1. Dry kitchen overview

Minimalist home design is currently a trend among home lovers. Like it or not, size limitations inevitably become an obstacle for us to design rooms in the house, including the kitchen. If you look at references to small kitchens on the internet, we can imagine an aesthetic design because it has a beautiful interior. But sometimes we ourselves feel frustrated because a minimalist small kitchen feels uncomfortable and cramped.

The solution to designing a kitchen to make it look neat and clean is to organize your kitchen as best you can so it doesn’t feel cramped. Therefore, we provide recommendations on how to arrange a kitchen with a limited area to make it look beautiful and neat. So you can cook comfortably. For that, let’s review the following beautiful and neat kitchen designs. We hope this review will live up to your inspiration.

2. Beautiful and neat design

Many complain about the area of ​​​​minimalist houses with limited space. This causes the kitchen in a minimalist home to feel cramped and tight. In fact, as long as it’s laid out and designed beautifully and neatly it can feel more spacious and comfortable. You can do it without total renovation, but the result will feel wider and tidier.

As far as we know, organizing the kitchen is not an easy matter. Especially if you have a lot of furniture and cooking equipment in the kitchen. As a result, many of us choose to do a total renovation to organize a narrow kitchen. The goal is to make the kitchen feel more spacious and comfortable. This will make the budget even higher.

Actually, making a narrow kitchen feel wider doesn’t have to be a total renovation. As long as you know how to organize a narrow kitchen, the kitchen will feel wider, more comfortable, and neater every time. Nah! it was not difficult. for that, let’s follow review some attractive kitchen designs for you to make inspiration.

3. Some attractive designs

As we know, the kitchen is one part of the house that also requires extra attention. So it always looks beautiful and charming. However, many also think that the kitchen is a room that is difficult to decorate to make it beautiful and comfortable.

Imagine, when your wife is preparing food, of course, it makes the kitchen vulnerable to being dirty and smelly so that it doesn’t look pretty anymore. Therefore, many of them created two kitchens with different functions, namely wet and dry kitchens. So as not to look dirty. We hope that our review below will suit your taste and make your home interior more aesthetic and attractive. Welcome to our review!

Use the necessary items

Sorting goods is one of the important tips to consider before arranging a narrow kitchen. Therefore, make sure you get rid of items and various cooking utensils that are rarely used. That way, your kitchen will look neat like in the picture above.

If you have an oven and various large pots that are rarely used. Instead of taking up space in the kitchen, it would be better to store it in the warehouse. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it in a special storage box. don’t forget to decorate the kitchen with a beautiful chandelier on the ceiling, so that your cooking activities at night become bright. That way, your kitchen design will feel legal and comfortable. So that your cooking activities are not disturbed.

Kitchen with the letter L model

Having a beautiful kitchen design is everyone’s dream. So for those of you who have limited size space, you have to be smart in choosing the right kitchen design. This is because choosing an inappropriate design causes a small kitchen to feel narrower and cramped.

The kitchen with the Letter L model is one of the designs that are suitable for a narrow kitchen in the corner of the house. Its simple design provides more space for movement. So the kitchen looks luxurious and pleasing to the eye, make sure to choose the same color for the upper cabinets and kitchen walls. Then, design a kitchen set with a color that matches the kitchen table. The designed gas stove attached to the kitchen table will look like a set. To make it look more harmonious, design the walls with white exposed brick. That way, your kitchen design will feel more spacious and comfortable.

Make sure you have an area to organize the kitchen

In planning a kitchen design to make it look more attractive and comfortable, the first step to building a minimalist but make sure your house has enough space for the kitchen. Actually, a minimalist dry kitchen doesn’t need to be too large, the most important as long as it’s enough for activities to prepare simple dishes and become a place for family gatherings.

As you know, a house with a fairly large size is more likely to build an additional dry kitchen. Moreover, this kitchen has equipped with a kitchen set, making it easier for the process of arranging and also processing food. Then, to make it look more attractive, design glass windows for air circulation and sunlight. That way, the kitchen will be bright. Then, you can save on electricity consumption. In addition, design a kitchen with a color that matches the kitchen table to make it look harmonious, and add a dining table and chairs, refrigerator, decorative mirrors, and interesting knick-knacks. With this arrangement, the kitchen design will look aesthetic.

Placement of furniture for the appropriate work area

This beautiful kitchen design looks very pleasant. Even though the arrangement of a minimalist dry kitchen is not as complex as a wet kitchen, the arrangement still pays attention to the appropriate area layout. The placement of a refrigerator or cabinet for ingredients, cooking utensils, a place to store plates and glasses, and a table for eating dishes requires attention to its layout. To make it look neat and attractive.

The kitchen like in the picture above has designed in a beautiful yellow color combined with silver furniture, such as a refrigerator, a gas stove set on the kitchen table, and a table for cutting vegetables and other activities. So a kitchen design like this not only makes your activities more comfortable and concise but also makes a minimalist dry kitchen look charming and of course neat. To look more unique, add an antique chandelier to the kitchen ceiling. That way, your kitchen design will look artistic and elegant.

Selection of matching furniture

In arranging a minimalist kitchen design, you must be good at choosing furniture to make it look harmonious with your kitchen interior. Therefore, don’t forget to choose the right furniture for your minimalist kitchen. Consider the size, amount of furniture, materials, and other technical matters to pay attention to in order to maximize the appearance of the kitchen.

For your minimalist kitchen to look beautiful and neat, you can choose the shape of the furniture and color. In addition, you can also be as creative as you wish. But don’t get out of the corridor of the existing minimalist design. For that, complete your minimalist dry kitchen with a white kitchen table, wood-colored tabletops, and a beautiful set-up gas stove on the kitchen table.

To make your kitchen design look beautiful and harmonious, design the kitchen wall with exposed brick in the same color as the kitchen counter. Then, add wooden shelves on the walls, interesting knick-knacks, and ornamental plants in flower pots to make it feel fresher. With this arrangement, we hope that your cooking activities will feel more comfortable.

Mini bar-style dining table design

One of the functions of a dry kitchen is as a family gathering place. Dry kitchens are usually designed in the living room. Therefore, a dining table is needed to accommodate family members when eating together. However, the presence of a dining table is usually available in the dining room and is located separately because of its more formal nature.

So if you need a dining table in a dry kitchen, choose a minimalist dry kitchen design. Even though your kitchen design is not very broad, you can make a mini bar-style kitchen design. A kitchen with a minibar is a substitute for a simpler dining table. Besides that, the mini bar design is also very suitable when combined with a minimalist design concept.

As you know, this design doesn’t need a large space because the presence of a mini bar is enough to become a casual gathering area for family and relatives. In addition, this design is not only a gathering place, the mini bar design can also change the appearance of a minimalist dry kitchen to be more aesthetic and beautiful. That way, guests who come to the house will also be fascinated by the look of your dry kitchen. Meanwhile, to look beautiful, you can combine it with a chandelier on the kitchen ceiling, spotlights so that your mini bar looks beautiful, and a beautiful kitchen set. To design a mini bar table, make an elongated model complete with antique bar stools without a backrest. Then add decorative plant pots to make it look green. With this arrangement, your kitchen design looks luxurious.

Choose furniture as the right decorative

To make your kitchen look neat and attractive, the role of decoration in a minimalist dry kitchen is no less important. Therefore, choose decorations that support the overall kitchen concept. You don’t need to be too stiff, as long as you can combine it properly in terms of material type, color, texture, and so on.

If the dry kitchen is dominated by neutral colors like white, you can use decorations with colors that are a bit striking but not too far from the dominant color tone. Then, if you are confused, place green ornamental plants to make them a safe option. As you know, the presence of ornamental plants can make a minimalist dry kitchen livelier and fresher. Don’t forget to add a unique decorative lamp that hangs from the ceiling, an elongated dining table and chairs, and other furniture that can be used as decoration. That way, your kitchen design will look beautiful and elegant.

Maximum lighting

One more tip for organizing a narrow kitchen that is no less important to note is to make sure the kitchen has maximum lighting and don’t just rely on the lights. Therefore, advised installing a glass window in the kitchen. That way, sunlight will easily enter the room. Then, make your kitchen incomplete and healthy.

The presence of sunlight as natural lighting can make a narrow kitchen feel spacious and warmer. Interestingly, the amount of natural light illuminates every corner of the room. So it can elevate the mood and bring serenity to the house. Then, to make it look more attractive, design your minimalist dry kitchen with a mini white kitchen set, a kitchen table in the same color as the kitchen set, and walls with white exposed brick. Add an elongated model table facing the window complete with chairs so the atmosphere while eating is more pleasant. Not to look monotonous, add decorative lights on the dining table and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health. Therefore. Your minimalist dry kitchen design will feel comfortable.

Vertical storage

If you have a minimalist dry kitchen, the presence of cupboards serves to store various furniture and cooking utensils. Cabinets or vertical storage are the right choices when setting up a narrow kitchen. In this way, you can save space. Then your kitchen looks neat and attractive.

It’s just that, make sure you keep the contents of the wardrobe neat and organized so that it looks neat. Generally, the wardrobe consists of three levels. However, some experts suggest, storing snacks on the bottom shelf of the cupboard, groceries on the middle shelf, and the top level to store kitchen spices. With this arrangement, your kitchen will look neat and organized. It is also easy for you to store and retrieve the items you need.

White kitchen wall paint

Many of us are hesitant to use white for a minimalist kitchen. The reason is that the white color easily makes the kitchen dirty and messy. In fact, white is the best wall paint color for a narrow, minimalist kitchen. With a design like this, your kitchen will look spacious. Then you can easily combine the model and color of the furniture.

As you know, arranging a narrow kitchen with white wall paint will actually create a modern impression. So that it is not boring, you can add some silver chandeliers, a white bar table and wooden chairs, a kitchen set, a refrigerator, and a gas stove set mounted on the kitchen table. To make it look harmonious, you can design a wall kitchen with white exposed brick. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look elegant.

Take advantage of free space

Utilizing empty space in a minimalist kitchen is the right move. It’s true, the space in a small kitchen is very limited, but you can still use it to make it look more comfortable. If you are more careful, there are actually some empty spaces that can be used. So, a narrow kitchen feels more spacious, comfortable, and of course, functional.

One of the tips for using space when arranging a narrow kitchen is to check the kitchen gaps that have been left empty so far. For example, installing a minimalist wooden hanging shelf next to the refrigerator wall, hanging glasses or cooking utensils, placing kitchen spices, and placing ornamental plants to make it look green which can refresh the eye. However, you still have to pay attention to the furniture models that you can use to decorate your kitchen so that it doesn’t become cramped. In this way, your kitchen design will feel more comfortable.

Maximize the space under the sink

Often we ignore the empty space at the bottom of the kitchen sink. This is because many people are more concerned with storage space in kitchen sets and kitchen tables. As we know, the area is left empty and rarely cleaned. In fact, we can use it as a storage place for cooking utensils and spices.

You can add storage under the sink to store kitchen cleaning equipment, such as sponges for washing dishes, dish soap, kitchen towels, brushes, and others. In this way, there is no need to put various cleaning tools on the sink table which can make the area even narrower. It looks tidier and cleaner. In this way, your kitchen design will look wider because there is not much equipment placed on the kitchen walls and countertops.

Design some drawers under the kitchen table

Everyone will understand that drawers are one piece of furniture that can be used as storage when you have a small, minimalist kitchen. Not only for grouping equipment, but drawers also optimize tidiness because the model is closed so that items can be hidden in it. As you can see in the picture above, this drawer can function as a storage for cutlery such as plates, spoons and forks, and glasses. Therefore, design an under your kitchen table to be a storage drawer.

For those who don’t have more space to put plates or glass shelves, you can use these drawers! Besides looking neat, plates, glasses, and other glassware are also stored more securely. However, to design it, use Dutch teak wood to make the model look nice. Then, adjust it to the design of your kitchen table to make it look more harmonious. With a design like this, your kitchen will look beautiful and charming. Happy decorating!

Design with a bar table

For you to know, dry kitchens can use the bar concept which is currently widely used by the public. The application of this bar kitchen concept tends to highlight a modern contemporary style. The advantage of this concept is that you will get an atmosphere like in a bar. So you don’t have to bother looking for an atmosphere outside the house. Then, you can also invite your friends to talk about business issues.

The application for the concept makes more use of materials from marble to make it look luxurious. Usually more widely used on bar tables or floors. In addition, you can add a chair that has no arms and is taller or you can place a coffee table next to the kitchen window. That way, your kitchen design can make you feel comfortable.

Letter U kitchen

Having a kitchen with an attractive and charming design makes us more confident to receive guests. As you can see, this kitchen style tends to be more elegant which can be applied to dry kitchen types. From its own application, this kitchen combines parts of the floor by using a wood parquet with the appropriate color according to the kitchen interior.

In addition, this design makes the kitchen look more elegant. With the addition of a sink that is made together in the kitchen set with a marble countertop. This type of kitchen is very suitable to be applied to a dry kitchen that features an elegant and luxurious side. With an arrangement like this, your kitchen will look luxurious and elegant.

Sweet minimalist kitchen

The selection for this one kitchen concept gives a fresher and more beautiful feel. In the kitchen, you can add green plant decorations. Meanwhile, for the kitchen window, you can use a larger size. Thus, it is able to bring in sunlight, and it is more flexible to enter the kitchen room. Then, make the kitchen bright, not damp, and healthy.

In addition, the application of the sweet kitchen concept is more supported by furniture materials made of wood. This right combination gives a warmer atmosphere when it enters the kitchen area. To make it look more beautiful, this kitchen is designed in gray and white. To make it look harmonious, the kitchen walls use white ceramic and antique decorative lights mounted on the ceiling. That way, this kitchen design makes the atmosphere warmer.

Industrial design

Ide desain dapur kering nyaman seperti gambar ini terlihat konsep industrial. Konsep ini sangat sesuai untuk desain dapur kering dengan gaya industrial. Konsep dapur seperti ini cenderung menonjolkan nuansa anak muda. Desainnya cenderung memperlihatkan lantai dan dinding dengan penggunaan bahan asli atau dasar. Pada dinding tersebut biasanya juga tidak menerapkan proses plamir serta pengecatan.

untuk tampak lebih menarik, dapur ini dilengkapi dengan lampu gantung dengan desain warna hitam, kemudian, perlengkapan dapur seperti rak dinding, meja dapur, dan kulkas juga di didesain warna hitam yang merupakan cirikhas desain industrial. Sedangkan meja dan lantai didesain dengan marmer. Dengan penataan seperti ini, desain dapur anda akan terlihat  mewah.

Dry kitchen with hanging lamp

As we know, a kitchen that has been given lighting can support activities when cooking at night. Therefore, the kitchen room will look prettier if you add a chandelier right in the middle of the kitchen room. With a design like this, you will feel comfortable cooking at night.

In addition, take advantage of a chandelier with a variety of models to make it look more attractive. The use of this chandelier can also use materials made of metal. Meanwhile, for the selection itself, it can be yellow or white. The concept of this kitchen space can be combined with the dining room. To make it look complete, design bar tables, chairs without backs, kitchen sets, and interesting knick-knacks. Then, add flower pots to sweeten the room.

Kitchen with glass partition

This one dry kitchen design model is very suitable to be applied to the concept of a modern home. You can apply a kitchen like this as a distance divider from the room so it doesn’t look cramped. Then, make sure that the use of glass partitions has the advantage of being a barrier which can later make the room feel more spacious. Glass partitions have the advantage of being able to get rid of too strong aromas of cooking in the kitchen.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add unique chandeliers, and spotlights for lighting at night. Then, design the kitchen set in front of a glass window. So it doesn’t get damp. As for the placement of kitchen spices and drink bottles, you can place them on the island table. With this arrangement, your kitchen design will look elegant. Then, make yourself comfortable cooking.

The wooden design gives a warm impression

This inspirational idea that can be applied to this kitchen accentuates the warm impression given by the touch of wood. The use of wood to support the concept of kitchen space can be used as surface furniture. As you can see, the bar table, chairs without backs, kitchen set, and kitchen table use real wood designs. Then, to look harmonious, the kitchen floor has been designed with wood motifs. That way, this kitchen looks beautiful and natural.

As you know, wood has materials that tend to be more durable and not easily damaged. So if the kitchen feels darker, you can design an open kitchen with a garden concept. In this way, when you cook, you still get light coming into the kitchen. Free air circulation and the entry of natural light can provide the right lighting in the kitchen and make the area more spacious and look clean.

Solid color combination

A beautiful kitchen room design can make a family happier by using solid color combinations. The combination of white and brown can be used as a substitute for paint that is too monotonous. As you can see this kitchen looks brighter. Then, you can also add a hanging lamp that is placed on the ceiling. Apart from that, you can also add wall paintings so that they don’t look more attractive.

To make it look more attractive, this kitchen is equipped with a wooden kitchen set design. Then the kitchen table is also designed in white so that it adds a minimalist impression. To look more complete, the side of the kitchen is equipped with a dining table and some chairs. With a design like this, your kitchen design is able to produce a kitchen feel that looks more cheerful and has character.

4. Conclusion

Those are some dry kitchen design looks that we can recommend. If you are interested in one of our reviews, you can use it as inspiration for your kitchen. However, if nothing suits you, you can order a design from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. We hope that our review above can make your home interior look aesthetically pleasing, attractive, comfortable, and enjoyable. Then, make you comfortable and feel at home cooking. Happy decorating!


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