Overview of the living room floor

Applying wood floors to the living room floor design is one of the brightest ideas to beautify the house’s interior. Decorating the living room with wooden floors can be your inspiration in dressing up your living room.

By applying wood floors in the living room, you can create a beautiful and elegant home interior. Wooden elements in the living room can make the house feel warmer and more natural. However, we must also be careful in choosing furniture and decorations. So they look harmonious with the wooden floor. Then how to arrange a wooden-floored living room to make it look beautiful and neat. For that, you don’t need to worry because now you can get some inspiration for attractive living room designs with wooden floors.

Living room floor inspiration and ideas

As you know, Living room ideas and inspiration are needed by many people to make a beautiful home interior. All of this, the living room is a place that can give a first impression that will stick when people will visit your home.

Therefore, the concept of a living room with a wooden floor design is one option that is still a favorite for many people. Especially, for people who want to make a living room with a simple, neat, beautiful, and comfortable impression. In addition, the living room design also must be adjusted to furniture that can give an aesthetic and comfortable. Then, to make you and your family feel at home. To be clear, let’s review the design of the living room using the wooden floor below.

Examples of wooden floor designs for the living room

Tips for choosing the best wood floor can be your guide in a living room floor motif of high quality. As we know, at this time, wooden floors have become a home interior need to make the living room look more aesthetic and natural. Indeed, there are many types of flooring that you can choose from, such as vinyl, marble, and tile. But until now, the wooden floor is still the prima donna of everyone.

You must know wooden floors have different types and motifs. Therefore, many people make this floor not only as a floor as it functions but is often applied to walls to add a good accent.

Therefore, to create a dream home, especially the living room, you have to choose the right type and floor motif which certainly matches the design of your living room to make it look luxurious and elegant when combined with furniture. Therefore, let’s discuss some living room designs that use wooden floors below. Welcome to our review!

Wooden floor with retro style

This living room design looks unique with colorful colors. You can imitate the design of the living room in a retro style using wooden floors. That way, you like the design with a vintage or retro style. The design is quite simple. Then, to add a warmer atmosphere, you can add some retro-style sofas and rattan chairs.

Then, to separate the living room from the family room, you can use a sofa and ornamental plants. With a distinctive vintage design, it will make a retro-style living room look more impressive. In addition, for the walls, choose a bright color so that the room does not seem dark. Then add an antique chandelier, so the living room looks thick with restaurant style.

Wooden floor for a minimalist living room

If you have a small living room, design a room with a minimalist design. To look cooler, use a wooden floor with a bright motif to make it look spacious. So that the room looks fresh, you can add ornamental plants. Then, for seating, avoid using a large sofa that can make the room look narrower. Instead, you can use a soft guest chair. Then for the interior of the living room to look even sweeter, add decorative lights, guest tables, wooden wall shelves, and interesting knick-knacks. That way, your living room design looks more spacious and comfortable.

Scandinavian wood floor living room

This living room design looks simple and beautiful with a typical Scandinavian design. Some of the characteristics of Scandinavian design that you can imitate are the use of patterned wooden floors and walls that are dominated by white.

Furthermore, if the space in the house is small enough, there is no need to use a divider between the living room and dining room. You can arrange the living room to make it look impressive by hanging several wall displays and minimalist shelves to put some collectibles and indoor ornamental plants. Then, you can add a long sofa complete with colorful patterned pillows and a dining table. That way, your living room design looks more practical and attractive.

Modern living room with wooden floor

Wooden floor minimalist living rooms are not always synonymous with traditional designs. You also can combine it with a modern minimalist style like the room design above. This living room is designed using a wooden motif floor and looks harmoniously combined with modern-style decorations and furniture. Therefore, choose furniture colors that match the wood floor.

Then, to make the living room look brighter, you can choose bright wall colors and furniture such as white or light gray. In addition, avoid partitions in the house so that the room feels more spacious and residents feel freer when doing activities. Then, decorate the living room with decorative lights, wall paintings, and beautiful knick-knacks. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic and attractive.

Korean-style aesthetic living room

If you want a living room that feels homie like a Korean house. You can imitate the design above. The hallmark of a Korean-style minimalist design is the use of wooden floors combined with vintage-style furniture. Large windows can receive a lot of sunlight during the day.

In addition, maximum light will make the scenery in the house look more aesthetic. Then, to beautify the interior of the living room, you can add a minimalist sofa, vintage-style guest chairs, wall hangings, ornamental plants, and warm motif rugs. That way, the design of your living room will make you feel comfortable.

Living room bohemian style wooden floor design

The bohemian style design is currently in great demand by many people. The reason is that this design looks unique with colorful motifs. Then, it is not bound by binding rules. Therefore, if you are a bohemian style lover, you can find the design you want by reading this article.

You certainly already know that Bohemian design itself is a colorful style and mixes ethnic, hippie, and vintage styles. Therefore, this bohemian style is popularly applied to paintings, clothing, and accessories because this bohemian style pattern can make the appearance stand out and be unique. In addition, you also can use this design to be a room decoration in your home with wooden floors. That way, your living room looks luxurious and unique. Happy decorating!

Festive bohemian-style living room with wooden floors

As we discussed above, bohemian design is a design that is full of various colors and is not bound by one rule. Therefore, a design like the picture above looks festive with a variety of beautiful knick-knacks and ornamental plants. This bohemian design is also included in the design of the house that is often glimpsed by many people. because the Bohemian style has a design that represents the essence of life full of freedom, joy, and connection with nature.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add bright wood floors, colorful motif sofas, sofa cushions, floor rugs, decorative lights, classic buffet models, and wall paintings. That way, the interior of your living room will look more unique and attractive.

Back to nature

The bohemian interior design represents the freedom of the Gypsies, namely by living freely in nature. Therefore, you can choose wooden floors and ornamental plants to feel natural. Not only aesthetics, but several studies also show that the natural atmosphere can calm the mind and healthy.

To add a bohemian impression, you can use Persian rugs to complete the living room arrangement. Then add a classic sofa model, a white guest table to match the living room floor, decorative mirrors, and ethnic motif pillows. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel at home and feel more comfortable. Good luck!

Industrial-style living room with wooden floor

As far as we know that industrial house design can attract attention because the owner does not need to spend a lot of money to design it. Its raw, urban, but still modern appearance is also suitable to be combined with other designs as minimalist designs. The original industrial style is generally created through several materials like concrete steel pallets, stainless steel plates, steel and mirrors, and exposed bricks. In addition, wood elements can use to bring a warmer impression to the living room.
Then, to create a more attractive appearance, you can add a 3-seat sofa, table, antique chair, spotlights for lighting, antique knick-knacks, motif rugs, and room accessories. Don’t forget the ceiling material used is also one of the biggest influences. So the industrial style feels sticky. That way, your living room will look unique and attractive.

Characteristics of classic industrial design with wooden floors

Industrial style is currently a trend. Many places use this concept because it looks unique. In addition, this style is also often applied to the interior of cafes and restaurants. But now, the industrial style has become a favorite style of the community and you can apply it at home. Then, an attractive and mature look is the main factor why this style is the choice of many people.
As you can see in the picture above, industrial-style decorations also tend to appear as they are. don’t seem fancy, minimalistic, or stylish. This design displays architectural details that look open, such as the use of exposed bricks, metal, and wood, as well as used and recycled materials to make the living room look classic. Then, the best benefit of owning an industrial home is that you will have the opportunity to customize the look using furniture and decorations that are truly unique to the home. That way, your living room will look classic and attractive.


Those are some of the living room designs that we reviewed to be your inspiration. This living room has been designed using wooden floors to make it look more natural. However, the floor design has been adapted to the living room model. So that the living room design looks elegant,  aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable. Therefore, we hope that our review above can be an inspiration for you and your family. Then make you and your family feel at home and comfortable in the house. Happy decorating!


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