Today many people choose apartments as the best places to live and there are many things that make friends a comfortable place to live. Many who need an apartment as a place of residence make it a great opportunity for some people who own land and materials to make an apartment. But here we will discuss how to design a small apartment with a comfortable minimalist concept.

Small Apartment

With so many people who need an apartment as a place to live, there are now lots of apartments in almost every city. Not all apartments have a large or large size but there are also apartments that have a small size. Of course, it is an alternative for all charcoal to be adjusted to their needs.

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How to Create a Comfortable Small Apartment

Having a small apartment does not mean you cannot create a comfortable apartment, with a design idea you can turn an apartment into a comfortable place to stay even though the size of the apartment is small. The minimalist concept of a small apartment might be suitable for you because there are also many people who use this concept for small apartments. Of course this idea you can use too.

Minimalist Concept

A concept is needed to create a room or apartment, whether it’s a big apartment or a big apartment. And the concept of a minimalist is more widely used because it is easy to apply and has a color condenser and furniture design that is suitable for small rooms, even minimalist concepts usually use just a few items that are needed and do not require too much decoration.

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Tips and Light Create a Comfortable Small Apartment

For those of you who will design a small apartment, we will shape you a little by giving you a few tips and hot so that the apartment you have is more comfortable to stay in and has the best design.

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Space Utilization

Indeed a small room is very difficult to have a lot of furniture even though it has a small size. So, try to use the furniture you need only and take advantage of the space in the apartment to store the furniture that is used or more precisely the placement of items that are used do not let you place it.

The Right Concept

The concept also needs to be fully considered. Although all concepts can be used, you with the right concept selection will make the small room more comfortable, and maybe you can use the minimalist concept as we suggested earlier.

Using Bright Colors

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To have a broad effect on your eyesight, maybe you can use bright colors. use bright colors like white maybe it will be suitable especially the white color will be more in line with the minimalist concept and a few other colors like black will make the room a little spacious and comfortable to live in.


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