1. Overview of the interior of a two-story house

With the increasing demand for housing, house and land prices will continue to increase. As far as we know, almost all residences in big cities already have fantastic prices. Therefore. many people build their homes on two levels to suit their needs.
In addition, there are also many house enthusiasts who buy land with land that is not large. Then, I prefer to build a 2-story house with a much cheaper budget than buying a one-story house with a large area.

2. Idea and design

Minimalist 2-story house ideas and designs don’t always have to be grand and luxurious. You can apply a simple minimalist home concept but still, look beautiful and functional. With this minimalist-level house design, you will get additional space. So your family’s needs can be met properly.

As far as we know, everyone wants a beautiful design and comfortable home. It is not uncommon for many people to build houses with two floors. There are some tips for dividing an amazing 2-story minimalist level house plan. Therefore, you don’t need a large land area because you can design it well. Then, you renovate the house into 2 levels according to your taste.

3. An attractive minimalist design choice

A minimalist style design is the most popular design among many people. This design is considered not to display a lot of excessive furniture. You can see the Scandinavian style, the appearance emphasizes the functional aspects of space with very distinctive natural accents.

However, the minimalist concept can display a very high and very attractive aesthetic image, especially its marriage and mixing with various design elements. Making it something unique and classy. Minimalism has indeed become a separate stream in the world of interior design. But in its broad concept, minimalism has penetrated almost all design styles and art schools. He also represents the aesthetic concept of modern art. So that makes it very popular and in demand. For that, let’s look at ideas and examples of minimalist 2-story house designs with the following modern and elegant concepts!

4. Some examples of two-story house interior designs

Two-story residential houses are increasingly found today. This is because the available land area is very limited and the price is expensive. In addition, building a house vertically is generally much more efficient than buying a spacious one-story house. This is why two-story houses are increasingly in demand by many people. Therefore, let’s review the house design below. Hopefully, the design is to your taste. Welcome to our review!

Modern home aesthetics

Minimalism design is a simple design but looks attractive according to its function. The concept of minimalism has become a kind of belief to display a simple and modern style and lifestyle. The modern lifestyle itself requires everyone to be able to adapt quickly and precisely, according to the will of the times which is supported by the speed of development of information technology.

Having a small house is indeed a dilemma because you cannot use it according to your needs. However, raising the floor in two can make you more flexible in arranging the placement of furniture and arranging the room. With a modern, aesthetic approach and the use of minimal decorative elements, and a clean look, your living room will appear spacious. To make it look more attractive, you can place a minimalist sofa set, decorative lights, spotlights, wall decorations with natural stone to place the television, and a dining table set. That way, your living room design will look modern and luxurious.

Smooth light circulation

The interior of a 2-story minimalist house is usually designed with air circulation for easy entry of light. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the 2-story minimalist house is currently designed with lots of openings and large windows. This is to make the furniture in it more durable.

These openings are usually focused on the family room. As a gathering place and the center of activities at home. The family room should have smooth air and light circulation so that it makes the occupants healthy. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a white sofa set, sofa cushions, a coffee table for placing drinks, and flower pots. To save space, you can decorate the walls into shelves to place knick-knacks and documents. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic.

Maximum space function

The interior of a 2-story minimalist house usually has a simple space. Every available space has been utilized as much as possible. As shown above, the living room, dining room, and kitchen are in one location. This room has separated by ornamental plants and furniture, such as a bar table.

The space in this house has been designed functionally. Almost all corners have utilized to become a new space. For example, in the following 2-story minimalist interior inspiration, where the area under the stairs is not just left empty. This section is used as a place to store the sound system. Then, to appear more attractive, the living room is equipped with a minimalist letter L model sofa, dining table, and kitchen equipment. With a design like this, your home interior will look aesthetically pleasing.

Have a beautiful Design

This minimalist 2-story interior design is much liked by millennial couples. This living room has a timeless style or concept. This is what keeps the house interior looking beautiful and not out of date.

The exterior appearance, as well as the appearance inside the house, the design is very well thought out. Therefore, this minimalist 2-story house is perfect if you are concerned about interior design and the house’s appearance. To look aesthetically pleasing, you can add a sofa set, sofa cushions, a coffee table for placing drinks, antique decorative lamps, a dining table, chairs, and a small buffet. That way, your living room design will feel more comfortable.

Simple and economical design

In general, a 2-story minimalist house uses simple building materials. However, even though it is simple, the building and interior of a 2-story minimalist house can provide its own charm. This minimalist 2-story house interior design uses simple materials. Then, it was built with its own technique so as to produce a classy and attractive residence.

To make it look more attractive, you can add garden decorations for ornamental plants, wooden tables and chairs, wooden stairs, spotlights, and buffets. It’s no wonder that many people are attracted to designs like this. Living room designs like this, don’t spend a lot of money on the construction process. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel spacious and comfortable.

Minimal room decoration with wood

One more characteristic of a minimalist 2-story house is the minimal use of furniture for the living room. In general, minimalist 2-story houses don’t use a lot of room dividers. This is intended to make the room look wider considering the land area that is owned is limited and quite narrow.

In addition, the use of large partitions between rooms will make the room seem cramped. Moreover, coupled with the furniture room. The spaces that are usually left open without partitions are the kitchen, living room, and family room. However, you can still use partitions for private spaces, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. To make it look prettier, you can add a wooden frame sofa set and blue foam mat, a television rack, stairs leading to the upper room, wooden shelves for placing flower pots, antique hanging decorative lights, and some ornamental plants. That way, your living room design will feel more attractive.

Minimal decoration on the 2nd floor

This room on the 2nd floor doesn’t present many decorations. This is to impress a simple and clean residence. The decorations presented on this floor are indoor plants and some knick-knacks that are placed on wooden wall shelves. Then, some decorations that are placed in open storage are also often found on this floor.

If you are interested in designing a minimalist home interior like this, you can trust him to arrange it by imitating the picture above. Arrangements like this can not only make your room look beautiful, comfortable, and beautiful but can make your building maximally functional. Happy decorating!

Modern and elegant minimalist home design

Having a beautiful home design can make us more confident. To give you an attractive design, start from the inside of the house to the outside of the house. Ideas like this can make beautiful your home. Therefore, the ways like this picture, no doubt about it.

To make it look more attractive, you can design a wooden ladder on the wall. Then, add a beautiful minimalist sofa set, glass table, unique hanging lamps for lighting at night, and wall paintings. In order not to look monotonous, add ornamental plants in the corner of the room. With an arrangement like this, your home interior design looks elegant.

Neutral colors and natural designs

desain interior rumah minimalis modern dengan sekat minim


To create a comfortable and natural home feel, you can design the interior of your living room with a model like this. In addition, you can also make a minimalist living room design to make it look more natural. A living room design like this can make you feel more comfortable. Then, you can also make this place a relaxing place when you get home from work.

To appear more attractive, you can add a sofa set, a table for placing drinks, decorative wall lights, hanging decorative lights, and wall paintings. Then, the presence of a white coral garden and ornamental plants makes fresh eyes look. In addition, the placement of a table with a color that matches the natural stone makes the living room look more natural.

Design with beautiful colors and quality

Desain interior ruang tamu dengan warna cat pastel

In this one interior design, you can add color to the interior of the room or attractive wall decoration, such as providing a quality paint color that can make your living room interior look beautiful. Then, you can use this color to decorate your room.

Then, to make it look prettier, add a sofa set in bright colors, a table for placing drinks, patterned sofa cushions, floor rugs in colors that match the walls, television tables, televisions, and attractive wall paintings. As for the arrangement of light, you should be able to use spotlights that are mounted on the ceiling. With this arrangement, your living room will look beautiful and elegant.

Elegant living room design for a 2-story house.

desain interior rumah mewah minimalis modern 2 lantai

The living room design model for a 2-story house can of course make you more flexible in decorating it. This is what makes your home design even better. You can see the design in this picture, the design of the living room looks attractive and elegant making you feel at home and comfortable.

To appear more aesthetic, you can add to the design of this living room with 3 minimalist single-arm sofas, a wooden table for placing drinks and flower pots, a television buffet, a television, a glass buffet, and decorative ceiling lights. Then design a ladder leading to the second floor with a trellis iron fence. That way, your living room design will look elegant and luxurious.

Aesthetic and charming design

Modern and sophisticated minimalist living room designs like this picture can be your choice. This design is very appropriate to be applied to residential areas in urban areas. The concept of this minimalist home gives the impression of being simple, elegant, and luxurious. The key lies in minimalist home interior design and choosing the right furniture.

In order to look beautiful and charming, you have to be smart in designing and arranging the interior decoration of this house. For that, choose a sofa set of bright colors, sofa cushions with matching colors, and a wooden table to place drinks on. Then, design a beautiful bar table decorated with wall hangings and decorative lights hanging above the bar table. That way, your home interior will look aesthetic and charming.

Interior color game

Minimalist home interior design does have to apply the right concepts. Color combinations, pattern play, and furniture selection are important to consider properly. Besides that, you can add ornaments or knick-knacks for each room to give a better impression. For example floor rugs, wall hangings, small flower pots on the table, or choosing a unique lamp for each room will add to the aesthetic impression. To appear more harmonious, you can design a staircase leading to the second floor on the wall. With this arrangement, your home interior will look beautiful and comfortable.

Use the right furniture

A minimalist 2-story house type 45 like in the picture above is suitable for those of you who want a spacious view. By having a limited size, make sure you fill it with the right room decor. Then, choose a simple room decor and complete it with compact furniture such as chairs and a dining table, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Then add spotlights on the ceiling for lighting at night.

Then, to look at the atmosphere of a spacious and more comfortable room, you can create the right arrangement for the room. Choosing the right furniture is one of the best solutions for home interiors to look elegant. In addition, keep unnecessary objects or furniture away and use multifunctional furniture to make the room more effective so that it seems wider and more comfortable.

5. Conclusion

Those are some minimalist living room designs for 2nd-floor houses. If you want to make your home look elegant, luxurious, aesthetic, beautiful, and attractive, you can follow the reviews we provide in the picture above. However, if you don’t want to bother designing it, you can use home decor so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, this design is useful for you and your family. Then make them feel at home and comfortable at home. Happy decorating!


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