– For you who live in an apartment or home that has a balcony, certainly you want to decorate it, right? It is necessary to be decorated because it can make us have another place to feel relaxed in our home. Decorating our balcony also makes our home or apartment have a beautiful impression on our guests who come. We can also have another place to celebrate something or to attend a party. Some people want to have a romantic impression while dinner with loved ones and eating on the balcony is a brilliant idea. An eclectic design is our recommendation to apply to our balcony because it is easy to apply. Today, we will give you some information about how to make a small balcony look beautiful with an eclectic design.

How To Make A Small Eclectic Balcony Design

Applying an eclectic home exterior is easy and we can try to decorate our balcony for the first step. If you live in an apartment or home that has a small balcony and are confused about how to decorate it, this article is right for you. The design is easy to be applied and has a unique characteristic that won’t make you feel complicated while applying it. An eclectic style is preferred to be implemented anywhere even for making a beautiful small balcony. Now, we will give you some information to make your small balcony look beautiful by applying an eclectic design.

Use Flower Plants As Decoration

Beautiful balcony
Use flower plants as decoration

To create a beautiful balcony in eclectic design, we can use a flower as a decoration for our small balcony. The advantages of using it can make us have a pretty balcony with a little bit of furniture. We should make a pot that can be installed on the wall to save our space. We can also add a big place to grow a flower and a small pot to add other flowers. A white and black pattern tiles also can be added for making it prettier. This concept is suitable if we want to add an eclectic front porch.

Adding Little Bit Of Furniture

Beautiful balcony in eclectic design
Add a little bit of furniture

If we have a small balcony, we can decorate it with a little furniture and add many decorations so it will be looks like an eclectic design. We can use an Acapulco chair to make us feel comfortable while sitting and spending time on the balcony. We can choose the best eclectic indoor plant for decoration and add it to the little wooden shelf. It also can be combined with other decorations like colorful pattern rugs and striped pattern carpets that can make an eclectic design feel stronger.

Using A Big Sofa

Beautiful small balcony in eclectic design
Using a big sofa on the small balcony

To make a comfortable space in our balcony but want to have an eclectic accent on it, we can add a big sofa to it. We can also search for patio eclectic furniture recommendations on the internet if we are confused about choosing a sofa that will be suitable to be added. It has a suitable design that we can add to our balcony. After adding a sofa we can decorate it with LED string lights and some flowers to make it prettier. We can also add a wooden star lamp and shelf to create more space to add some decoration. Don’t forget to add two little tables for making us more comfortable while staying on the balcony.

Choosing A Hanging Chair

Hanging chair in eclectic balcony
We can use a hanging chair on a small balcony

Some people might want to ask about how to apply an eclectic design for a balcony? Adding furniture to it would influence the display a lot. That’s why we should add beautiful furniture although we can only add a little bit of it. To create a beautiful balcony with an eclectic design, we should add a hanging rattan chair to it. It makes us comfortable to spend our time on the balcony and also makes it look beautiful with a stronger eclectic accent. The best decoration for it is a plant that can make it look fresh and cozy at the same time. If we have a cozy eclectic living room directly opposite the balcony, we can have two beautiful views at the same time.

Use Colorful Furniture

Using colorful furniture
Colorful furniture for making a bright balcony

The advantage of having a small balcony is we can save our expenses while decorating it because we only need furniture and decorations. By adding two Acapulco chairs, we can create a beautiful balcony with an eclectic accent. To make it, we should use a bright color of Acapulco chair to make it have a bright concept and look fascinating. A rattan carpet is our recommendation as a pedestal on it. It is suitable to add to the both interior and exterior because the design is pretty.

The Advantages Of A Balcony

Sometimes we might think what the advantages of a balcony in our home? There are many advantages that we might don’t know. Therefore, some people might don’t desire to decorate our balcony because we don’t know them. This time, we will give you some information about it. Let’s get to the list!

  1. Expanding our room.
  2. Extending visibility.
  3. As a home protector, it can make a space under the balcony protected from rain and heat.
  4. If we decorate it, it can increase design quality.
  5. For some people who want to have a mini garden but they don’t have more space especially in the apartment, we can make it on the balcony!
  6. Our balcony can be used as a place for drying clothes.

That’s all of the balcony’s advantages so we should confident to decorate it to make us feel comfortable while staying at home.

2 Balcony Chair Recommendations

  • Acapulco Chair
Acapulco chair
Outdoor chair recommendation

An Acapulco chair is inspired by a hammock and made traditionally. It is inspired by the Mayan tribe and it makes by using traditional weaving methods. We should add it with some cushion on it.

  • Knoll Bertoia Chair
Knoll Bertoia chair
Beautiful knoll Bertoia chair

This balcony chair has a futuristic concept and a stunning impression so it is our recommendation for you who love a modern accent. It can be added to the eclectic balcony in our home. This chair is made by using strong stainless steel materials and makes it doesn’t rust quickly.


A small balcony is necessary to make it look beautiful because it makes us won’t have a messy space in our home. It is easy to decorate it by using an eclectic exterior design that doesn’t have its own rules to apply. We are free to mix and match furniture and decoration as long as it is related to the concept. We should pay attention to how to make a small space look beautiful. Hopefully, by knowing information from us and using our recommendation, we might help you to create a beautiful balcony with an eclectic design.


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