1. Overview of the minimalist house

Having a comfortable living room is everyone’s dream. To realize all that you have to prepare the best design. Especially in the living room which is the main room to be displayed in every home. The primary impression of comfort can be felt and seen in this room.

The living room is the face of your home, so the arrangement must match. Arranging living room furniture can be confusing because many people don’t know how to arrange furniture. Here are some ways to put living room furniture and decorations so that the results look beautiful and aesthetic.

2. The characteristics of minimalist furniture

A small living room is not an obstacle to designing it with the desired design. The living room, which is the first room in the house, must be the most important element. In addition, used as an area for receiving guests, this room is also an area that can represent the character of the owner of the house or family members.

Therefore, an attractive arrangement and design are needed to give an impressive appearance. As you know, we all want to be able to organize this room with a simple design but look clean and tidy. With a minimalist style, it may be suitable to realize simplicity that looks modern. Therefore, we will provide some tips for arranging your small living room. So it feels beautiful, comfortable, neat, and clean

3. Some examples of minimalist furniture

Organizing a small house often makes us have to be smart in dividing the function of space. Especially the number of rooms is quite limited. Therefore, many people have difficulty arranging a small living room because of the large amount of furniture.

In addition, choosing the color and setting the location of the furniture also has a big influence on arranging a small house. This sometimes makes us frustrated. But you don’t judge that organizing the room is annoying because the house is never tidy. But if you have problems setting up a small house, let’s look at some of the best design examples below. Let’s follow our review below!

Blending bright colors in the room

A beautiful and comfortable home is everyone’s dream. Then, to make it happen, you have to be able to arrange it. As you know, bright colors can give a spacious impression to a small room. The trick is to use the same color on the sofa and table.

Then, if you want to add variations to the colors so that the room still looks simple but elegant, you can combine a maximum of three colors. Then, also mix it with the color of the sofa cushions with different motifs. Furthermore, to make it look more attractive, you can combine it with decorative lamps, antique knick-knacks, patterned floor rugs, and small wooden buffets. With a circle-shaped table, even a small living room will look spacious, simple, neat, clean, and modern. Good luck!

Use simple decorations

Arranging a minimalist living room is easier than you organizing a traditional living room. Therefore, many people like minimalist designs. Minimalist design does not require a lot of furniture. This design is simple and clean. By applying a minimalist design style, you don’t need to use a lot of decorations in the living room.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can arrange a sofa set with an L model. Then, add sofa cushions with matching colors, a coffee table to place drinks, a brightly colored floor rug, wall hangings, antique decorative lamps to illuminate the living room, and knick-knacks that attract attention. That way, the interior design of your living room will look elegant.

Simple furnishings

Mengisi ruang tamu dengan hiasan yang estetik menjadi tantangan tersendiri. Apalagi, bila ruang tamu berukuran kecil, tentu banyak hal yang perlu kita pertimbangkan. Untuk itulah, kali ini kami punya tips menata ruang tamu.

Tenang saja, pada tips kali ini, kamu bisa membuat ruang tamu terasa lebih luas dan menawan tanpa membutuhkan banyak perabot. Selain itu, ruang tamu pun bisa menjadi lebih multifungsi.

Choose a trending wall paint color

If you want to desain your house to look beautiful, you can design a living room to make it look beautiful and charming by painting the interior of the living room in a soft color. A living room with a minimalist design is different from a vintage or bohemian design. The minimalist design prioritizes bright colors to make it look spacious. Then, for your home to be more contemporary, you need wall paint that matches current trends. Recent color trends are using more calming colors, such as blue, sage green, or apricot.

To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with a sofa set in the same color as the wall, add a table in front of the sofa set, decorative lamps, decorative plants, and unique knick-knacks. This arrangement, in addition to showing a clean impression, this color can also give a broad impression of the room. Don’t forget to design the floor with wood-motif ceramics to make it look more attractive.

Put a round mirror or a large mirror

If you have a room that is not large and limited. You have to be good at finding ways to make your room look spacious. One easy way is to put a round mirror or a large mirror against the wall. Placing a mirror will give a broad view of your living room. The mirror selfie trend, namely selfies in front of a mirror, is becoming the latest trend that many people are doing.

To appear more attractive, mix it with a simple bright color sofa, a wooden table in front of the table, patterned sofa cushions, add ornamental plants, and a bright color floor rug. That way, your living room design will look spacious.

Decorate with green plants

Living room decoration is not only with beautiful furniture and accessories. You can decorate your minimalist living room with green ornamental plants. So the living room looks alive. In addition, ornamental plants can give a fresh look, and putting green plants can also produce clean air in the house. Therefore, if you understand the benefits of ornamental plants, you can put ornamental plants in the corner of the room.

To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with a sofa set, unique decorative lamps, floor rugs, and antique knick-knacks. By placing artificial ornamental plants in the corner of the living room, you will get clean air in your living room. Hopefully, this method can be an inspiration for you.

Use multifunctional furniture

Home Design using multifunctional furniture, besides saving budget, you can use multi-functional furniture for your minimalist home decor. By placing a bookshelf as a room divider between the living room and the family, this bookshelf can provide privacy in the room next to it.

In addition, another piece of furniture that has various functions is a sofa set. Apart from being a seat, this sofa can also be a home decoration as well as a family gathering place. To make it look more attractive, you can add antique chandeliers, decorative plants, floor rugs, and unique knick-knacks. That way, the design of your living room will make you more comfortable.

Use an aesthetic chandelier

The beauty of the living room cannot be said to be complete if it is not equipped with a unique and aesthetic chandelier. Decorative lights in the living room can make the house ceiling more beautiful and charming. However, make sure you choose the right decorative lights so that the interior of your living room looks aesthetic. Then, to produce a bright reflection of light in the living room, you can add a makeup mirror to the wall. That way, the atmosphere of your room will be brighter if this aesthetic lamp is turned on.

Set with a soft carpet

A beautiful house is a house that has beautiful room equipment. To beautify the living room floor, you can use a floor rug. To design it, choose a rug made of soft material and a unique pattern to give it a modern look.

However, floor rugs cannot stand alone without other pieces of furniture. To look prettier and more enchanting, mix this floor rug with a bright color sofa set complete with sofa cushions, rattan guest chairs, small round tables, and ornamental plants to make the room feel fresher. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel comfortable in the living room.

Decorative wardrobe of wood and glass

The glass model in the living room cabinet is one of the pieces of furniture that can make your living room beautiful. Especially if it is a frame made of quality teak wood. It can make the living room appearance will look more luxurious. In addition, this furniture is also suitable to be placed in various rooms, be it as a living room, family room, and dining room. While the model and size can be adjusted to your taste.

So for those of you who are happy with decorative cabinets like the picture above, you can look for them in furniture stores and arrange them in your living room. To make it look more attractive, you can mix this wardrobe with a sofa set with the same color, add photo frames on the wall, and patterned sofa cushions. With this combination, your living room design will look elegant.

Beautiful and aesthetic buffet

As far as we know, the buffet is one of the pieces of furniture that can be used for the living room and family room. This furniture is not only used for the living room but can use for living room decoration and a place to store goods. In addition, this furniture can also be used as a place to place television sets and antique knick-knacks. The white surface color and the front appearance of the wood color make this furniture look elegant.

Then, to make it look prettier and more enchanting, you can combine it with a sofa set with the same color as the walls, add photo frames on the walls, and place antique knick-knacks on it. With this arrangement, your living room design will look elegant.

Set of golden leaf paintings

If you want to organize a minimalist living room, you look like in your dreams, you can display wall displays like murals in the living room. By displaying paintings like the picture above, the room will be more beautiful and look different. Therefore, choose a painting that suits your living room model and your taste. That way, you will always enjoy it every time,

Wall paintings with 3D views have a positive effect on the residents. However, before you choose a minimalist wall painting, you need to pay attention to a few things. such as the size of the painting you want to display. Don’t get too big for the size of the room. Then, choose an interesting image. Generally, wall paintings with pictures of leaves have a green color. But this time is different, the leaves in this painting are golden. In addition, place the painting above the sofa. Thus making the room more alive.

Plafon merupakan salah satu komponen terpenting dalam sebuah ruangan. Plafon harus dirancang dengan sangat baik agar memberikan penampilan yang menarik, atau menambah kadar estetika interior.

Decorating with a beautiful ceiling

One design that also affects the beauty of the room is the ceiling. Making the ceiling of your minimalist living room with the best design can be made the appearance of your living room look beautiful. Therefore, design a house ceiling according to the area of ​​your room. A properly designed one will make your living room look beautiful and aesthetic.

As you know, there are many ways to design an attractive ceiling. However, you also have to be good at combining it with the equipment you have to make it look more harmonious. Don’t let your ceiling design not match the furniture you have because it will make the interior of your room unattractive.

4. Conclusion

Those are some ways to organize a minimalist living room that we can recommend. We hope that one of our reviews above will suit your taste. For this reason, we hope that our review above can make your home interior look aesthetically, pleasing, luxurious, beautiful, and comfortable. We also hope that our review above can be an inspiration to you. Then, useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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