1. Overview of the glass windows facing the sea

Having a house by the beach is fun because you can always see the view. But most people have it in the form of a beachside villa. Then, they used it as a place to rest. Lucky for you who have a place to live near the beach because you can see beautiful views from every room at any time.

Apart from being a place to sleep and rest, this place also can be used as a place to relax while looking at the sea. Then you will always be cheerful when you wake up because you can immediately see the beautiful sea view which is everyone’s dream. For more details, let’s look at the inspiration for a bedroom with a sea view. It can make you fun and make you want to feel right away from your bedroom.

2. Idea and design

Fishermen initially inhabited the idea and design of a house on the beach. But over time, houses on the beach are in great demand by the rich. They make this house a place to rest while on vacation. They could see the beautiful sea view from the room at any time. Then, relax with the family. As a place to rest, they design the space as well as you can when they wake up to see a beautiful view. For more details, let’s look at bedroom inspiration with ideas facing the sea.

3. The bedroom faces the sea

Seeing a luxurious house by the sea can make you want to own it. The interior style used in the interior is certainly different from an ordinary house. The design also has many variations. Then you can choose the model according to their taste. Some like interior design with a casual-chic style, some like a glamorous style, like a modern-futuristic style. But all of these designs are designed to face the sea.

As we know, Of all the interior designs of our homes, the design of a beach house is more fun because you can make the design for you to relax while looking at the sea. Moreover, has decorated with large glass windows, the right furniture, and a comfortable bed, it can make you feel comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, we share ideas with you to recommend some sample rooms below. We hope that this bedroom interior design suits your taste. For that, let’s follow the review below.

Large glass window design

Residences on the beach are usually found in coastal tourist areas such as Bali, Lombok, or Labuan Bajo. Therefore, if you have a house or villa in a coastal area that directly faces the sea or beach, you can position the main bedroom right facing to see the white sand and beautiful blue sea all day long.

Use large windows that can be opened. Then let the seaside morning air waft into the room when you wake up. With an arrangement like this, you will feel comfortable, at ease, and have fun. You and your family will feel like you are on a cruise ship. Then, to make it look more luxurious, you can add a kingsized bed, a relaxing sofa looking at the sea, beautiful sofa cushions, decorative wall lights, and antique knick-knacks.

Minimalist glass design

Currently, many homeowners make minimalist bedroom interior designs on the beachside. As you can see in the picture above, they make a lot of bedroom designs with minimalist designs. They are happy because this bedroom design can provide a warm atmosphere for the family. So that it can be used as a place to rest comfortably. In addition, this design doesn’t use a lot of excessive furniture, so it makes the room feel spacious, and the owner of the room can sleep peacefully.

Therefore, the nautical minimalist room decoration is very thick with the dominant use of white and blue in the bedroom. In addition, another easily recognizable characteristic of this decoration is the presence of typical beach and ocean trinkets. Then, to present a natural-looking nautical concept in home decor, especially in the bedroom, you need to pay attention to several important factors, such as choosing a bed and mattress, floor rugs, casual seating, and antique knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your bedroom design will look luxurious.

Luxurious and comfortable bedroom design

Having a luxury residential design on the beach in a modern-futuristic style can make you feel at home and comfortable. As you can see, the bedroom design above has dominated by concrete and glass materials. So it looks beautiful. The glass design facing the sea makes the atmosphere in the bedroom even more pleasant. In this place, you can enjoy the beauty of the blue sea. With an atmosphere like this, your stress will disappear.

Therefore, you should make a bedroom like the master bedroom. As you can see, the design of the Master bedroom in this residence has equipped with windows in the form of glass that are neatly installed from floor to ceiling. To add a more attractive impression, you can add a king-sized bed, a nightstand to put a night light on, a floor rug with a color that matches the room, a lounge chair to look at the open sea, and beautiful wall hangings. With this arrangement, your bedroom will look luxurious.

Design with spectacular style

You must know the world’s top singer Justin Bieber, s. This artist has a house in Beverly Hills with a luxurious colonial architectural style. But he also tried to include some modern-style interior elements so that his ideas and inspiration can make him feel a different atmosphere.

As you can see in the design of this master bedroom, the ceiling has a grand colonial character but is complemented by a modern interior with a neutral color palette that gives a comfortable, warm, and homey impression. In addition, this Master bedroom is also equipped with lounge chairs to enjoy the beach, a king-sized bed and soft pillows, and a beautiful knick-knacks room. Then, the design of a glass window that is installed as wide as the bedroom can make it easier for you to see the vast ocean. With this arrangement, your bedroom design looks spectacular.

Family bedroom facing the beach

Having a beautiful room design facing the beach is indeed very pleasant. From inside the bedroom, we can see the waves playing on the beach. Then, from a distance, we can see the open ocean that has no end. The longer we look the more amazed we are by the creator. Moreover, it is added with the view of the rocks that are not far from the room which is smashed by the waves. The more fascinated us.

So if you want to design a room on the beach, try to position the room on the second floor. With a design like this, you are free to look at the open sea and the waves. Then, design windows with thick glass to withstand vibrations and wind. Then install a window as wide as your room so that it is more freely looking at the ocean.

To feel more comfortable, you can make a glass door with a sideways push model so that air and wind from the ocean can enter the room. Then, add a minimalist sofa facing the beach, a king-sized bed, wall paintings, and spotlights to illuminate the bedroom at night. With a design like this, it is guaranteed that your family will feel at home and comfortable in the family bedroom design.

Aesthetic and charming bedroom design

Home Design by the Beach is everyone’s dream. But not everyone can make it happen because of the large budget for making it. Therefore, houses like it are usually built by people who have a lot of money. Then, they build it to serve as a resting place during the holidays.

Then, the reason people build houses on the beach, the first reason is to be closer to the sea. It’s nice to play in the sand on the beach with the sea waves that don’t stop. For health therapy because the heat of the sun combined with sea water can make us healthy. Then, add the view of the blue sea water and the sky above the beach. Eliminate boredom because the city is too crowded and causes air pollution here and there.

But if you want to make the room more attractive, you can design large windows with thick glass so they don’t break easily in stormy winds. Then, add a place on a king-sized tour, a lounge chair to look at the sea. That way, your bedroom design will look beautiful and charming.

Exotic bedroom design

Many people dream of having a house by the beach. They crave a beautiful panoramic view of the beach to fill their vacation. Therefore, they buy a lot of beachside villas to fill holidays with their families. By designing a bedroom facing the sea, a workspace that can inspire inspiration, and a glass window design that can see the open sea, the interior feel of the family bedroom is warmer. A beautiful and exotic beach bedroom can make you feel comfortable and cheerful.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add a king-sized bed complete with soft pillows. Then present a mini sofa for you to sit back on while looking at the sea. Besides that, design the bedroom floor with a wooden motif to make it look more aesthetic. With this arrangement, you and your family will feel at home and comfortable.

Beautiful bedroom design

If you have enough budget, you can build a house on the beach with a view like this. By having a design like this you will feel comfortable and calm in filling your holiday day. The bedroom is indeed one of the most vital rooms in the house. The room is also the most private place for everyone. It is in the bedroom that people can rest, change clothes, sleep, relax, and daydream to make love with their partner. Therefore, the time spent in the room will be greater than in other places. For this reason, the comfort and cleanliness of the room are a top priority.

Besides that, for those of you who like adventure, surely you don’t like monotonous rooms. For that, you can add a king-sized bedroom complete with soft pillows. Then, design a glass window according to the size of the room so you can enjoy the view more freely. With an arrangement like this, you don’t need to look for an atmosphere outside the house anymore.


Those are some beachfront room designs that we can recommend. This beach house is designed with large bedroom windows and uses thick glass. A wide glass window design can make you see the open sea and the waves on the beach. But do not forget that the thickness of the glass big affects your comfort in the room. Therefore, we share ideas with you to provide recommendations for comfortable and pleasant beach room designs. Hopefully, this design above can suit your taste. Then, make your beach house interior design look aesthetic, attractive, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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