– Sometimes we can change a balcony into a relaxing place especially for people who have a wide space. We should decorate it to create a beautiful impression. For those of you who have a villa or apartment, we certainly have a balcony and want to make it looks stunning by applying an unmonotonous exterior design. A rustic style gives a unique impression to our balcony and makes it feel different from others. It is also easy to be applied because only needs simple decorations that are easy to find in a store.

Generally, instead of making the balcony look fascinating, we should pay attention to building materials. If we don’t choose the best railing style and material, we can’t have a strong balcony so it will be dangerous for us to stay later. Today we will give you railing material recommendations for your rustic balcony.

Outdoor Rustic Balcony Decor Ideas

By adding some decorations to our balcony, we can have an aesthetic photo zone and a comfortable place at the same time. We can also save our expenses because we don’t need to go outside if we want to feel a different atmosphere from our home. The balcony makes us can feel warm sunlight in the morning that is very good for our bodies. If you feel confused about how to decorate it, we have some ideas to help you create a stunning design that is easy to be applied.

White Aesthetic Outdoor Rustic Balcony Decor Ideas

White Aesthetic Rustic Balcony Decor Ideas
White color will create an aesthetic accent

A feminine concept can be made in the rustic exterior design by adding some white furniture and pink decorations. A white and light grey rug can be added as a pedestal in our balcony to prevent feel cold while staying. Don’t forget to add some pink flowers on the floor with some little lamps. Use deck railing planters to add your favorite perennial flowers while saving much of the balcony space. A globe string light can be installed in the railing to create warm lighting and makes it feel aesthetic. We can also add some plants on the floor and some flowers can be attached to the wall by adding some flower pots. It is better to create it in an apartment that has an amazing city panorama or in a villa with a rustic backyard design view.

Small Outdoor Rustic Decor Ideas

Small balcony with rustic accent

Small spaces might be complicated to decorate because we can’t add big decorations to make them beautiful. We recommend applying a concept like in the picture above. By adding a little bit of furniture and decorations, we will have a beautiful rustic balcony style. We can add some Misia glass boxes with some candles to create beautiful lighting. A globe string light is also suitable to be installed to make it feel cozy. If we want to make it feel warm, we can add a white little bed with some pillows. It can make us feel comfortable to sleep or only enjoy our relaxing time. Don’t forget to add a grey blanket to prevent feeling cold because of the strong wind. Choosing rustic paint colors is also necessary to create a strong rustic accent.

Elegant Outdoor Rustic Balcony

Elegant outdoor balcony decor ideas
Installing some fairy lights on the ceiling creates a beautiful look

Some fairy lights can be hung on the ceiling to create an elegant style on our balcony. It also makes the balcony feel bright and warm because the light has a yellow color. We can also add a unique pattern rug as a pedestal to make us feel comfortable and beautiful impression. A white sofa and wooden table can be added to replace something that we want to save. Choosing a wooden shelf is also the best choice to create a harmonious concept in furniture selection and make the balcony have a strong rustic style. It looks stunning if we install a rustic shutter design to our window apartment or villa to make it has a traditional accent.

Simple Outdoor Rustic Style

Simple outdoor rustic decor ideas
Simple design is suitable to be combined with a rustic style

Sometimes we can feel complicated while decorating our balcony because our budget is limited. We recommend applying a simple concept to create a fascinating and comfortable balcony. A DIY rustic decoration can be made to create a stunning impression because the materials that we will need are affordable so it is suitable for people who are on a budget. Ceramic tiles can be applied as flooring in our balcony and it can look harmonious if we add a beige soft sofa to make us feel comfortable while spending time. Don’t forget to replace some plants as decorations because it will liven up the atmosphere.

Rustic Balcony Exterior Design

Outdoor balcony rustic exterior
Create a stunning exterior by applying a rustic design

Applying black flooring tiles to our balcony can create a strong rustic accent. Wooden furniture is preferred to be added because it has a natural impression that will make it look prettier than using other materials. Some plants can be added to the table to make it feel fresh and won’t look monotonous.

Railing Materials Recommendations

A balcony railing does not only have an important safety fixture in our homes but with a rustic design and materials, it can create an aesthetic accent. For some people, choosing a railing balcony material is complicated because it has various types. This time, we will give you some materials recommendations.

  • Stainless Steel
Stainless steel balcony railing materials
Stainless steel materials are suitable for a rustic design

Stainless steel is one of the premium materials that are always used for making a beautiful balcony. It can give a modern look and also have a good quality that makes us feel safe. The material is strong and doesn’t need complicated maintenance so it still looks beautiful even in a long time. Stainless steel comprises a rust-proof layer of chromium oxide over the steel which prevents the railing balcony from corroding. It is also suitable to be installed to various exterior designs. If we use it, we can have a shiny balcony and create an elegant concept at the same time. However, stainless steel is expensive so it is not suitable for people who have a limited budget.

  • Mild Steel
Mild steel balcony railings
Mild steel materials in the rustic home exterior

Mild steel is often used for an apartment or condominium balcony because it gives a polished look. It is very strong and has an affordable price then it is easy to be installed. It also can be painted with various colors but grey, black, and white are often to be used. The mild steel is also easy to maintain and makes us feel comfortable to have it for our balcony railing. It also has an affordable price than stainless steel materials.

  • Aluminum
Aluminum balcony railing materials
Aluminum materials can be combined with stainless cable

Aluminum materials are strong, lightweight, and affordable so they give a modern look to our home. It also can be combined with stainless steel cable like in the picture above to create a beautiful look. It doesn’t make the color peel easily and we can feel comfortable while having it since we do not need to paint it again which is complicated. The aluminum is also resistant to weather change and doesn’t rust or ruin in a short time.


Outdoor rustic balcony exterior decor ideas with railing materials recommendations will help us to create a beautiful rustic balcony design. We can also prevent making a mistake while applying the style and choosing the wrong materials to install a balcony railing.


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