1. Overview of rattan materials

Indonesia is known as one of the largest rattan-producing countries in the world. About 85%, or the equivalent of around 622,000 tonnes/year. World raw rattan material comes from Indonesia and has produced in the forest areas of the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua. The raw material for rattan is a biological source of forest products other than wood which has high economic value.

The potential of rattan material is quite good for forest ecology, so rattan is also known as a green product material. Rattan is a type of weed that naturally grows on tree trunks in the forest. Rattan furniture products are considered more environmentally friendly when compared to products made from other materials such as wood.

2. The advantages of rattan

Rattan is included in the type of natural material that is most widely used for minimalist and traditional classy furniture. Its advantages are not only in terms of strength and lightweight. This material is also able to present a home appearance that has character and colors that are much more cheerful.

If you want to know, rattan furniture is often combined or mixed with other materials. The reasons are quite diverse, ranging from producing a shiny appearance to creating durability so that it is far more maximal. So if you want to buy a rattan chair, you can choose a model that is made entirely of rattan or mixed with other materials as a finish.

3. Maintenance of rattan chairs

But it’s a shame not many know how to care for good rattan so it lasts. But you don’t need to worry, you can take care of it easily. the method is to dust that has accumulated and looks dull, you can wipe the surface with a damp cloth that absorbs water until all the dust is gone.

Then, one of the enemies of rattan is the white powder produced by small termite-like animals. To fix this, you can prepare a solution of camphor and kerosene at the rate of one spoon. Then it is dissolved in 200 ml of kerosene. Next, spray the solution on the rattan affected by termites. Then, wait up to eight hours and do it again until the termites are gone.

4. Some examples of designs from rattan

The presence of rattan chairs at home creates an exotic and natural atmosphere. That is the reason why rattan furniture is the choice. As far as we know, many furniture models have been made from rattan. Some are made entirely of rattan material and made by combining it with other materials such as wood, plastic, and iron. For that, let’s review the design of the chair below. Hopefully, one of them is to your taste. Welcome to our review!

Rattan chair model sofa set

Rattan has widely used as a raw material for furniture. Then they use it for home decoration. Rattan material has been chosen by many designers and the industry because it has the properties of an elastic material with a lightweight, but remains strong, is not easily damaged, can last a long time, and is easy to maintain. Therefore, many rattan materials have been made in modern guest chair models.

Like the picture above, rattan guest chairs are made in a sofa model. Then, the seat is added with colorful motif foam. So it looks luxurious. To look more attractive, you can combine this set of chairs with sofa cushions in matching colors, portable decorative lights, and wall paintings. That way, your living room design looks beautiful and aesthetic

Create a unique design

The uniqueness of rattan raw materials compared to other materials is rattan has elastic, flexible, and easily shaped properties. So it can be made in various forms according to the desired model. Therefore, many of the rattan designs has made in classic, modern, and contemporary styles with natural finishes. Then, this combination of materials can be used for interior design.

As you can see in the picture above, this rattan sofa has curves on the front and legs. Then, the table can be made with a round model like a ball. This natural color makes this living room design look aesthetic. To make the living room look more elegant, you can combine this rattan sofa design with patterned sofa cushions, carpets with matching colors, and ornamental plants. That way, your living room will look aesthetic.

Minimalist rattan guest chair

The appearance of this rattan sofa model guest chair is the right choice for your minimalist living room. To make it look more attractive, you can match this design to your taste so that the appearance is perfect. This rattan chair has made with a model of one corner chair and one main chair. Then, the seat is given foam covered with white cloth and bright motif sofa cushions, so the display becomes interesting.

If this sofa guest chair is not suitable, you can find the model that suits your taste because the models also vary in style, size, and color. As we know, this rattan sofa is perfect for a minimalist living room. Then, to make it more attractive, mix it with decorative plants, portable decorative lights, and round tables. With this arrangement, your minimalist living room feels comfortable.

Combination of rattan with aluminum

One of the advantages and benefits of rattan furniture lies in its anti-corrosive nature. Hence, even when combined with metal as reinforcement, the craftsmen prefer to use aluminum.

Then, Aluminum itself is made of iron but has been dyed or coated with anti-rust, so it fits perfectly with any type of rattan furniture. In addition, these two materials will work together to absorb moisture, absorb heat, provide natural ventilation, and have a calming effect on the users. As you can see in this picture, this rattan guest chair has aluminum legs combined, So it looks sturdy and not easily damaged. To make it look more beautiful, you can combine it with foam seats, patterned sofa cushions, and decorative plants. That way, your living room design will look elegant.

Wicker sofa design

Basically, almost all rattan is made by weaving, and the results amaze people. But there are other ways that follow certain patterns to create high works of art. So that the woven pattern that is made looks very attractive.

Like the picture above, this sofa has made of rattan with techniques such as weaving. However, this method has existed since hundreds of years ago and developed during the Majapahit kingdom, so his expertise continues to be passed down from generation to generation in order to maintain the cultural values ​​of the Indonesian nation.

Thanks to that, wicker rattan furniture is still often used as a complement to minimalist and modern residential designs as it is today. Then, to look attractive, they combined it with foam seats covered in white cloth, plus bright motif sofa cushions, ornamental plants, and interesting knick-knacks. That way, the living room design will look aesthetic.

Guest chair design with synthetic rattan

This guest chair, apart from being made of wood, this rattan guest chair can be made of plastic. We know this material as Synthetic Rattan. If the original rattan material can withstand various kinds of weather attacks, then synthetic rattan has a level one level higher in terms of durability.

However, rattan has made of plastic, of course, it will be better if you can use it for outdoor furniture because basically, synthetic rattan has designed for outdoor purposes. On the other hand, you can place furniture made of real rattan in the room. Therefore, synthetic rattan is always designed in colorful to attract the attention of devotees. While the original rattan uses its original color. and the base for the seat has made of foam which is covered in cloth according to the taste of the buyer. With this explanation, rattan lovers will become more familiar with the characteristics of rattan.

Vinyl rattan furniture

Apart from plastic, synthetic rattan furniture can also use vinyl. Many people think that plastic and vinyl are the same, but in fact, they are different. Vinyl tends to be more ethylene radical which refers to many ethylene-based compounds. Then, plastic is polyvinyl chloride or better known as PVC.

But in terms of their properties and advantages, vinyl and plastic look the same – it’s no wonder that many people can barely tell the difference between them. Just like PVC, it’s also a good idea to place furniture made of vinyl rattan as outdoor furniture. This kind of material has been made as a substitute for natural furniture and against the weather outside.

Rattan sofa with cushion

Another rattan chair model that can be used at home is a rattan sofa with cushions. This rattan sofa is very comfortable when used for leisure activities.

Its unique shape makes this sofa widely placed in the living room and other places to relax. If you are the type who likes to spend time relaxing in the afternoon, this rattan sofa is perfect for your choice. To look attractive in the living room, you can combine it with ornamental plants, decorative lights, and glass tables. That way, your living room will look beautiful.

Unique rattan hanging chair

Having something unique in the house makes us happy. The next rattan chair model is a hanging chair. Usually, this one chair is placed in the family room or a place to relax because the model is very suitable for leisure activities.

This chair model has made like a cage hung on an iron pole. The color is now available in various color variants. So you don’t have to worry about getting bored with the same rattan color. To make it look more attractive, you can add sofa cushions like the picture above and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your living room design feels comfortable.

light and sturdy rattan chair

In places with high levels of mobility, such as hotels and restaurants, rattan chairs are often used as an option for decoration because rattan chair has lightweight. So it is easy to slide and move. Even so, rattan chairs remain strong and not easily damaged, especially those made from natural materials. Besides that, rattan chairs are also able to give a natural, so it adds aesthetic value.

As you can see, this rattan chair is decorated with a seat made of foam covered with a white cloth. Then, coupled with colorful motif sofa cushions. Then, to look sweet, this rattan chair is combined with colorfully patterned floor rugs and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your living room design will look artistic.

Simple rattan chair

Rattan chairs have a variety of models. one of the models that are always sold is the simple model. Rattan itself is a weed-like plant that attaches to the main tree. Therefore, rattan chairs are easier to model naturally.

This type of natural rattan chair has strong properties, so you don’t need to be afraid of falling. Meanwhile, synthetic rattan chairs are superior in design, but their strength is not like natural rattan chairs. In this article, we explain the advantages of a rattan chair with a simple design. As you can see, this model of rattan chair is suitable if you place it on the terrace and combine it with a round rattan table. That way, you can relax while enjoying warm coffee. Hopefully, this model can be an inspiration for your patio chairs.

Eco-friendly rattan chair

Rattan chair designs like the picture above are widely used on home terraces. This chair has a beautiful appearance outdoors. Compared to chairs made of wood, which need cut down by trees to obtain raw materials, rattan chairs are more environmentally friendly and easy to move around.

We know that rattan chair is a plants that can be cultivated so that the supply of raw materials will remain smooth without harming or destroying nature. To look more harmonious, you can combine this rattan chair with a green garden in front of the house, then add a round rattan table to place drinks and small flower pots. That way, your terrace model will look aesthetic.

Antique rattan chair

If you want to choose a rattan chair like this, you don’t have to bother cleaning it. As you know, rattan chairs have properties that do not absorb water, in contrast to cleaning the sofa which needs to be washed if they get stained or spilled drinks. To clean rattan chairs, you only need to wipe or scrape off the dirt that has already dried and stuck.

In addition, if there is damage to the wicker rattan chair, you can just replace the webbing on the damaged part, you don’t need to replace it entirely. However, there is indeed one obstacle in cleaning rattan chairs, namely the small holes in the wicker which tend to be difficult to reach. Therefore, to overcome this, you can clean it using a brush. Another plus is you can move this chair easily where you like.

Rocking rattan chair

You must be impatient waiting for this one rattan chair. This chair is mostly owned by homeowners because this chair can be used to relax while enjoying nature. We also know that this model chair is no stranger. The material is flexible with the addition of a seat pad which can make this rocking chair more comfortable to sit on.

It is different with rocking chairs that have a scary impression, but now there are many models of rattan rocking chairs that are beautiful and unique. So you don’t need to be afraid to choose this rocking chair for use at home. So that you don’t get sick when you sit, you can add foam seats covered with colorful cloth.

5. Conclusion

Those are some examples of rattan chairs that we can explain to you. We hope some of the models above can suit your taste. The advantage of rattan chairs is that the material is easy to get, then this furniture is made from various models. You can choose from simple models to extravagant models. But the choice depends on the budget you have. Hopefully, your choice can make your home interior look aesthetic, beautiful, unique, and attractive. Then, useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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