1. Get to know the unique vintage design characters

In the world of interior design, we are certainly familiar with all kinds of designs. Each interior design style must have its own characteristics. For example, industrial designs are synonymous with iron materials, minimalist designs are dominated by monochrome colors, Scandinavian designs are synonymous with nature, to vintage designs are synonymous with old-fashioned impressions.

Yes, so far vintage designs are known as old styles and are often applied by women because of their soft colors. Therefore, before discussing vintage designs, you must know the characteristics of vintage designs. Next, we review the characteristics of the vintage design below.

2. Characteristic vintage design

The feature of vintage design is synonymous with the impression of antiquity, so the furniture that is usually used also has an old-school feel. Old school furniture in vintage design which was popular in the past is furniture with a modern model that looks shabby.

Examples of furniture with models that were popular in the past are tables, chairs, and Genki cabinets. Furniture with this Genki model was popular in the 1950s to 1970s. The distinctive feature of this Genki model is the use of wood material and the shape of the furniture legs which are conical and not perpendicular. Rocking chairs with circular wood were also popular in the past. As for furniture with a modern model that looks shabby, you can make it yourself by repainting a favorite piece of furniture with the effect of peeling paint in several parts. Not only by repainting, but you can also convert an object into furniture for a distinctively vintage design impression.

3. Vintage is the design of the past

Vintage home decorating always brings memories of the past and makes our memories travel to the past. As you know, the Vintage style has a classic and artistic taste, which gives everyone a special impression. A vintage-designed house presents a classic, shady, warm, and comfortable feeling.

The word vintage itself comes from the French word ‘vintage’ which refers to the process of making wine. Wine requires a long storage time to get good quality. Over time, the meaning of this word shifted to the meaning we know today as Vintage. Even so, vintage and antique have differences based on the age of an object. Objects that are categorized as vintage are objects that are less than twenty years old, that is, roughly from 1910-1990. To get to know them better, let’s review some examples of vintage designs below. Welcome to our review!

The use of color in vintage designs

Arranging home interiors with vintage designs is very fun. This is because you are not bound by binding rules. In addition, you are free to express what you want. Therefore, the characteristic of this design is easy to guess by knowing the use of the color. Then, vintage designs are generally dominated by soft colors, such as pastel colors, salted egg green, light blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, and aquamarine.

Usually, these colors are applied to the walls, TV cabinets, decorations, sofa beds, to cutlery. Hence, you will often find vintage designs to the living room. The thing that makes vintage designs so popular with women is that vintage is a style with soft colors. Hopefully, our review can make your home interior look more attractive.

Typical decoration

In arranging a house with a vintage design, you must do decorations with beauty. Such as a medium-sized antique portable decorative lamp complete with a table. Then, the round wooden wall hangings are displayed above the beautiful sofa set. So it makes the center of attention of guests who come.

To make it look more attractive, you can add colorfully patterned sofa cushions, old-fashioned buffets and tables, patterned floor rugs, wall paintings, and unique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look more artistic and attractive. So for those of you who like this design, you can use this image as

Design with retro electronics

You can organize an aesthetic and attractive vintage design by presenting electronic goods from the past. Generally, the basic materials or materials for furniture in vintage designs are old models. Therefore, electronic goods that use vintage designs are always retro in style. The retro-style electronics referred to here are convex TVs, radios, vinyl records with old-style speakers, and ovens for the kitchen.

Then, finding these electronic items can be said to be difficult and easy because it is rare to find electronic items that are produced in a retro style nowadays. Instead, you can look for antique markets or dismantle grandparents’ electronics collections. If these items are no longer functional, you can still place them in the room as room decorations. With such an arrangement, your living room design will be the center of

Model bed with mosquito nets

You can make vintage-style beds by using mosquito nets. In ancient times the nobles used mosquito nets to avoid mosquitoes. Like the picture above, this bed is characteristic of vintage design. This bed model looks simple but has equipped with a canopy or mosquito net.

This canopy and mosquito net will create a comfortable and soft atmosphere. So that can affect the sleep quality of the occupants. In addition, canopies and mosquito nets can help you sleep soundly without mosquito bites. To make it look more beautiful, you can combine this mosquito net bed design with a portable decorative lamp that is placed on the nightstand. That way, your bedroom design will feel comfortable.

Vintage-style wall decoration

Arranging a home interior design in a vintage style is not difficult. You can decorate the walls in a vintage design way. The trick, make a photo frame with carved edges or a shabby chic style. The size can be adjusted to the size of the room to make it look balanced. If you want this photo frame to look more attractive, you can arrange it without a symmetrical pattern using a board like a picture above.

Apart from that, you can also be creative and make a photo frame collage. With photo frames, you don’t need other decorations to complete the vintage design look in your home interior. If you are confused about looking for it, we provide examples of designs like the picture above.

A lamp with a special decoration

Setting up a vintage design means you are ready to take your family back in time. Here you can tell your son about your life in the past. You can also explain the secret of beauty in vintage designs that use lighting. Therefore, lighting also has more important role in vintage design. Usually, the lighting used is dim yellow, so the room feels warm.

In a vintage design, this lighting is obtained from several typical vintage lamps. The first lamp is an antique chandelier, a medium-sized portable decorative lamp covered in neutral-colored lace fabric. The next lamp is a medium to a large light bulb, either plain or equipped with a cover. But among all the lamps, the oldest is the candle. They said this candle has been used since ancient times because there was no electricity.

Styled with wallpaper decoration

One of the vintage designs is a design full of colors. The most common thing used for vintage designs is the use of patterned wallpaper with writing or pictures that attract attention. Some people use wallpaper to cover the entire wall, there are also some people who use wallpaper only on a few parts of the wall so it doesn’t look too cramped.

Therefore, the wallpaper motifs that you usually use should be floral, abstract, or tree motifs. To make it look more attractive, you can combine wallpaper images like the one above with guest chairs, motif sofa pillows, and ceramic knick-knacks that attract the attention of many people. That way, your living room design will look artistic and unique.

Typical vintage design flooring

The impression is usually highlighted in vintage designs is an old-school impression and a warm feel. Therefore, most homes with vintage designs use floor coatings in the form of terracotta tiles, parquet, wood, and carpets. Especially for using parquet and wood as floor coatings, you have to pay extra attention to their maintenance.

As you already know, wooden floors have their pluses and minuses, such as being easily weathered and scratched, so they must be routinely given a special coating paint and cannot be stepped on using high heels. While covering the floor using carpet, you must choose a motif that attracts the attention of many people. That way, your home interior will look aesthetic.

Vintage living room furniture

The choice of color can greatly affect a vintage-style living room. To make a room have a strong old-fashioned feel, use “dull” colors like beige and brown in the furniture. However, don’t forget to add the typical vintage motif decorations such as fur blankets and washed patterned rugs. Then, to look aesthetically pleasing, you can combine this color design with moti sofa cushions, useful ornamental plants, cloth wall hangings, and antique knick-knacks. That way, your living room will look aesthetic.

Furniture in vintage style

Styling a vintage design is almost the same as styling a classic design. Both of these designs use old furniture and give a natural impression. Therefore, for those of you who are happy with old-fashioned interior design, you can use furniturevintage chairs like the above. This guest chair has a turquoise-green color with a white iron frame. Then the handrail model is made of curves so that it seems like an old model.

To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with a round table with a white metal frame, abstract wall paintings, floor rugs with colorful motifs, and photo frames with pictures of flowers. That way, your living room design will feel like an ancient atmosphere. Happy decorating!

Vintage-style Kitchen Equipment

Arranging a kitchen in a vintage style can make your partner feel at home cooking. So this design is the right choice for your kitchen design. Wooden floors and old furniture will give your kitchen a strong vintage feel.

As a complement, you can add some chandeliers. If your kitchen has a window, you can take advantage of it by using old-school patterned fabrics as simple old curtains. Then, to make it look complete, you can combine this design with a kitchen table and wooden chairs. Then, add kitchen furniture with old models. That way, you will feel your kitchen like the old days. Please try!

Organize used crates for vintage design

This vintage style comes with nicely arranged mid-century furniture and interior ornaments decorating every corner of the room. Because of its uniqueness, even this vintage-style design is now widely used as a design style in cafes and homes. Vintage decor always manages to bring back sweet and beautiful memories of your past.

Like the picture above, this vintage design is visible by using an old chest as a bedroom decoration. This chest also can be used as a seat. Regardless of the type of furniture used, all furniture in vintage designs is made of quality handcrafted wood, not from plastic or metal like factory-made furniture. To look cool, you can combine this used chest with a white iron bed, an antique chandelier, a wall painting, a makeup mirror to make your room look spacious, a small buffet, a single sofa, and decorative plants. That way, your bedroom will look aesthetic and attractive.

Arrange the ceiling in a vintage style

Vintage designs are timeless. You can do this design with various variations. Like designing the ceiling of your house in a vintage style. This means that vintage designs are not unique items, but you can design your house ceiling in a vintage style.

To make it look more attractive, you can combine this ceiling design with a lamp model bed, then add a sofa set complete with motif sofa cushions. To make the atmosphere of your room warmer, you can add hanging decorative lights, portable decorative lights, and decorative wall lights. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will feel more comfortable. Enjoy decorating your room!

4. Conclusion

Those are some examples of arranging vintage-style furniture in the house. We know that vintage designs are currently in great demand by many people because of their style of using old furniture. Then, the color arrangement also looks softer. Therefore, we share ideas with you to discuss vintage designs like the example above. Hopefully, this design can make your home interior look aesthetic, beautiful, comfortable, unique, and artistic. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you. Then, make your family happy. Happy decorating


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