1. Overview of the mountain house

Planning for the future is certainly a mandatory thing that you must do from now on. Talking about the future is also closely related to what kind of home design you will have later. Home is indeed one thing you should think about from now on. Home will be where you live forever. Therefore, with the presence of a mountain house design application, you can realize your design to a higher level.

2. Design a design that suits your taste

If you have a plan to design a house on the mountain according to your taste. You can look for home designs in home decor magazines or articles that review mountain house designs. You can also take the interior as a whole. So, if you already have a plan, you can immediately start to make the best and most attractive design.

3. Attractive home design

In the new era, all information can be obtained only with a handphone. Therefore, you can realize the design of the future of your home like anything. You can also find a modern-style mountain house design by downloading Design Home as your desired home design application.

Having a cellphone will help you in getting a home design that matches what you want. In addition, you can also look for interior designs for comfortable and modern mountain houses. Therefore, let’s review the mountain house below. Hopefully, one of the designs we provide matches yours. Welcome to our review.

Aesthetic house terrace

Whether we realize it or not, the terrace is a more important room in a house. This terrace is the first place you use to welcome guests and relatives before they enter the house. Therefore, the design also must be considered carefully. So that it can welcome everyone’s arrival and produce a deep impression.

In addition, this terrace is also part of the house that you should pay attention to the decoration. However, you can make a great first impression when your relatives come to your home. Therefore, for the terrace design of a mountain house, design a terrace to face a beautiful view so that the relaxed atmosphere on the terrace is warmer.

Then, to look more attractive, add a long wooden bench and a table to put drinks on. Then, design the terrace floor with wood to make it look more natural. That way, your mountain terrace design will look aesthetic and stunning.

Artistic living room

An attractive and artistic living room design is facing to the mountain view. This design can make the atmosphere in the living room so pleasant. In addition, from inside the house, you can see beautiful mountain views. To design this, you must use a large window of glass. Then, design a strong one with a wooden frame so it won’t break easily.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add beautiful wooden sofas, tables, and lounge chairs. Then, add floor rugs, fans on the living room ceiling, wooden buffets, spotlights, decorative lights, and televisions for entertainment. Don’t forget to add room knick-knacks to make it look cooler. That way, your living room will look artistic and comfortable. Then, make you and your family relaxed and calm to rest.

Family room design

The family room in the mountain house is usually larger than the living room. The family room is usually used for large family gatherings. Therefore, the family room is not decorated with much furniture. To appear more attractive, you can add a long sofa to sit together, then, complete with a fireplace to warm the body.

In addition, the family room also can be used for sleeping together or eating together. Then the family room is widely used by group guests or as a family gathering place. That way, the atmosphere in the room will feel more intimate and warm. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!

Master bedroom design

The master bedroom design is usually more spacious and luxurious than the other bedrooms. Then the interior of the bedroom is neatly and attractively arranged. Like the picture above, this master bedroom has a large mirror and is installed facing the mountain view. That way, you and your partner will see the green scenery at the foot of the mountain at any time. Then make you feel more comfortable.

Then, to look more attractive, this bedroom is decorated with beautiful beds and furniture. Then the bedroom floor is designed using the wood material. So that it looks more beautiful and natural. In this way, you and your partner will feel at home inside. Then, your stress and fatigue will disappear.

Antique and comfortable bedroom

This bedroom design looks different from other bedrooms. This bedroom looks unique and has been designed using wood. Sloping ceiling models and sloping glass windows make this bedroom look artistic. Then, to look more attractive, the glass window is installed to face the mountain. So your yes feel fresh looking at it.

Then, to make it look more comfortable, this bedroom has been decorated with a foam bed, covered with bed covers and pillows. Then, to look more natural, some of the walls were installed with natural stone motif wallpaper, hanging decorative lights, tables and chairs, wall decorations, floor carpets, and beautiful knick-knacks. That way, your bedroom design will feel comfortable and make you feel at home inside. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for those of you who like nature.

Classic and modern dining room design

The design of this dining room looks with a modern classic style. The dining room on the mountain must be designed as comfortable as possible so that you and your family can eat together. Then, create a dining room with a large table and a few chairs. The goal is that all family members can gather at the dining table.

To make it look more attractive, add decorative lamps as lighting for the dining table, carpets with colors that match the tables and chairs, fun wall paintings, and flower pots. In addition, the interior design of the dining room with bright colors makes it look spacious and clean. That way, your dining room design looks classic and modern. If you are happy with this design, you can use it as an inspiration for your mountain house dining room.

Traditional style kitchen design

There are various models of wooden house kitchens in mountain houses that are unique and aesthetic. To beautify the interior of your home, you can design using exposed white brick walls in combination with wood material. The design of a wooden kitchen equipped with a cooking area can make the atmosphere feel more comfortable. Especially for housing in the mountains, wood material can reduce the cold.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add kitchen shelves, refrigerators, bright-colored kitchen tables, dining tables,s and cooking utensils. Then, design the kitchen floor with a wooden floor. That way, your kitchen design will look like a traditional style. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Natural and comfortable style bathroom design

The design of the bathroom of the house in the mountains should be made with natural nuances. The goal is that you feel a different atmosphere from the city. The beautiful view of the mountain can affect your comfort while inside. Especially with the fresh and cool air, this will make you feel more comfortable and at home.

To look more attractive, you can design a wall with wood motif ceramics to make it feel more natural. Then add round glass on the walls, a large shower, and ornamental plants. Then, the closet must be designed separately. So that the atmosphere when bathing will feel comfortable. Then, place the pebbles on the edge of the bathroom. That way, your bathroom design will feel more natural. Then, you and your family will feel at home inside

Beautiful garden with Joglo

Gardens designed in mountain houses usually have a Joglo. This place is usually used for family gatherings other than inside the house and on the terrace. This more natural place is very comfortable to use as a relaxing place to unwind. Then, in the morning and evening, you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee as your stress reliever.

To look more attractive, you can add ornamental plants, colorful flowers, and carpets to sit in the Joglo. That way, your garden will feel comfortable and pleasant. Then, make you and your family more cheerful on your holiday. Happy decorating!

4. Conclusion

Those are some of the mountain house interior designs that we explain. As far as we know, mountain house designs usually use traditional methods. We hope some of the pictures we reviewed can be an inspiration for you so that your home design will look aesthetic, attractive, and comfortable. Hopefully, our review is useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!



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