– Some people certainly want to have a beautiful garden although it is only made to grow vegetables. We can also make a pond with colorful fish to create a natural and relaxing place in our home. However, it can look pretty if we apply an exterior design that will be suitable. A rustic exterior design has a natural impression that is preferred for your garden. Making a pond is our recommendation to create a beautiful impression and make it can be a place to relieve our stress. Actually, if we make it, we can feel like nature because it has a soothing sound of gurgling water.

If we have a garden with a pond, we should know how to clean it to prevent making an ugly impression on our home. Dirty water is not good for our bodies so it can make us sick because of having it. Some ideas from us will inspire you to create a fascinating garden and pond. To help you clean it, we will give you some tips to make a stunning rustic exterior design.

Rustic Garden Design Ideas

A rustic garden is a beautiful design that we can apply to our home. It can give a stunning impression to our interior and exterior so we can apply the same style for a living room or bedroom. We can choose suitable things that will be added to our garden and make it look unique by applying the characteristic. This time we will give you some design ideas that are easy to be implemented and make your home have a fascinating decorating style.

Simple Rustic Garden

Simple rustic garden design
A simple concept is easy to be applied

A simple garden does not always look ugly because we can combine it with a rustic exterior design. It will look interesting if we add something that has a unique accent to create a beautiful garden. We can make space by using cement and create a shape like in the picture above. Don’t forget to maintain your grass by using some tips for a healthy lawn to create a beautiful view. We can have some vegetables and fruit so it can save our expenses then it is suitable for people who have a limited budget.

Rustic Wooden Accent Garden Path

Rustic wooden accent path
Wooden accent path in the rustic garden

Rustic garden exterior design is preferred for people who want to have a natural accent from nature. Besides, make a space for growing vegetables or fruits, we can also make it look beautiful by creating a wooden accent garden path. Grass can be planted around it to make it won’t look monotonous. It is the best idea to create a rustic backyard design and make your lawn looks beautiful. Some flowers make it have a colorful concept and liven up the atmosphere.

Rustic Wooden Garden Gate

Natural rustic garden gate
Making a gate will make it feel like the tourist attraction

Making a gate will make our garden have a different atmosphere because we will give a plus value. It also makes it feel like a tourist attraction that it can make the garden feel different from others. Wooden materials with natural color are suitable to be added in the rustic garden design because it is related to the style accent. Choosing rustic paint colors can prevent ruining our concept because it is necessary to create a harmonious look in color selection.

Rustic Feminine Photo Zone Concept

Creating a beautiful things by using a wooden material
Rustic feminine photo zone concept in the garden

Some people who love to update their daily life on social media certainly want to have a beautiful photo zone. Actually, we can make it in our garden by using wooden materials and beautify it with some flowers. It will be prettier to be made in a home that has a rustic window shutter because it can make our exterior look harmonious with an interior. Rattan chairs are the best material instead of wooden to create a relaxing place in our garden.

Inspired Fairy Tale Rustic Garden Gate

Inspired fairy tale rustic garden gate
Creating a fairy tale world by making a beautiful garden gate

Sometimes we want to have a beautiful gate than a simple style like the idea before. We can make it by using wooden materials and beautify it with some flower vines to create a fairy tale accent. It also can be used as a photo zone or only to make our rustic garden looks natural and stunning at the same time.

Rustic Garden Ponds Design Ideas

Ponds have many advantages that we can get and also make our garden look pretty. We can utilize it to keep some fish or only make it look prettier than doesn’t make it. Rustic garden ponds are our recommendation to create a strong style so this time we will give you some ideas about it.

Small Rustic Garden Ponds

Small rustic garden ponds
Small size is suitable for people who have a small space

Don’t be sad if you have a small space in your garden because we can still make a stunning rustic pond. We can choose a round pond and add some small and big stones as decorations. To beautify it black river sand is suitable to be added because it can create a strong style exterior. If we want to make a variation, we can decorate it by adding some DIY rustic decorations.

Rustic Garden Ponds With Mexican Beach Pebbles

Rustic garden ponds with Mexican beach pebbles
Beautifying our ponds by using Mexican beach pebbles

A beautiful rustic garden pond is beautiful if we decorate it by adding some Mexican beach pebbles to create a stunning view. It has a suitable color that makes it look stunning and doesn’t ruin our concept. For people who want to feel a different atmosphere from our home, we can make a rustic outdoor dining room near these ponds. It will relieve our stress by stunning panorama from our rustic garden.

Natural Rustic Garden Ponds Concept

Natural rustic garden ponds concept
A forest accent can be created by making a rustic garden pond

Can you imagine a relaxing and calm atmosphere in the forest? If you can, this concept will be suitable for you. We should make a natural rustic garden pond to create a different impression from our environment. This garden pond concept is suitable for people who have a limited budget because it doesn’t need many decorations.

There are a rustic garden and ponds design ideas that might help us to create a beautiful space in our home exterior. We can also improvise as long as it is preferred to our taste so we are free to decorate it.

Tips To Clean Rustic Garden And Ponds

Having a garden and pond is not always easy and makes us enjoy our time. We have to make sure it is always clean to prevent ruining our exterior design. This time, we will give you some tips to help you create a clear rustic garden and ponds.

Tips To Clean A Rustic Garden

  1. Pick up the trash and big things that make your garden dirty. We should take some objects that disturb and pollute our home exterior. We have to wear a hand glove to prevent injuring while cleaning the rustic garden. Leaving trash in our lawn can prevent our grass growth.
  2. Take a rake on your lawn. We might have thoroughly raked our lawn before the winter season come to prevent snow mold. However, cleaning again is good for it to create a healthy and beautiful lawn.
  3. Cutting your grass. Using a pair of scissors or small garden shears to remove dead leaves and stalks from perennial plants. Don’t forget to pull out any dead annuals you plan to replace. We can also use fertilizer to maximize grass growth.
  4. Give the best maintain to our garden tools. We recommend checking your tools before using them to clean the garden. A lawnmower, hedge trimmer, and whipper-snipper should have a good quality to make us easy while doing a cleaning process.
  5. Prune dead branches from shrubs and trees. Look up pruning guidelines for our plants that should be tackled in the spring. Don’t start trimming and shaping live branches on flowering because it can make the tree can’t blooming nicely in the spring.

Tips To Clean A Rustic Ponds

  1. Reduce your fish to create clean water. Excessive fish waste can make our water dirty and also make it have a bad smell. We should reduce our fish before cleaning it.
  2. Remove string algae by using a brush, net, or hand. It is important to remove the algae because it will make our ponds dirty if we don’t clean them. We can use a brush for a toilet to remove it.
  3. Add hydrogen peroxide. If water ponds look very green, we can add them to create a clean impression and makes our ponds have a stunning look.
  4. Use a barley straw for a natural treatment. We can add it to the fishnet tights and let it in the fountain or waterfall. After few weeks, it will degrade, and don’t forget to remove any rotting pieces to prevent giving some nutrients to the algae in our garden ponds.
  5. Install a UV clarifier. UV lights treat the single algae that make our ponds look green. We can feel comfortable removing an alga without complicated maintenance.

Cleaning garden and ponds are important to make us have a beautiful rustic exterior design and make it look stunning. Hopefully, our tips might help you to clean it and create a relaxing place.


A rustic garden and ponds with some tips to clean it are necessary to know because they will help us to keep our fascinating space in our home. We should pay attention to decorations selection to prevent ruining our design and concept. The style is preferred for those of you who want to have beautiful gardening on your exterior.


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