– Generally, working from home is done by many people on this day because of pandemics. That’s why a home office is made to create a special space to work. To make us feel comfortable and focus, we should have a cozy room with many things that we will use. Scandinavian industrial design is preferred to be applied to make us feel comfortable. However, it is complicated if we don’t know the design characteristics that are important to create a perfect interior style.

Furniture that is necessary to be added in a home office, is a desk and bookshelf. It creates a space to add something that we want to save. It also prevents making a messy look in our room and won’t make us feel uncomfortable. There are designs, shapes, and colors that we can choose as long as related to the design. Today we will give you recommendations and some home office designs.

Scandinavian Industrial Home Office Design

Sometimes we can’t do something that needs a high level of focus in a living room or other rooms in our home so we have to make a special space for ourselves. A home office makes us comfortable because it is our own room to work or doing something. However, if we don’t choose a beautiful design, we can’t feel cozy so this time we will give you some room design inspiration.

Simple Scandinavian Industrial Wooden Furniture Home Office

Simple Scandinavian industrial home office
Wooden furniture looks beautiful in the simple room

Wooden furniture is the best material that we can choose because of having a strong industrial accent. It also looks suitable to be added in a Scandinavian design to create a neutral color concept. A light grey soft chair and wooden desk can be added to our home office to be used while working. We have to add a laptop and white table lamp to create a bright atmosphere at the night. A light grey and white rug can make it feel warm so it can be added as a pedestal. Making it looks neat is important because we can’t focus if it has a messy impression.

White Scandinavian Industrial Home Office Design

White furniture for Scandinavian industrial home office
White Scandinavian industrial looks very cozy

White is the preferred color to be applied in the Scandinavian industrial home office theme. Applying wooden vinyl flooring tiles and add a white desk is beautiful then we have to complete it with a white soft chair. It will be cozy if we make the home office near a window to create natural lighting. We can feel warm because of having neutral colors in our office room.

High Window In the Home Office

High window in the home office
Big and high windows will create natural lighting

If you want to have a simple home office but still feel fresh and elegant, we recommend installing high windows. It looks beautiful and will create natural lighting that makes you feel comfortable. It also makes room temperature feel warm in the morning because sunlight can come to our room. This method also can be implemented in the small industrial living room to create a cozy impression. Black furniture is suitable to be added because it will make the room won’t look tacky or too bright.

Adding A Tree To Our Scandi-Industrial Home Office

Adding a tree to our Scandi-industrial home office
A tree can liven up the atmosphere

If we have a room without decorations, it will look monotonous so we can’t be confident to show our home. However, adding one tree to our home space will create a difference that will look beautiful. For those of you who don’t want to have many things, it will be suitable to be added. Instead of making the room looks stunning, it also creates a fresh atmosphere. Our home office design ideas need a simple thing but have a fascinating style. That’s why a tree is preferred to be added to our Scandinavian industrial home office concept.

Tips To Apply An Industrial Design

Industrial design ideas are so popular this day because of having unique textures and colors that are complicated to find in other styles. It also has an unfinished characteristic that makes it look different from other themes. However, it might be tricky to be applied because we have to pay attention to material selection. This time we will give you some tips that might help you to create a beautiful design.

Applying Natural Palette Colors And Plenty Of Textures

Neutral browns, black, and white is necessary to be applied in the industrial room design. Pairing different shades of brown and tan to make a relaxing space. Adding white elements to create a clean look. To complete it, we have to add a black accent to make it look contrast and have a unique characteristic. The first tips can be applied in the industrial-chic bedroom. Instead of colors, it is also very important in the design. For example, we can add a brown and black color combination chair to our office then a white wall is the perfect background for it. Black metal furniture is also preferred to be added to our industrial office concept.

Open Up The Space

Trying to apply an open floor is the best recommendation from us if you want to have an industrial office room style. Sometimes we want to make an office room in a cozy industrial studio apartment so it should be applied to save our room space. It makes our home looks wider than it’s actually so we have to apply it especially for people who have a small home.

Choosing Industrial Lighting Style

Every design has its lighting style and we have to choose it for an industrial design. However, there’s one thing that makes it looks special. It should have the ability to turn the simplest light bulbs into statement lighting. We have to choose thin, large, small, or big bulb shapes to make a perfect look while installing them later. It will be beautiful if a lighting cable can be hung straight down from a ceiling to create intricate shapes and chandelier style.

Installing Some Window Types

Applying big-loft window types can create natural lighting and make our room looks elegant. It also gives a wide accent to our home because of having high size. A Scandinavian industrial dining room should have it to create a bright atmosphere and a comfortable impression.

Using Wooden And Metal Materials

Wooden and metal materials are the best type that we can choose to make a perfect industrial room. It has beautiful design characteristics and easy to be used to make some textured while applying the style.

Scandinavian Industrial Desk Design

A desk is necessary to be added in our room to add some office equipment that we need while working. There are many designs and shapes that we can choose but this time we will give you some recommendations.

Industrial Wall Mounted Office Desk

Industrial wall mounted office desk
This type will not take much space in our home office

An industrial wall-mounted office desk is convenient because it can be attached to the wall so it will not take much space in our home. If we want to apply Scandinavian industrial office room, we have to choose black color. It is made from wooden materials but is covered with a stunning dark concept that gives us an elegant accent.

Wooden Office Desk

Basic wooden office desk
Wooden desk materials look simple but beautiful

For those of you who want to have a natural Scandinavian industrial accent, we recommend choosing a wooden office desk design that has a basic shape. It is suitable to be combined with wooden laminated flooring tiles or solid wood to create a strong style.

Black Metal Office Desk

Black metal office desk
We can add a black metal desk to our office room

Adding a black metal home office desk design is preferred because it has a strong industrial design and is also the right furniture choice for a Scandinavian theme. It has enough size for people who want to add many things while working.

Scandinavian Industrial Bookshelf Design

We certainly need a bookshelf in our home office to add our necessary things that will be used while working or doing something. However, it also can be used to beautify our room by adding some decorations such as a beautiful vase with flowers, a little statue, etc. This time, we will give you some bookshelves for a Scandinavian industrial design.

Scandi-Industrial Wooden Bookshelf

Scandinavi-industrial wooden bookshelf
A wooden white Scandinavian bookshelf

If we want to have a beautiful and soft accent from a bookshelf, we recommend choosing a wooden material with white color metal as a buffer. It will be beautiful to be installed in our home office. The size is enough for people who want to add a few books.

Black Metal With Wooden Bookshelf Design

Black metal with wooden materials bookshelf
Metal and wooden materials are suitable to be added to the Scandinavian industrial concept

Metal and wooden materials are one of the characteristic in the industrial design but it is also suitable to be added in a Scandinavian concept. It looks natural and elegant at the same time.

Black Big Scandinavian Industrial Bookshelf

Black big Scandinavian industrial bookshelf
An elegant from black color and many spaces that we can choose

Sometimes there are some people who have many book collections so that’s why they need more space on the bookshelf. A black big Scandinavian industrial bookshelf style is the best choice to be chosen for our home office.


A Scandinavian industrial concept is the best design that we can apply if we want to have an elegant and natural accent in our home office. It is easy to be implemented as long as we pay attention to desk and bookshelf design and size. A flooring material with interior style is also our attention.


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