1. Overview desain Scandinavian

Scandinavian-style home interior design has been in great demand lately. The concept of clean and white, Scandinavian style is widely used for simple but elegant home interiors. As you know, the Scandinavian Style was first introduced in the 1930s but only started to spread widely in the 1970s. After that, this minimalist home interior is much-loved by people. If you want a similar concept for the interior design of this tiny house, let’s follow the review of ideas and designs below.

2. Idea dan desain

Today’s home interior ideas and designs are needed. Scandinavian style home design is considered one of the trending interior styles in Indonesia today. This is caused by the needs of people who tend to want to choose a simple design and what it is. As you know, people now prefer to apply designs that are simpler and less complicated. They want the atmosphere in the house to feel spacious and comfortable without a lot of furniture. Moreover, even the color design feels cooler and calmer. For that, we share ideas with you to review the Scandinavian room design below. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Welcome to our review!

Gray color design

Although most Scandinavian designs feature clean white, there’s nothing wrong with trying shades of gray. For that, use a slightly darker color for the walls, and a lighter one for the carpet, sofa, and supporting furniture. Add greenery to make the atmosphere livelier. As lighting at night, you can install spotlights on the ceiling and place paintings on the walls. That way your living room design will look beautiful and charming.

Design with brown sofa

If you want the appearance of your living room to impress people, don’t let the clean and white idea of ​​Scandinavian style kill your creativity in choosing furniture. In this all-white living room, you can add a brown leather sofa. Then, to liven up the atmosphere, add a pot of live plants in the middle of the room. To make it look more attractive, add attractive wall paintings, floor carpets, ornamental plants in pots, decorative lights that are mounted on the ceiling, and a table for placing drinks. With this arrangement, your living room will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Design for relaxing space

The working atmosphere in the office sometimes makes us tired. Sometimes you want to rest, but don’t want to sleep. Then, spending time chatting with your partner or family in this room will certainly be very enjoyable. Place a large sofa that can be used as a place to sit and lie down. Clean walls, wide windows looking out as well as a few plants will make you feel relaxed. To look elegant, place a patterned floor rug, work table and chairs, and some wall paintings. With this arrangement, you will feel at home chatting with your family.

Family room

Having a nice and comfortable home design is certainly everyone’s dream. The meaning of the word good is not always interpreted as something luxurious or expensive. A house can be said to be good if it has a good interior design. There are various kinds of interesting interior designs, and one of the most in-demand by Indonesian people is Scandinavian home design.

Limited land for homes makes many people want to get around their lack of space, so creativity is needed to create a minimalist home that is comfortable to live in. Therefore, many people want to find inspiration for a minimalist home for their homes with limited land.

Comfortable bedroom

Having a comfortable bedroom design can make you sleep soundly. Therefore, you can use white for all parts including the sheets and mattress for a clean and comfortable impression. But, if you want to try other colors, there’s nothing wrong with imitating the bedroom design above. Even if you don’t play with bold flashy colors, this bedroom still feels comfortable, yet elegant. To make it look more attractive, you can add wall paintings, ornamental plants in pots, and interesting knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your bedroom design feels comfortable and pleasant.

Gray children’s bedroom

When you are at home, of course, you will feel bored. So you can take advantage of the right time to chat with your family while rearranging the interior of the house. In addition to providing a new atmosphere, rearranging the interior can provide satisfaction and comfort for the occupants.

Apart from the living room and kitchen, another room in the house that is no less important to rearrange is the bedroom. With a new atmosphere, can make you sleep more soundly. So when you wake up you will feel refreshed. Hopefully, this review can be useful for you and your family.

Beautiful girls bedroom

For girls, the bedroom is not only a place to rest but also a room for preening, expression, studying, reading, and playing with friends. For that, designing a girl’s bedroom should involve them so they feel happy. Scandinavian design can be the best choice for them because this design looks simple and uses bright and soft colors.

Childhood is a time when they actively learn from writing, reading, and drawing. To support their activities you can create a bedroom that makes them feel excited, cheerful, and safe in it. Therefore, you have to create a cheerful, excited, and safe atmosphere for them. So that your child feels happy, choose a design theme that your child likes. Being in a place they like, will certainly make them feel happy doing activities in it. You can choose the color according to your child’s favorite color. Usually, for girls, a room with a pink theme is a favorite choice. That way, their bedroom design will feel comfortable.

Scandinavian-style clean kitchen

Scandinavian luxury home kitchens generally make use of white, black and gray, but light blue can also be used to achieve this look. You must remember that this rule is using bright colors for accents, backsplashes, and matching cabinet colors. Meanwhile, tiles have a very simple design. As you can see, this kitchen design features an attractive Scandinavian style. Domination of white with a little mixture of gray on various sides. make this kitchen design feel more comfortable. Then, the most special is the round window design. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks artistic and elegant.

Beautiful Scandinavian kitchen

The basic concept of a Scandinavian luxury home kitchen is an eclectic design and a cool minimalist style with a strong element of warmth. The color palette which is dominated by white is a key element that is a Scandinavian characteristic. However, you can also apply this kitchen display in the family room.

Using white in the right way transforms your space into a beautiful, luxurious kitchen that is brighter, brighter, and more sophisticated. This method makes your Scandinavian kitchen set look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. To make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with black spotlights that are mounted on the ceiling, a beautiful kitchen set, and a wood pattern floor. That way, your kitchen design looks luxurious.

Scandinavian dry kitchen

Dry kitchens are generally adjacent to the dining room and family room. As you can see, this luxurious Scandinavian-style house has a beautiful dry kitchen theme. Therefore, the kitchen also has the same theme as the other spaces. Likewise, the selection of colors, materials, decorations, and other design aspects that have been used in all other rooms will also be used in your kitchen.

If you look at the conventional color combinations of this luxury home kitchen, you will know that white is used as the base paint. Apart from that, another color used to provide a good contrast is brown from the wooden floor. With this arrangement, your kitchen color design looks harmonious.

Cozy dining room with chairs

A comfortable and beautiful dining room design can increase your appetite. In this way, the atmosphere of eating will increase and make you and your family more comfortable enjoying the food served. As you can see in the picture above, this classic Eames chair is usually found in Nordic-Scandinavian-style homes. Apart from that, you can also place it as a chair in the dining room or family room. To make it look more beautiful, this dining room is equipped with a unique chandelier, wall paintings, and decorative plants. While the floor is designed with wood motifs. With this arrangement, your dining room design will look beautiful and elegant.

Aesthetic dining room

Minimalist style is not about emptiness, but about filling a room with all things pure. This is one way that interior designers use to make a simple dining room and kitchen design still charming. To change a small dining room, you can make it to be aesthetically pleasing and clean, and inspiring. Whether it’s rustic, casual, or contemporary, choose a look that suits your taste like the picture above. By combining many styles you can create your modern tiny minimalist dining room.

Choosing Cutlery

The most important thing to give a minimalist impression to the dining room is the selection of cutlery. Therefore, buying too many plates with various models and colors, try to choose white porcelain plates that are timeless. Then, look for interesting plate shapes and designs and remove unnecessary objects from your dining area.

Also, opting for the classic French Duralex glass is just as good an idea. This glass looks simple but very functional. You can use it for various types of drinks, from water, juice, and even your favorite latte. The spoon, fork, and knife stainless also have a minimalist and yet timeless style.

Wall decoration

If you don’t feel brave enough to mix and match interior designs through painting, you can take another step, namely by installing wall decorations. Solid white paint will look fresher and more relaxed by adding a painting or photo to your collection. Make sure to choose a frame with clean and simple lines. To make it look more beautiful, you can combine it with wooden furniture, tables made of iron frames, and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, a simple living room looks more attractive.

Wooden bathroom design

Even though it is small in size, this minimalist bathroom inspiration looks very comfortable. Accompanied by a wooden accent wall made of vinyl, this bathroom design is also equipped with decorations in the form of natural ornamental plants that effectively accentuate the Scandinavian style. Don’t forget to equip the bathroom with various pieces of furniture that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing to add texture to the room. With this arrangement, your bathroom design will look aesthetic.

Simple Scandinavian bathroom

Although Scandinavian-style interior design always gives a clean impression, using white in all aspects will make the room seem stiff. The gray lines in this bathroom eliminate the impression that it is too clean or too modern. Meanwhile, plants in clear glass vases create an unnatural impression in the room. But the design still looks more attractive

Natural and luxurious bathroom

The bathroom design must be carefully designed. Moreover, the bathroom is a personal area for the occupants of the house, so the design applied must also meet elements of comfort and aesthetics. For those of you who are looking for minimalist bathroom inspiration, we have Scandinavian-style design ideas that you can apply. A minimalist bathroom with a Scandinavian touch as a whole looks simple, but there is an aesthetic and charming impression that other design concepts don’t have.

As you can see the walls, floor, and bathtub area of ​​this bathroom are designed with wood. In addition, the presence of a round mirror adds beauty to the bathroom. for those of you who want a comfortable and luxurious bathroom design, this image can be an inspiration for you.

3. Conclusion

Those are some of the Scandinavian room design looks that we can recommend. We hope that our review above will suit your taste. Then, make your home interior look aesthetic, attractive, comfortable, and fun. Hopefully, our review can be your inspiration. Then, make you and your family happy. Happy decorating!


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