1. Garden lights overview

We know that the existence of a garden can beautify the appearance of the house. Moreover, the addition of various types of garden lights will present a very beautiful visual garden. In addition to beautifying the house, the existence of the garden has many functions. Among them are green open spaces, providing freshness to the house, producing oxygen, as a water catchment area, and others.

In addition to plants, the beauty of the garden plant is also determined by the presence of light. The best lighting can make a garden look more beautiful, especially at night. However, not all types of lighting are suitable for all gardens. Therefore, we want to share with you several types of garden lights that can be your reference to beautify the appearance of your home garden.

2. Tips for designing garden lighting

Then, to make the garden look beautiful at night, you will need additional lighting in the form of garden lights. Spotlights that point to tree trunks or fish ponds will add an aesthetic touch to your garden.

Not only that, the garden that has equipped with bright lighting can provide security and instructions for you to walk in the spacious yard. Therefore, the lighting that has been designed from the beginning of the construction will blend with the lighting of the facade of the building and the terrace of the house so that you do not need to do a new design. However, if your home has not equipped with garden lights, you can design and install them yourself. For that, let’s look at the review to determine the installation point of garden lights.

3. Define the mount point

Then, to find out which point is the right place to put the garden lights, you can walk around the garden and pay attention to the parts that you want to highlight. Then, it never hurts to make a sketch or photo of the garden to get the best illustration. For example, if you want to illuminate tall trees with spotlights, then direct the lights around the bottom of the tree that is pointing upwards. Then, if you want to reflect the sheen of the pool water, you can put lights planted in the fish pond or swimming pool area. That way, the exterior of your house will look more beautiful and comfortable.

3. Choose energy-saving lamps

The selection of energy-efficient LED lights is the right choice for a minimalist home. This lamp can be equipped with a day and night sensor system and use a dimmer system. LED lights with solar power systems that are now widely sold in the market can absorb sunlight during the day to become energy reserves at night.

Then, the price is also relatively affordable and durable, easy to install and move. However, this lamp also has several drawbacks, and it does not have a beam of light as bright as an electric lamp. Then, the model is also relatively uniform in the market.

4. Adapt to the garden concept

Several models of garden lights must be adapted to the garden concept that you have created. Then, for gardens that require more light intake, halogen garden lights can give a dramatic impression and bring out the original colors of the objects exposed to light for your garden.

However, avoid choosing lamps with white light such as neon because the object looks unclear and paler. In addition, to the type of halogen lamp, you can also choose the spotlight. This lamp has a good lighting quality, so it fits perfectly in a large tropical garden.

Then, you can direct this light towards plants that have interesting shapes. Place the light close to the object so that the contrast in the areas directly exposed to light and dark shadows from the leaves and stems behind it will appear..

5. Take good care

No matter how good or expensive the lights and arrangements you choose, they still need regular maintenance because they are located outside the room. We understand that garden lights dull relatively quickly. For that, clean the light bulb from dust and dirt regularly. In addition, trim any trees or shrubs that have started to cover the lights. Then, to make it last longer, you can install a lamp housing with a grill. That way, the lamp will last a long time.

Mini street light

This type of garden light is always placed on the side of the path, or center of the garden. The function of this lamp is to illuminate the path for people crossing the park. But the lamp size is usually only knee-high for adults.

Although its function is to illuminate the walking path, this lamp still makes the garden look more beautiful. If you have a large garden with paths decorated, you can make this lamp design inspiration for your garden. That way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the night while relaxing.

Garden downlights

This garden light is usually installed on the wall next to the garden. Its function is to highlight the plants that are under this light. Then, the beauty of various ornamental plants in your yard. That way, you can see at night by using downlights. In addition, you can also use this lamp as a side view of your house. That way, your home feels like a home on top of a mountain.

Stair lights

As the name implies, this type of garden light can highlight the stairs in the garden. With the presence of ornamental plants around the stairs, it will enhance the appearance of your garden. The size of this lamp is small and is usually install on the side of the stair railing. The number of lights installed has adjusted to the number of stairs. That way, you won’t get any lighting when going down the stairs. In addition, to the function of illuminating the stairs, this lamp also functions as garden lighting.

Shadow lighting

This garden light is designed to provide visually appealing lighting. The outer part of this lamp resembles a hole with a beautiful shape that creates a shadow effect when the light is on. The effect of the shadows produced by these lights will make your yard look more beautiful. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can install this lamp on a tree branch so that it can illuminate you when walking at night.

Garden spotlights

This model spotlight serves to highlight an object. To make the garden look more beautiful, determine the best point to install this lamp. So that the ornamental plants around it look beautiful and bright. In addition, your home will look more attractive.

Then, a good position will make this lamp highlight the best objects in your yard. So it looks beautiful at night. In addition, this spotlight is also available in various colors. Therefore, adjust the color of the lights with your garden model so that your home looks more beautiful and charming.

Garden flood light

This type of lamp is actually almost the same as a spotlight. The difference lies in the width of the spotlight. This type of lamp can highlight a wider area, making it suitable for use in a fairly large area of ​​​​the page. Then, to be able to function optimally, determine the location of this lamp in the middle of the garden so that it can highlight the plants around it. In addition, you can also expose this lamp to the wall of the house. With this design, the exterior of your home will look more attractive.

Chain light

String lights are one of the most popular yard decorating ideas and are widely installed on walkways in gardens. With a number of lights arranged in the middle or sides of the page, it will provide a beautiful visual appearance of light. This lamp is suitable for use in the yard where you have a barbecue with friends. That way, your event will look more cheerful.

LED Candle Light

Penampakan lilin yang tergantung dalam sebuah lentera di taman tentu akan terlihat cantik. Namun keberadaan lilin bisa menimbulkan risiko kebakaran ketika lilin terjatuh. Maka dari itu, kamu bisa gunakan lampu lilin LED yang bisa memberikan visual seperti lilin, tetapi tetap aman. Selain itu, cahaya lampu lilin LED ini mampu bertahan lebih lama daripada lilin biasa. Untuk penempatannya, anda dapat pasang disisi jalan setapak sebagai penerangan anda ketika jalan dimalam hari. Dengan desain seperti ini, maka tampilan depan rumah anda akan tampak cantik dan mewah

Mountain pier light

Since ancient times these lights are usually installed on the pier near the mountain, or we call it now a lighthouse. However, over time, these lamps are widely used as yard decorations. These lights are usually installed near the fence or corner of the yard. This lamp is also available in various models as classic, modern, and industrial. If you want this lamp model, you should adjust it to your garden model so that your front yard is more stunning.

In-ground garden lights

This type of light is usually installed in the pedestrian path. That is on the side or center of the yard. This lamp light is not too bright because it only serves as a decoration. but can function as lighting when you walk at night. Therefore, for those of you who don’t want to bother with installing lights standing or hanging, you can use this lamp model as your inspiration because of its practical design and can save space.

Minimalist bollard garden lights

Having a beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. A beautiful garden can make homeowners cheerful with their families while enjoying the free air outside the house. Therefore, this type of lamp has the characteristics of a garden lamp that has become one with a pole. Then, the shape is quite simple with the color of the black pole that looks minimalist, and the white light looks upright shining on the streets in the park. That way, you will not feel dark when walking leisurely at night. In addition, this lamp can provide beauty to the exterior of your home.

Creeping small ball lamp decoration

Gardens are not only used to plant flowers and trees. You can also take advantage of the garden like a coffee shop. Then, you invite your friends to enjoy coffee and tea. Therefore, the decoration of the green light garden that spreads on the wooden wall looks beautiful with the light and small bulbs.

Then, to look more attractive, you can complete this garden with coffee shop-style tables and chairs. Next, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere with a beautiful yellow dim light with your partner. Congratulations on decorating your dream garden.

6. Conclusion

Home decoration is not only on doors, windows, gardens, and terraces. But if you understand, garden lights are also home decorations that can make the exterior of your home look comfortable and aesthetic, beautiful, luxurious, attractive and fun. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the outdoors at night, Garden lights can accompany you for a leisurely walk. Well, we hope the reviews in this article can use for all of you. Congratulations on decorating your dream garden.


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