Overview of a simple house terrace

The simple terrace design of the house has the characteristic of a minimalist and understated appearance. This design is precisely the attraction that makes many people want to make it in their homes. Therefore, we provide a collection of simple home terrace pictures that you can imitate.

We know that the terrace is a piece that is generally located at the front of the house. In addition, they also can be presented on the side or back of the house. Therefore, we hope you can use the land as a garden for you to relax with your family.

Terrace design

Having a terrace with a charming appearance is everyone’s dream. With the right exterior arrangement and selection, your desire to have a comfortable terrace to realized. With your creativity, you can design it into a contemporary appearance. But if you are still confused about choosing an attractive terrace, you can see some of the ideas we provide below.

As you know, the right terrace design can make your home look beautiful. For that, decorate with trees that are quite dense. As you always see, a minimalist design with a pyramid roof model will make you feel at home. In addition, the selection of the exterior fence on the terrace can give a spacious impression to the dwelling. Therefore, to make your home design look aesthetic, you can add green plants on the front of the fence that makes the residential atmosphere cooler. For that, let’s discuss some simple terrace designs

Some simple terrace designs

A beautiful home terrace design will give the homeowner a feeling of satisfaction and pride. That’s why some people look for creative ways to beautify their houses. One effective way, and make the environment clean and comfortable, that you can decorate some flowers on your terrace.

Not only presenting mere beauty, but ornamental plants also offer a natural freshness that you cannot get from artificial decorations. If you are interested in the idea of ​​​​flower decoration, here we have presented some tips that you can follow to beautify the terrace. Let’s take a look at the reviews below. Welcome to our

House terrace inspiration with beautiful flowers

This terrace has a beautiful visual appearance with the placement of various types of flowers. Although the terrace above is simple, it still has an alluring appeal. You can place plants in pots and then place them in a row like in the picture.

In addition, you can use shelves to place your ornamental plants to make them look neater and save space. In this place, you can use green grass to give the impression of being spacious and beautiful in the dwelling. Then to make it look more attractive, you can make a patio bench set with walls, sofa cushions, antique knick-knacks, and decorative lights. That way, your patio design looks natural.

Home terrace with shades of pink

If you are a lover of the color pink, you can use the terrace design above as a reference. As we know, pink color can gives a sweet and romantic impression to the residence because the pink color is identical to the feminine nuance. Then, to make it look elegant, you can combine pink with white on the house exterior.

To add to the beauty of the terrace, you can place a chair in this place that you can use to relax in the afternoon. Then choose a white fence with a minimalist model to give a modern and spacious impression on the residence.

Terrace with a modern classic feel

Classic style is timeless. You can see the unique and beautiful impression of the terrace in the picture above. The use of colors that are dominated by white gives the impression of space in the dwelling. You can add a vintage design to the patio chair.

Then to look more attractive, The placement of chairs with rattan material also gives a natural and aesthetic impression. To beautify your appearance, you can install a traditional ornamental plant rack. Add green plants to create a cool atmosphere in your home. That way, your terrace design will feel comfortable.

Simple minimalist home terrace

The next terrace design has a simple terrace appearance but looks very comfortable and beautiful. The terrace design is close to many trees making the atmosphere cool. To look more minimalist, you can use white which gives the impression of being spacious in the dwelling. Then, combine it with blue to get a more modern nuance.

Then, in the garden section of the house, place pots of ornamental plants that can make your home cool and more beautiful. Then add some patio chairs, tables, and decorative lights that give an elegant impression. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel at home and comfortable.

Minimalist modern terrace

This terrace design has a beautiful impression with a modern minimalist style. The use of pastel colors gives the house a modern and attractive look. On the walls, there are horizontal accent lines that make your dwelling look more spacious. The presence of a minimalist garden is proven to be able to provide coolness to the residence.

In this place, you can place your favorite ornamental plants lined up on the terrace. Then, use shelves. So the plant pots look more neat and pleasing to the eye.
In addition, the terrace floor design with ceramic motifs makes it look more fashionable and put garden chairs and tables for you to relax while enjoying the garden. That way, a cool and comfortable atmosphere will be in you.

Simple terrace with shades of green

If you lack land to place ornamental plants outside the house, you can take advantage of the vacant land available in front of the house for a place for you to relax. For example, corner areas of the room like this.

Then, to make your home’s atmosphere feel fresher and shadier, the presence of plants on the terrace also can beautify the house exterior. Then, make sure your plants get enough sunlight. So their photosynthesis is not disturbed. To add a more cheerful atmosphere, you can add a patio chair with a color that matches the house door in the picture above. Then, arrange ornamental plants on the wall, and make artificial grass in the same color. That way, your patio design will look antique and unique.

Hanging pots on the porch ceiling

This one terrace design is a popular way for plant lovers. Hanging pots on the ceiling of the terrace is a powerful technique to create a shady feel on the house exterior. Moreover, the plants on the ceiling also can provide a feeling of relaxation for those who look at them. This method will help you reduce stress before and after activities.

Then, to look it more perfect, you can put ornamental plants in white flower pots on the floor. Then, to make the terrace look green, plant grass on the land in front of the house. In addition, decorating the grass between the concrete floors can make the house exterior look more attractive. To look brighter, design the exterior of the house in white. That way, your terrace design will look bright

Vertical garden and hydroponic area

Hydroponics is one of the best alternatives in farming. Hydroponic techniques are known to be useful in minimizing the presence of plant pests so that the results obtained are more fertile. Then make your garden more beautiful.

For a home desain garden, people usually use a hydroponic pipe. This tool many sold in the market. However, you can also make it yourself using a used big pipe. In addition, the idea of ​​a vertical garden with it is no less interesting. In this way, You only need to provide it with painted yellow and put it in the corner of the terrace along with hanging plant pots. Then to make you more relaxed in this garden, you can add a sofa set and a table to enjoy hot coffee in the afternoon. That way, the terrace design looks aesthetic and charming.

Arrange flower pots in front of the door

Decorating a terrace that is pleasing to the eye can make your house more attractive. The most simple and practical way to beautify the terrace is to display your plant pots at the entrance to the house. Then, combining large and small flower pots can make the scenery looks more varied and dynamic. In addition, also use flower shelves if possible.

Then, to make you and your family cheerful, add a rattan patio chair with colorful foam motifs. Then complete it with a white wooden table, corner table, and wall lamps to the left and right of the window. Then, to look more natural, you can design a terrace floor with a wooden motif to make it look fresher. With a design like this, you and your family will feel comfortable in this place while chatting.

Vegetation area behind the house

In addition to the front porch of the house, we can also use the vacant land behind the house as a place for ornamental plants. Then, you can combine various arrangement techniques, such as placing pots, using flower racks, and aligning plants neatly to create a lush visual like a flower garden.

Then, to make you feel more at home enjoying this flower garden, add a guest chair set, table, and shelf to place drinks. But don’t forget that when the sun is hot, and it rains, you must take it, so it doesn’t get damaged. Then, design the terrace floor with wooden floors to make it look more attractive. That way, your terrace design will look elegant and luxurious. Happy decorating!

Flowers lined behind the sofa

This terrace design looks fashionable. The existence of fresh ornamental plants on the terrace can give a beautiful and comfortable feel. Then this terrace is designed with an attractive white partition background. On this partition hung ornamental plant pots illuminated by spotlights mounted on the wall. In addition, this terrace is also decorated with ornamental plants hung on the walls and flower pots placed on the floor.

Then, to look more attractive, it is equipped with a sofa set, sofa cushions, and beautiful garden knick-knacks. With a design like this, your terrace can serve as a substitute for the living room. Then, you will be more confident talking to your guests.

Pergola vines

A beautiful house is a house that has a complete design. You can think how comfortable it is to have a pergola on the terrace. The pergola itself is a building resembling a small gate where vines have wrapped around. Most pergolas have made of wood, and some are made of iron.

Pergolas can make the terrace look aesthetic. Almost like a canopy, but the pergola can use for natural plants. Then, to look more beautiful, this pergola is used as the roof of the terrace. Then, to feel shady, this pergola is planted with vines. That way, it will help ward off the sun’s rays that are too hot. Besides that, it can also provide a green view and freshen the air.

Bamboo terrace design

If you want your terrace to look natural, you can design it with bamboo. There are several varieties of bamboo that have been modified and are suitable for patio decoration, even indoors. While indoors, you can choose cute dwarf decorative bamboo. As for outdoors, such as on the front porch of the house, you can use many types of ornamental bamboo that you can choose from.

To look more natural, you can decorate bamboo as a terrace wall. Then put some pots of ornamental plants to make the atmosphere feel fresh. To make you relax and feel at home in this place, add some patio chairs, tables, and small flower pots. That way, your terrace design looks antique and aesthetic.

Terrace with flower fence design

In a previous review, we provided tips on aligning flower pots around the terrace. For this one terrace design, there is an additional cute fence as a sweetener decoration. Such additions will have a significant impact on the appearance of your terrace.

Then, to make it a relaxing place, you can design a terrace bench with tiled with a semi-circle model. Then, adjust the terrace floor with ceramic motifs to make it look harmonious. Next, you can arrange ornamental plants, flowers, and green grass. That way, your patio design will feel fun.

Terrace for relaxing and drinking coffee

For this last picture, we provide a terrace design to make you relax while enjoying warm coffee. To create an area like this, surrounded by flower decorations, of course, you need to be serious in presenting elements that support expectations, like the picture above.

Then, to look more attractive, you don’t just put the pots. Then, you can add vines and hanging plants in the patio area. Even some of the pots are deliberately painted beautifully to make the scenery more colorful. If you feel that is enough, the final step is to place a comfortable sitting chair and a wooden table to put drinks on. That way, your terrace design will feel like a coffee shop in an open area.


Those are some simple terrace design inspirations that we have summarized. If you are interested in one of the terrace designs above, you can use the design as your inspiration. We hope the article above can be a reference for those of you who are renovating your terrace. Then, you can create your house design to look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and fun. Hopefully, our review can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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