1. Overview of minimalist stairs

Beautiful minimalist home design can make you comfortable. To make this happen, you can decorate with the best design. Using the limited land available, many people decide to build a two-story house so that all their needs can be met. In this way, their needs will be met.
In building a 2-story house, the presence of stairs is very essential because it bridges the lower and upper floors. Because the area of ​​the house is very limited, the determination of the design of the stairs should not be arbitrary. You have to pay attention to the right model and size so that the stairs are maximized and don’t take up a lot of space. For that, let’s follow the review ideas and designs of household stairs that you can make inspired for your home.

2. Idea and design

If you want to build a minimalist staircase for your tiny house, we provide ideas and designs that you can emulate. Therefore, to build a minimalist staircase for a tiny house, you must consider the right layout of the stairs. So the interior of your home is not cramped and comfortable.

There are several things that you should pay attention to before building it. One of them is a staircase design that is suitable for your residence. Don’t let your house looks messy when building stairs. Stairs not only function as a link between floors, stairs can also provide beauty even though they are in a minimalist style. That way, the aesthetic value of the house interior is also increasing. Therefore, we provide a review of examples of minimalist staircase designs.

3. Some examples of minimalist staircase designs

The minimalist staircase design looks simple but beautiful. Therefore, the simplicity of a minimalist home staircase design requires precise and accurate design, installation, and finishing to create a final result that is second to none.

We know that the function of the ladder can be a link and a home decoration. Therefore we want to explain some examples of minimalist stairs for you to apply to your second-floor house. Hopefully, one of the designs that we provide below can suit your taste and make your home interior look more aesthetic. Welcome to our review!

Simple circular spiral staircase design

If you have a small house but you want to make a terraced house. You can use a spiral staircase to accommodate your narrow room. Even though it is practical, you have to be more careful when using a spiral staircase because the steps are relatively smaller. The advantage of this ladder, the interior of your room does not look cramped. That way, your home interior design will look more attractive.

Straight ladder design

Having a two-story house, of course, you must install stairs. The safest ladder design for you and your family is the straight model. But you also have to be good at arranging it like in the picture above. So that the interior of your house does not look cramped. Especially for those of you who don’t want to be complicated in arranging the interior of your house, you can design a straight staircase.

With this model, it’s as if it’s directly inviting you to go to the second floor without having to go through the landings which are commonly found in the design of household letters L or split. To be safer you can install a wall on the stairs. With this arrangement, your home interior design will look cool.

Letter L simple staircase design

Stairs with the L model are one of the most popular staircase layouts used because you can build them in narrow or wide places. Its versatility has made this ladder model even more popular. In addition, a model like this can also make you relax to climb it. Therefore, this ladder design should be placed next to the wall to make it safer.

Then, in terms of material and size, it is very suitable for narrow home interiors. If you want to make an L-style ladder, this image can be an inspiration for you. With this arrangement, your home interior will feel more comfortable.

Simple floating ladder design

One trend that is currently on the rise is a staircase that looks like it is floating and looks like it is hanging. Stairs like this can make your minimalist home even more luxurious and look very futuristic. To make it look more attractive, you can design the color of the stairs with varnish and the stair railing with white iron. Then, design the ladder beside the wall to be safe. With this arrangement, your home interior will look beautiful and spacious.

Two-way model staircase design

If you have a spacious second-floor house interior, you can design a staircase model like this picture. However, a narrow home interior can not be made like this. This type of ladder has 2 branches at the top and will be connected or merged at the bottom. In the concept of a house with a mezzanine like this, even this model of staircase design can be applied.

For security, you still have to install a railing on the stairs. That way, your family will not be afraid when climbing the stairs. Then, design the stairs in a color that matches the wooden floor of the room. That way, your home interior design will look aesthetic.

Industrial style simple staircase design

One of the staircase designs that are suitable to be combined with different room designs is the stainless ladder. Before installing it, you must first ensure the right material so the ladder has a good coating layer so that it is not slippery and endangers the user.

This design is also very suitable for industrial-style homes. For safety, you must install a railing on the stairs to hold on to when climbing the stairs. Then, this model of stairs is more attractive, installed on the side of a wall designed with exposed brick. With this arrangement, the interior design of your room will look like an industrial design.

Simple wooden staircase design flanked by a wall

The design of a beautiful second-floor house makes you more confident. You can see this wooden staircase design is a choice of ladder material that is quite cheap and easy to obtain. Apart from being affordable, these stairs can give your home a natural impression. Therefore, you also have to be smart in choosing wood materials so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste.

As far as we know, the staircase is a mandatory component for two-story dwellings. Even designing it should not be arbitrary because an inappropriate model will make the appearance of the house look less attractive. Therefore, get examples of designs in articles and home decor to serve as a guide for you. That way, your home interior design will look aesthetic and charming.

Circular minimalist staircase design

The design of the second-floor house like the picture above is very suitable for using a ladder model like this. This type of staircase looks circular in the living room. Then, this model ladder is more flexible and looks unique. The advantage of this ladder, you can save more space in your home.

For security, when going up, you must install a railing that follows the curve of the stairs. Then, adjust the color of the stair railing with the color of the wooden steps to make it look harmonious. Then, you can add aesthetic beauty to your living room. However, this swivel model ladder has a drawback because each step has a different width from one another. If you are not used to it. It can be dangerous for the user.

Straight minimalist staircase model with black railing

This ladder model is known for its elongated shape. In addition, straight stairs are also known to have no branches or turns. This form of the minimalist home ladder is often referred to as a linear or straight model ladder. Although it is widely applied to large residential areas, second-floor houses with limited land can use it.

For security, when going up, you can install black hollow iron railings on the stairs. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can use the space under the stairs for the storage of goods. Then, create a beautiful door design according to the flow of the stairs. That way, your staircase design will look beautiful and charming.

Minimalist staircase railing made of glass

This staircase design looks luxurious. Excess stairs with glass material will make your room look wider. In addition, even this material is unique because this material can create the illusion that you are not stepping on anything. To bring a futuristic touch and security, you can place LED lights on the sides of the stairs, either left or right. Then, design the color of the stairs with the color of the wood to make it look more natural. With this color, you will easily see the steps when climbing it. Then, to make it look more attractive, decorate the walls of the stairs with some interesting paintings.

Storage room design under the stairs

If you have a lot of household furniture in your home, the right solution is the space under the stairs that you can design for storage. The trick, you can create stairs by adding eye-catching features. One of them is by turning it into a storage drawer. such as bookshelves, shoes, or wardrobes. That way, your residence will look more spacious because the items are neatly arranged and practical.

To make it look more attractive, you can design the color with a color that matches the interior of the room. Then, give the railing stairs white wood to make it look brighter. With this arrangement, the interior of your room will look thick with a minimalist design.

Long straight wooden staircase design

The straight staircase design is the most common ladder model. Although the design is simple, straight stairs also have many models with various materials and can have other features, such as built-in storage or a sitting room that can be according to the homeowner’s need.

Straight stairs tend to be the easiest to use for going up and down. Moreover, if this ladder is flanked by a wall, it is safer to climb it. In addition, this type of ladder is the easiest to build because it only needs to be connected at the top and bottom, so there is no need for an intermediate supporting structure. In order not to be slippery, you should be able to add a carpet with a color that matches the wood. That way, the interior of your room will look natural.

L-shaped staircase

The design of this ladder is a bit more complicated than a straight ladder. This quarter ladder has preferred because of its space-saving and attractive design. Visually, the L-shaped staircase also looks beautiful.

However, these L-shaped stairs are a bit more difficult to build than straight stairs. The connection of the lower rung and above must be made terminal. So as not to be dangerous. Then, for the terminal, another color is made as a sign to make it easier for you to turn. However, for security, you still have to make a railing as a handle. With this arrangement, the interior design of your room will feel more comfortable.

The circular staircase is a combination of concrete and wood

If a linear staircase in the shape of I, U, or L is too mainstream, then you can design a minimalist staircase with a rotating model. As we know, there are many materials to choose from for this type of ladder, depending on your taste.

To be stronger, you can choose a combination of concrete materials with white and wood finishes to create a more modern, classic look. Then, for security, you can install a white glass railing to make it look more elegant. In this way, you can make your rotating staircase appear more aesthetically pleasing because there are many variations of railing styles that can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the stairs. Then, the lack of this rotary ladder model can make it difficult for you when you want to move rather large items because the capacity is limited.

Curved staircase design

The design of this staircase is almost similar to a spiral staircase, but not fully curved or perfectly round. This design looks beautiful and elegant with a combination of white iron and wood railings. Then the stairs were designed with minimalist colors. With this arrangement, your home interior will look beautiful and charming.

In addition, this curved staircase is often chosen because it gives a very elegant and traditional impression. Plus, it’s easy to use up or down stairs. Even though it looks simple, curved stairs are the most difficult type of stairs to build, so the price tends to be more expensive than other stairs.

Staircase design without terminals

The design of the stairs in this house looks different. Ideally, stairs should have a landing or terminal area in the middle to avoid steepness. However, the presence of a terminal also increases the area of ​​space required for the stairs.

If you have a very limited room area, you can make this simple staircase design without terminals. For security, each step must have a perfectly rectangular shape, but can also be slightly curved. Then, for security when climbing stairs, you can add a wooden railing on the stairs. That way, you and your family will be more comfortable when riding it.

All-white staircase design with decorative lights

The play of bright colors in a tiny house is no longer a secret. With a bright ceramic color like white combined with black ceramic, it will create the illusion of a spacious room. This color also can be presented through various elements, from walls, floors, and furniture, to the house stairs. Moreover, every step of the stairs has decorated with lights, which will make the stairs look beautiful and enchanting.

To make it look more elegant, you can decorate the staircase railing with glass. Then design the space under the stairs into a beautiful garden with white coral decorations. Next, plant ornamental plants to make your room feel fresher. With this arrangement, the interior of your room will feel homey!

4. Conclusion

Those are some house staircase designs that you can make as your inspiration. To make this happen, you can see some of the reviews we have above. We hope that one of the designs we provide can make your home design look comfortable, aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and luxurious. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your second-floor house. Happy decorating!


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