the use of color tones, the concept of windows, and walls with exposed red bricks. With this arrangement, this kitchen design looks more aesthetic and comfortable.

Unique design with exposed brick and dutch teak

Many people use Dutch teak as a home decoration. They know the fiber in Dutch teak gives it a beautiful texture. Therefore, Dutch teak is much sought after by lovers of wood art. As you can see, this kitchen inspiration uses goods, namely using Dutch teak material. That way, this industrial design looks simpler without luxury furniture but still looks stunning.

Then, to add a thick industrial impression, the walls are designed with red and white exposed bricks without plastering. Therefore, for those who don’t want the hassle of making exposed brick walls, you can make it with ceramic or exposed brick wallpaper. In addition, another industrial impression can be seen in the goods storage rack that uses an iron frame and then is hung on the kitchen ceiling and partly mounted on the wall. To complete the kitchen, you can add ornamental plants and a dining table made of teak wood with an iron frame. That way, your kitchen design looks antique and unique.

Design with white exposed brick and open shelving

In industrial kitchen designs, the aesthetic value lies in the harmonious combination of exposed brick, iron, and semi-finished goods. Therefore, for the application of industrial kitchen designs, usually use semi-finished decorations (unfinished) to create a raw impression in your kitchen interior.

Then, to apply an industrial kitchen design, you can leave the water pipes visible and use a chandelier with exposed wires. In addition, cabinets and storage shelves can also be left open without doors (open shelving) which gives the impression of relief in the kitchen space. Then, to look more attractive, you can add a kitchen set in a color that matches the walls, dining table, chairs, and antique chandelier. With an arrangement like this picture, your kitchen will look eye-catching.

Accents in a rustic style

This industrial kitchen design is rustic in style. This style is suitable to be applied to your home kitchen design. The reason is, this accent not only creates a natural atmosphere but also looks unique and futuristic. In addition, the rustic theme refers to several parts, especially on the sides of the cabinets and kitchen walls, which can add a natural impression.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add a kitchen set, some antique chandeliers, a classic wooden dining table, antique chairs, flower pots, and antique knick-knacks. To look rustic, you can design the kitchen floor with wood. Then, add a floor rug. That way, your industrial kitchen design will look aesthetic and classic

Scandinavian decorative accents

The last industrial small kitchen design is the Scandinavian Theme. This theme is the perfect match for the inspiration for a minimalist kitchen design at home. Then, the combination of industrial design refers to the use of kitchen walls combined with exposed white and gray bricks and looks more attractive.

Meanwhile, the equivalent of this industrial kitchen is not only suitable indoors but also prepared for the outdoors attractively. Then, to look attractive, you can design a long wooden shelf to store kitchen utensils, a brown kitchen table, and a wooden table surface. Then, to look more beautiful, add a wooden chair, ornamental plants, and a white sink complete with a water faucet. Then, for kitchen lighting, you can install spotlights mounted on the wall. With an arrangement like this, your kitchen design will feel comfortable. Then, your partner will feel at home cooking in the kitchen. Hopefully, this inspiration can be your guide.

4. Conclusion

Those are some industrial-style kitchen designs that we can explain. If you are happy with this industrial kitchen design, don’t hesitate to do in-depth research before deciding on a design. However, if you are afraid that the results are not to your liking, you can use interior design services so that you can create an industrial kitchen design according to your wishes. But if you want to design it yourself, you can choose one of the designs we reviewed above. We hope this review can make your kitchen design look more aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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