1. Overview of washing and ironing room

The minimalist perfect home design must have a washing and ironing room. This room is one of the spaces that must exist in every house because it can give a neat impression to a house. If your space is very limited, don’t worry, you can create a washing and drying room with a size of 2 X 2 meters.

But now you don’t need to bother with a washer because many people open a laundry to serve those who are always busy with office matters. You just put it in one place, then they will come to take your dirty clothes. Then, they immediately process the washing machine in their place. But making clothes is not mandatory because you can do it yourself during your busy life, such as on holidays, after work, or you pay a maid to do it.

The most important thing is that you prepare a laundry room and washing machine so that your helper can easily do it. Then, provide an area for drying clothes and ironing clothes. This method will save your expenses. In addition, your house will look neat because there are housekeepers who clean it all the time. Here, let’s review the ideas and designs below.

2. Idea and design

If you want to make washing places more comfortable and artistic, you can find laundry room ideas and designs that suit your taste in articles or home decor magazines.

Arranging the laundry room with a comfortable and functional design can make it easy for you to wash clothes. The task of washing clothes that were previously heavy becomes light and enjoyable. Therefore, there are many laundry room ideas and designs that you can make inspired for you. You can choose a minimalist design that doesn’t take up space. Then, try to place it where there is sunlight coming in. To able to dry immediately after washing. Let’s look at tips on designing an attractive laundry room.

3. The purpose of making a laundry room

As far as we know, everyone must change their clothes every day. The smell of unpleasant clothes can make them always avoid other people. Therefore, you need to wash your clothes every day.

Then, to solve this problem, we want to share ideas to provide some examples of attractive laundry rooms and make your home less cluttered. We hope the design below will suit your taste and make it more comfortable for you to wash your own clothes. Therefore, let’s follow our reviews below. Hopefully, this article can use for you and your family.

Outdoor laundry room

A minimalist washing and drying room doesn’t have to always be in a closed room. You also can make a laundry room with a semi-open concept like the picture above. That way, You can create a laundry room in the backyard with an aesthetic design.

Don’t forget to use protection so that items related to electricity such as washing machines do not short circuit. A laundry room with an open concept like this will also facilitate the process of drying clothes. Then, to make your laundry room look more aesthetic, you can add wooden pergolas, decorative wall lights, and wooden walls. That way, your interior room will look beautiful and natural.

Make a design for a rectangular room

If you have a minimalist rectangular house design, it is very suitable if you arrange the furniture or washing machine equipment with a design like the picture above. On one side you can juxtapose the washing machine with a shelf for storing goods. In this place, you can also store laundry equipment including putting dirty clothes and those that have been washed.

In addition, this place also can be used as a place to place other equipment such as putting baskets of clothes, a place to hang clothes, and a place to iron clothes. So all the needs for laundry can be done in this place. To appear more attractive, choose patterned wood so that your buffet looks cooler.

Create a laundry room layout

The laundry room is often the messiest place in the house. This is due to dirty clothes piling up, washing equipment that is not neatly arranged, and dampness from water. Therefore, from now, you can arrange the laundry room at home to make it more comfortable and efficient.

Before determining the design of the laundry room, you have to think about the layout first. Is it used for manual washing activities by hand or with a washing machine? That way, it will make it easier for you to choose the right place for your laundry room. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, add five layers of wooden shelves, wall paintings, a washing machine, and decorative plants. That way, you will feel more comfortable washing your clothes.

Rustic-style urn room

Rustic design is much loved by millennials. This design is a mix of classic and modern styles. Like the picture above, this laundry room is designed with wooden walls so it look natural. Then, to match the rustic style, the floor is designed with the wood of the same color. Apart from that, the room is also claustrophobic. With a costume like this, the laundry room will look cool like vintage-rustic styles.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a white washing machine, minimalist wooden shelves to put laundry clothes on, and baskets to put dirty clothes on. Then, add a wooden rack on the wall so it doesn’t look monotonous. With this arrangement, your home interior will look aesthetic.

Laundry room design in the attic

If you want to save space, you can use the attic for the laundry room. You can see the picture above. The aesthetically minimalist concept looks so real with the use of a minimalist home screen that takes warm wood accents. The combination of white and brown makes the laundry room seem more one with nature. To make it look more attractive, you can also hang paintings so that your laundry room looks beautiful. Then, on the walls of the room, you can put ornamental plants so that the minimalist laundry room stays alive.

The minimalist laundry room above also can be a part of a beautiful and charming residence. Even though its function is only as a room for washing and drying clothes, we still have to maximize its appearance. Apart from keeping it clean and tidy, you can also include attractive decorative elements to make it feel comfortable.

The laundry room is cool beside the garden

Sometimes, washing activities can make you bored. Therefore, you should be able to try the design of a laundry room next to the garden so that the atmosphere feels fresher and more natural. The trick, move your washing machine directly side by side with the garden like in the picture above. Then, decorate the walls with green ornamental plants, interesting knickknacks, and some flower pots. Apart from the fresh air, the mood will also improve because you are treated to the natural view of your favorite green plants.

Simple laundry room design with wooden walls

This one laundry room design looks different. A creative design can make your laundry room look more artistic and unique. With a wooden material, a simple laundry room will look natural. Then, to look more attractive, you can decorate with your favorite knick-knacks. Apart from carrying the theme ‘back to nature by designing the walls with wood and placing a white washing machine, and a clothes basket. Your laundry room will look simple but fun. Then, the combination of the white washing machine with wood will produce a modern feel.

Washing machine arrangement next to the sink

Having a fully furnished laundry room design will make you feel at home and comfortable. With an interior design like this, your home will be perfect. But if you need a comfortable and quiet laundry room, you can imitate the design pictured above.

To look perfect, you can add a three-tier wooden wall shelf above the washing machine. Then, choose a bright color washer to match your wooden shelves. To make it easier for you to channel water into the washing machine, place the washing machine close to the water faucet in the sink. With this arrangement, your movement will be more efficient.

Cottage feel laundry room

Everyone has different tastes in designing their home. Some are happy with luxurious, simple, and unique designs. However, this laundry room design emphasizes a comfortable cottage-style design with soft colors.

Modern laundry room designs generally require a washing machine, dryer, and racks for drying clothes. But this one laundry room design it looks simply like a laundry room in a cottage. Then, to make it look more attractive, this room is only given a washing machine, clothes basket, ornamental plants, and a beautiful wooden table. With an arrangement like this, you are like getting a cottage-style laundry room with soft and cool nuances. Then, the Layout is simple yet efficient.

A minimalist rural-style laundry room

If you like rustic-style laundry room design, you can apply this style. In this design, you don’t need a large washing area or drying area. You only use one side of your room as the platform. That way, you will get a linear laundry room complete with rustic wooden cabinets. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can put the washer and dryer near the window. Next, you added a rustic wooden shelf that makes the room design look minimalist in rural style.

Contemporary minimalist laundry room

Your laundry room design can still look stylish and contemporary even in a narrow space. The way you can apply a laundry room design like this picture. With this arrangement, you get a laundry room that is integrated into one room, with the drying area in a special cabinet.

For those of you who like Scandinavian minimalist style, this laundry room can also be looked at as inspiration. Then, to look perfect, you can arrange shelves to place clothes that have been laundered, choose a washing machine complete with a dryer, and extend the buffet under the ceiling. To look more harmonious, design all furniture and furnishings with matching colors.

Traditional-modern minimalist drying room

This time the drying room has a minimalist traditional-modern theme. This eclectic style starts with a pull-down drying rack design which is so minimalist. Meanwhile, the shelves have thick traditional lines, as well as the cabinets. The basket of laundry in the corner makes this room seem rustic. In this way, you get both traditional and modern conveniences in this beautiful laundry room. So that it doesn’t look monotonous, place wooden shelves on the walls, wall paintings, and knick-knacks. Then, design furniture and furnishings and matching colors. That way, the interior of your home will feel comfortable.

Minimalist drying room, narrow area complete with clothesline

The design of a narrow laundry room should not be an obstacle for you to be creative. You can use this room to be a multifunctional place. That way, your washing activities will feel fun because in this place there is a washing machine, clothes drying area, and a fresh garden.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can decorate your garden with white coral, green ornamental plants, and relaxing seats that you can make from wood. That way, the exterior design of your home will look aesthetic and pleasing. Happy decorating!

Minimalist laundry room

This minimalist laundry room design looks beautiful and charming. With lots of large rooms or land, it is clear that it makes it easy for you to design a laundry room. With an area of ​​space like this, you can design shelves to put clothes that have been laundered and ironed. Then, make sure the placement of the washing machine, dryer, and shelves to put laundry soap must all be neatly arranged, and make sure the room area is sufficient.

The laundry room is natural and bright

After finding the right area or room for the laundry room. Next, let’s review the design of a functional and aesthetic minimalist drying room. One of them is by choosing the dominant color, namely white combined with natural accents such as wood.

Usually, wood elements are often used in minimalist-style homes because of their simple impression. In addition, white is also suitable for the laundry room because it makes the room brighter and cleaner. Then, white can also be easily combined with various other colors. To not look monotonous, you can add decorative lights to the walls. That way the exterior of your house design will look beautiful and charming.

Use simple shelves and cabinets

The last laundry room design is a complete laundry room with shelves and cupboards. As you know, a minimalist washing and drying area doesn’t only focus on washing machines. You also have to think about where to store other supporting tools such as laundry soap and clothes deodorizer.

Therefore, don’t forget to include storage cabinets and shelves to make washing easier. To make the minimalist impression even more pronounced, don’t forget to choose a wardrobe with bright colors and a simple model. That way your laundry room will look simple but complete.

4. Conclusion

Those are some guidelines for organizing a minimalist laundry room that we explain. But if you want your home interior design to look beautiful, attractive, comfortable, and complete. You can design a washing and drying room according to the picture we provide. We hope the above designs can suit your taste. Then, useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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