1. Overview of a beautiful living room

How to organize a minimalist living room to look attractive. Most people have an interest in arranging their living room. Not a few collect photos of the living room to turn it into a family gathering place.

As you know, a small living room area is often an obstacle to getting the design we want. However, there are many things you can do to get a spacious and more airy living room appearance. As long as you get around and arrange it properly, of course, this won’t be a big problem. Therefore, let’s follow the review of an attractive small living room design.

2. Small living room design

Having a small house design makes you have to be smart about dividing space functions. Especially if you have the number of rooms is limited. However, there are many ways to arrange your living room to make it look spacious and comfortable.

The choice of color and the arrangement of the furniture also have quite a big influence on arranging a small house. Sometimes it can make us frustrated and annoying thing because the house is not tidy. But if you have problems organizing a small house, here we present attractive ideas and inspiration.

3. Ideas and inspiration

Ideas and inspiration for arranging a small living room are often obstacles for everyone because of the limited area in the house. Therefore, to get the design we want, we must arrange it according to the image we provide.

You don’t need to worry even though your living room area is limited. By doing good arrangements, you can still make a living room design according to your dreams. Especially if you already have a good idea of ​​the theme and style of the room you want. Therefore, let’s look at the inspiration for the small living room below. Hopefully, it can be adjusted to your taste. Welcome to our review!

Rustic concept

The design of a small living room with a rustic concept will never fail to produce an attractive mix. Apart from looking full of abstract carvings, this design is always accompanied by rattan furniture. So that it makes the room look natural. In addition, you can try adding a green impression by embedding artificial plants that don’t require special care indoors.

Then to appear more attractive, add a minimalist sofa set, a round table to place drinks, a floor rug as a living room decoration, antique hanging lamps, portable decorative lamps, abstract wall paintings, and unique knick-knacks. That way, your minimalist living room design will look aesthetic.

Simple classic style

Classic designs will never go extinct. This design has quite a lot of community in the world. Because this design looks antique and unique. Therefore, if you want to combine this design with a modern design, you can use a neutral color as the base color for the walls of your room.
Apart from making the house feel warm, neutral colors can also easily blend with any color of the furniture, so you can easily combine furniture color combinations such as wood, and brown, with other matching colors. Then, to save space, you can take advantage of multifunctional tools such as a wooden table with drawers so that your tools are not easily scattered.

So that the room looks more attractive, you can add an old-fashioned guest sofa, corner table, patterned sofa cushions, and floor rugs. So that the room doesn’t look monotonous, you can add a modern touch with the color of an abstract painting wrapped in a striking golden frame. Anyone who sees the color combination of this room will be fascinated. That way, you have created the perfect mix for a modern classic-style home.

Setting the light from the window

If you want to design a space design, choose a living room that is directly opposite the window. This is done so that the room looks more alive with natural light from sunlight. In addition, good air circulation can create health for the body. As we know, sunlight also helps you to save electricity usage during the day. Therefore, you can apply this experiment by arranging furniture in neutral colors and not too dark, so that the room looks wider.

As a decoration, you can combine sofa furniture made from velvet, together with cushion pillows to carpets in the same color. Then, the use of this velvet color also gives a flash of light reflection from the sun and lights in the room. Alternatively, you can combine it with monochrome paintings or green plants to divert your eyes that aren’t too damaging to your eyes.

Monochrome color combination

Of the many colors used for home interiors, monochrome colors are widely implemented in minimalist homes. The composition of the right color combination, supported by the use of supportive furniture is indeed able to create a modern and luxurious impression.

In addition, the use of the colors of the sofa, and cushions, of the painting like the picture above has harmonious color elements that make the room decoration not excessive. Plus the use of tables and shelves made of wood will help sweeten your tiny living room design. With this arrangement, your living room design will look elegant.

Scandinavian-style design

Space limitations will not always make the house feel cramped and congested. As long as you use the best color composition, attractive furniture, and sufficient lighting, your home will feel comfortable. The key is, you need to arrange the furniture. So it doesn’t look solid. Therefore, make sure the room gets enough lighting sources from the sun and room lights.

Although the decoration of wood elements is often synonymous with being the main material for Scandinavian-style homes, the fact is that modern minimalist nuances can still use this combination. The use of wood motifs on the round table and matching chairs makes the room warm and beautiful. Then, to complete the room, you can add a minimalist sofa set, decorative plant pots, floor rugs, floor cushions, and abstract paintings. That way, your living room design will look beautiful and elegant.

Dark color blend elaboration

The living room design has an important role in the homeowner’s first impression. Sometimes you may feel afraid to look different using the concept of a dark room because you are worried about the viewer’s perception. Using dark colors in the living room can create an elegant and expensive impression.

As we know, the combination of dark colors with contrasting colored furniture such as gold, white and brown is perfect for making the room look less gloomy. But if you use wood elements on the floor, you can outsmart it with a patterned bright-colored carpet. The key to a dark-colored room is to make sure there is a light color composition on each piece of furniture so that it still looks standout when viewed. To appear not monotonous, add antique wall paintings and knick-knacks.

Design with a giant mirror

As far as we know, the installation of mirrors in the living room is many found in restaurants and coffee shops. However, this one trick also seems suitable when applied at home. The trick to using a mirror is perfect for applying to a small living room to add the impression of a spacious room. The basic concept itself comes from the reflection of natural light from the window or the reflection of the lights in the room, giving rise to the illusion of twice the room dimensions.

In addition, this room is most often passed by for access in and out of the house. With this, you can easily see how you can see yourself before leaving the room. Then, to look perfect, you can add a bright color sofa set, black decorative lights, wall paintings, and decorative plant pots. That way, your living room design will look more attractive.

Minimalist modern style

The use of a sofa in a small minimalist living room must be considered because can take a lot of sides in space. Even though the existence of a sofa must be in every living room. Therefore, make sure you take the appropriate measurements to avoid buying a large sofa.

Then, to get a minimalist impression, you can try a single-row sofa with neutral color elements. Then you can mix it with a variety of other minimalist furniture, such as paintings, floor lamps, and window curtains with matching colors. Don’t forget to add potted ornamental plants. So your eyes look fresh. That way, your living room design will feel comfortable

Appear minimalist with a wooden design

The appearance of this living room creates a contemporary interior by using dark colors on the sofa. The design of this type emphasizes the composition, shape and color configuration, and aesthetic appearance of the texture. To work around this, you can try using a wooden design on one of the walls with a distinctive brown color element that collaborates with a dark-colored sofa.

Then, to contrast, you can use the rest of the furniture that is light in color or wood so that the room still looks comfortable and distinctive. To make it look more attractive, add bright-colored floor rugs, standing decorative lamps, and round tables to place drinks. An arrangement like this will make you satisfied and happy.

Abstract color wallpaper

One thing, if you want to create an attractive living room interior design, apart from using neutral-colored wall paint. Then, you can use abstract patterned wallpaper. It’s just that the use of wallpaper on the wall needs regular maintenance to maintain its ideal appearance. In choosing the motif itself, you can select minimal wallpaper motifs and good material texture so the room doesn’t feel stuffy.

So that the style of the room is not too boring, try to combine the interior of the room with a bright silver-tiered table that is a little flashy. Then, place a large painting in the middle of the room. So that it makes the room look more divine and add decorative lights to illuminate the room at night. While choosing a sofa, you can choose a gray sofa.

Clean white tones

Having a small living room but still wanting minimalist decor, the trick is to arrange the room according to your wishes. First, use bright color combinations to make a small room appear spacious. Then, you can use a small sofa so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Don’t forget to add some cushions or scarves to make the sofa look more colorful.

To look fashionable, place multilevel rafters with matching colors and make the dwelling neat and clean. Apart from that, you can also use shelves to place a collection of books, displays, or baskets to place small equipment to make it tidier. Then add beautiful decorative lights, wall paintings, a white buffet, and a gray floor carpet. With this arrangement, your living room design looks luxurious.

Arranging the right furniture in the room

An attractive home interior can make you feel comfortable and feel at home. To make your dreams come true, you can arrange the house properly. Place the furniture in the right position. So that the room still looks neat and feels spacious.

To make it look more attractive, you can place a minimalist sofa close to the wall to save space. Then, choose a guest table that is not large. The most important thing is, don’t place too many sofas or chairs in the room. Preferably, sofas are placed close together and elongated, so that more people can sit on it. To make it look more attractive, add wall hangings, wall shelves, bright motif floor rugs, and decorative plant pots. That way, your living room design will look more attractive.

Air circulation is important for small homes

Even if you arrange your house neatly and beautifully, it’s not perfect if the house still feels damp. In managing the house, air circulation is one of the main things. Don’t let your house be beautiful but unhealthy. Therefore, open the window every morning so the sunlight and air exchange can enter the house smoothly. In managing a small house, you should install large doors and windows. Then, your home feels more spacious.

Windows and sliding doors made of glass can be applied in managing a small house. In addition to natural lighting that freely enters the house, you also get a spacious view outside. Then, please design furniture and other furnishings in bright colors. With this arrangement, your small living room interior design will look bright and spacious.

Arrangements with other wall decorations

This one living room arrangement looks like a mess. However, this room is laid out as it is. As you can see, the gray two-seat sofa, the decoration of the sofa cushions, and the lace fabric look like it is irregular. But if you pay attention, this design looks unique and attractive. If you are happy with an arrangement like this, you can imitate this living room decoration to make it look aesthetically pleasing.

To make it look more beautiful, you can add an antique wooden shelf and put on the wall to place small flower pots. Then, add floor rugs, round floor cushions, and a few decorative plant pots on the floor. That way, your home interior design will look different and look aesthetic

Modern classic design

The living room interior of this modern classic style gives a nostalgic side and a warm impression. This room model not only looks luxurious but can also make anyone feel at home in this place. A simple concept on a plain wall can make this living room look sweet. For added comfort, you can also bring some soft sofa pillows, wall decorative mirrors, and antique knick-knacks. That way, the interior of this simple living room doesn’t seem monotonous.

But if you want to make the living room look more luxurious, you can add a soft sofa set, antique guest chairs, and a table for placing drinks. Don’t just focus on the arrangement of furniture and decorations used. But you don’t forget to arrange it in front of the window so that your living room looks bright during the day. Then, the incoming sunlight will make your room healthy.

4. Conclusion

Those are some tips on arranging the living room to make it look neat and attractive. If you want to realize a minimalist living room interior design that is elegant, aesthetic, luxurious, attractive, and comfortable, you can see our reviews above. However, to organize a narrow living room, don’t put in a lot of furniture because it can make your living room look narrow. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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