Talking about design, there will be no end because there are more designs and collaborations of art designs and more and more. One example of a combination of art that is widely used today is 3d art that is used as a floor and wall decoration of a house. One of these design ideas is more used for the floor or better known as 3d floor art that can be used for interior design so that this art is widely used for rooms in the home such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, to the bedroom.

Home Interior Design Ideas

there are many ways to create a comfortable dream home. Starting from giving an interesting concept to beautiful decorations for homes that are occupied, there are now many examples and design ideas that can be used so that to create a beautiful home that you want is easier.

How to Create a Comfortable Room

Decorating a room is one of the steps of interior design to create a comfortable home, as a first step to decorating a room that is important to the family such as the living room becomes very important. There are many designs and concepts to create a comfortable room, but a design will be more perfect if the decoration of the room has a beautiful design. Like one of the design ideas that we suggest, it is for you to design the floor or wall of your room with the art of 3d design that is now in great interest.


3d floor art bathroom
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3d floor art bedroom
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Living Room

3d floor art living room
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3d Floor Art

With artistic creativity and the need for a comfortable room, it provides an interior design idea that is now widely used, namely 3d floor art. one of these design ideas is indeed a lot of excitement at this time in addition to making the room beautiful. This idea does have an artistic value that supports the design of a room. This 3d flooring art is now being used a lot but it is not easy to uniquely create beautiful floors using 3d art, because the cost is not small but for the sake of a beauty the room has paid off with beautiful results.

3d floor art room
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3d floor art room 3
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3d floor art room 2
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3d floor art living room
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The above are some examples of room designs that use 3d floor art as a room decoration in the house. Of course, you can also try this design idea to decorate the interior of your home and create your dream home that has a very beautiful design with this 3d art.

Such is the interior design idea that we recommend that you try in your home, hopefully, this idea will greatly shape you to create your dream home. if you want another design you can visit this and find a lot of information about the design that you need every day.



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