1. Overview of hanging decorative lights

In carrying out human life, they are bored and want to come up with an all-new model. Therefore, if you are bored with the monotonous appearance of the living room and want to change the style of the living room with the latest designs, you can change your home decor with hanging decorative lights. The trick is you can display decorative lights in the living room. That way, your living room can look brighter and more stylish without having to remodel buildings that cost a lot of money.

The application of decorative lighting in the living room has many benefits. Aside from being an eye-catching decoration, the living room will also be bright. In this review, you will also see a lot of how to arrange decorative lights in the living room. So they look beautiful and charming and full of warmth. For that, let’s review the ideas and designs below.

2. Idea and design

We all know that the living room design is the right place to decorate to make it look more attractive. One of them is by using an aesthetic living room decorative lamp. In addition, the living room is often used as a place to gather and talk with your family or relatives.

Therefore, this room never escaped everyone’s attention. The homeowner also tries to create an aesthetic and attractive living room design. They understand that creating a beautiful and comfortable room is not always done with massive decorations or renovations. You can also organize this location into a minimalist living room that is pleasing to the eye. Therefore, the idea and design of decorative lights are one of the right solutions.

3. Choosing the right chandelier

Chandeliers are now being used in several modern homes and cafes. Not only does it light up the room, but it can also increase the aesthetic value of the room. Therefore, you need to collect as many sample pictures of the chandelier as possible. before deciding to install it.

Then, consider the living room area that will be enhanced with a chandelier. Don’t forget, to create a positive impression as you expect. As we know, decorative chandeliers are one of the crucial decorations in a room in a house, especially in private residences. Then, apart from being used as a source of lighting, the hanging lamp decoration also serves to beautify the interior of the room. So that you don’t choose the wrong one, here we review several models of chandeliers that can be considered for your home interior. That way, you don’t choose the wrong chandelier model for your home interior. Welcome to our review!

Monochrome chandelier

Chandeliers are now popularly used in several modern home and cafe interiors. Not only does it light up the room, but it can also increase the aesthetic value of the room. Therefore, you need to gather as much inspiration for cafe chandeliers as possible, before deciding to install them.

One way to make the living room look more attractive is to arrange the chandelier properly. So, what is the arrangement of lights that can increase the aesthetic value of your living room? Therefore, you must be good at combining your chandelier. So it looks harmonious with the interior design of your living room. To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with decorative wall lamps with models that match the chandeliers, sofa sets, tables that match the interior of the room, wall hangings, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room design will look beautiful.

Festive living room decorative lights

With different types of lighting from living room decorative lights, you can experiment with the placement points to create a living room with the right decorative lights. It can be seen from this inspiration that a chandelier steals the attention, but if you look further, the accent lights behind the ceiling are perfect for luxury homes. The whole living room’s decorative lights look beautiful. Then, the model is not heavy. Then, it makes the room more stylish. By installing decorative lights like this, your living room design will look luxurious.

Artistic design pendant lamp

Lighting is also an important aspect of creating a rustic-style interior. Choosing a decorative chandelier can also strengthen the rustic impression of a dwelling. Therefore, many rustic-style dwellings use unique chandeliers with artistic designs. One of the characteristics of lamps is that they are usually used in rustic-style decorations. Then, this lamp highlights upwards and is refracted throughout the room so that the lighting is not so bright but can maintain a warm and comfortable impression on the room.

To look beautiful, you can combine this lamp model with a classic model sofa set, sofa cushions, a wooden table for placing drinks, portable decorative lamps, wall paintings, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room will look artistic and antique.

Multifunctional hanging lamp

A minimalist living room usually also requires decorative lights to illuminate the living room. Therefore, a standard decorative ceiling lamp as above can be a good solution, but if you want to get a more beautiful living room chandelier, consider using the right chandelier so it looks neat. To look attractive, choose a simple and multifunctional living room decorative lamp. As shown above, this decorative lamp has equipped with a fan. So that the room will be cool. Its unique shape makes the room look more artistic. But if you have a minimalist home, this lamp model is suitable for your living room.

Unique chandelier model

If you have a beautiful and charming house, you can decorate your living room with different decorative lights like the picture above. There are no rules that require the living room to appear uniform. Even experiments with different styles of decorative lighting for the living room can be cool ideas that you didn’t expect before.

In this inspiration, there are hanging lamps in ancient and modern styles. Not to forget, there is also a table lamp with a unique leg model that manages to create a mix of characters that stands out quite a bit. With different styles and eras, the result is that the living room feels warmer. To add to the festive atmosphere, you can combine it with a beautiful sofa set, wall hangings, and interesting knick-knacks. That way, your living room design will feel more comfortable.

Monochrome chandelier

Arranging a room with the art of a monochrome chandelier will never escape the aesthetic coffee shop. Its elongated shape with a blend of white on the inner side is able to give a different side of the illusion of lighting. Besides not being too dazzling in the eyes, this light decoration also doesn’t make the room seem dim.

At first glance, this decorative lamp does not look like the main light. In fact, this lighting game can make the food on display look more attractive and appetizing for every buyer who comes to visit. To appear more attractive, you can combine it with interesting knick-knacks. That way, the interior design of the room will look aesthetic.

Colorful hanging decorative lamp

Structuring a room with different color variations will make your home interior look lively and not monotonous. That way, you won’t feel bored, even if you sit for a long time. Like the living room above, which uses a colorful chandelier collaboration in the living room interior.

Even though it doesn’t act as the main lighting, its eye-catching color makes every visitor focus on that spot. What’s more, the color will stand out even more at night when the light is shining. To look even more stylish, please combine this hanging decorative lamp with a sofa set and complete it with patterned sofa cushions. Then, you can add ornamental plants to make it feel fresher. With this arrangement, your living room design will look pleasant.

Modern caffe-style chandelier

The world of design is not limited to one room only. But if you are happy with this design, you can arrange it pretty and neatly. Like in this picture, a design like this is mostly applied to modern minimalist cafes by using a chandelier distraction in the form of a unique iron hood that surrounds the bar area.

But you can make this design in your home interior to make it feel even more fierce. Then, you can arrange it beautifully and neatly. So you feel comfortable inside. In this way, the lighting that is not too bright gives a relaxed and friendly impression in front of family and relatives sitting relaxed in the living room. But if you want this concept to be like a bar, you can add a bar table and chairs in the living room area. That way, your living room design will look multi-functional.

Minimalist chandelier

Minimalist home design is currently popular. To complement the interior design of a minimalist living room, many people choose minimalist decorative lights to beautify their living rooms. Therefore, many minimalist room-style fans like this one lamp. The simple and artistic design makes the living room design look effortlessly elegant.

Even though the lights look simple, the cool lighting brings a serene atmosphere. Hopefully, the presence of this chandelier will definitely provide a special attraction for your guests who come. If you like lighting at night, this lamp can be an inspiration for you.

Classic chandelier

This classic hanging lamp design still has a lot of fans. This design looks simple but has historical value that cannot be forgotten. Maybe you still remember when you were little, the design of this lamp was the most luxurious design at that time. So it’s no wonder that many simple Chinese-style restaurants and cafes decorate with this lamp model to attract the attention of buyers.

However, this design is not limited to restaurants and cafes. You can decorate your living room with a lamp like this. To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with a classic style sofa to make it look more harmonious and attractive. Then, add motif sofa cushions, wall hangings, and antique knick-knacks. That way, the interior of your living room will feel more comfortable and pleasant.

Rustic-style pendant lamp

Here’s the design of an antique rattan chandelier. This lamp is widely used in trendy cafes with contemporary accents. The bulb is covered in a rattan hood so it looks artistic, and the matting by leaving a little small gap. A model like this, makes room lighting look aesthetically pleasing from the reflection of shadows. In addition, the light can also give a cozy and friendly feel.

This type of chandelier is perfect for a rustic-themed cafe concept. Even though it is simple, it can provide a distinctive aesthetic appearance from a woven rattan hood. Don’t look at it from an aesthetic point of view. This rattan also functions as a safety lamp.

However, what caught the most attention on this rustic model chandelier is the play of wood grain, which blends well with outdoor and indoor nuances. Not only that but the unique shape can also be used for industrial living room designs. If you are happy with the industrial living room model, you can combine this lamp model with the interior of your living room.

Industrial-style pendant lamp

The industrial design does have unique and antique characteristics. All industrial design furniture has made from used goods. So it seems antique. To create an industrial atmosphere using a simple and minimalist chandelier design, you must be smart about it The trick is to choose an iron frame that collaborates with the color of the room so that it can give the impression of being typical of the modern cafe-style industrial style

However, there is something interesting about the arrangement of this chandelier. The arrangement that is not parallel makes the living room appear varied so that the atmosphere in the room becomes more cheerful. To make it look more attractive, please combine this lamp design with an earth-brown color. So that makes this room feel warmer. Happy decorating!

Modern architectural chandelier

Having several designs of hanging decorative lamps seems to have become a mandatory component that must be owned by culinary business owners. Therefore, the elements of natural lighting in the room must be optimally arranged and stunning. You can get this modern impression with glass material instead of walls which can give reflections of light shadows. This can give a modern impression, in line with the atmosphere you want to present.

As an additional creation, you also can add this chandelier that almost resembles the chandelier above. In addition, the shape is unique but able to attract the attention of everyone who surrounds your living room area. To look perfect, you can combine this lamp with the design of the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Then, decorate it according to your wishes so that it looks satisfying. That way, your home interior design will look luxurious.

Minimalist pendant lampĀ vintage

An attractive design for this vintage outdoor cafe is the use of a circular and simple cafe chandelier model. With a round ball design that hangs above a wooden ceiling, this lamp gives a non-monotonous impression. This type of lamp not only serves as a sweetening feature during the day, but the lighting is more attractive at night.

If you are happy with the design of the lamp above, you can install it in your living room. However, to look harmonious, you must arrange your living room ceiling with a wooden model. Then, given the glossy Vernis. Then, to not look monotonous, you can add decorative plants, sofa sets, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room will look like a modern cafe. Then, make you and your family more comfortable at home.

Aesthetic chandelier

Rustic interior design is very distinctive with its rough and imperfect surface structure. You can also find this element on walls, furniture, and other decorations, such as the use of wall materials that are left as they are without being sanded or polished, wooden furniture with peeling paint, and rusty chandeliers. The shape of the roof is usually left open and gives the impression of rough and old material. Walls are also usually not smoothed or also can be covered with strong textured rock elements.

Then, to make it look more characteristic with this design, the interior is also designed with unique and antique lamp models. In addition, even this room has decorated with portable decorative lights that make the living room interior even more beautiful. Don’t forget to add a classic-style guest sofa, table, old paintings for a rustic impression, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic.

Tube pendant lamp

The interior arrangement of this room looks aesthetically pleasing and neat. Then, the colors most often used in this design style are colors that are more natural and identical to nature. In addition, colors that are close to the appearance of the materials used are also suitable for you to choose in your living room, such as gray, terracotta, or brick red, black, wood brown, pale yellow, earth tones, and black. To look cool, you only use a few bright colors as room accents and don’t use them too much.

Then, to make the interior of this room look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful, you can combine the design of this room with tube model lamps from natural materials, add portable decorative lights that match the living room, then complete it with a minimalist sofa set, bright color guest chairs, wall paintings, wall hangings. , and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look rustic.

4. Conclusion

Those are some living room lamp models that we can recommend. Hopefully one of our reviews above will suit your taste. For that, we hope that our reviews above can make your home interior look aesthetically, pleasant, luxurious, beautiful, and comfortable. We also hope that our review above can be an inspiration to you. Then, it is beneficial for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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