1. Overview of house renovation

Having a beautiful home is everyone’s dream. But After years, our homes can look cramped and dingy. This happens because some parts are weathered, in bad condition, and lack maintenance. Therefore, we often think about renovating a house, but limited time and money are the main barriers. Then, many other more pressing needs finally make us neglect home renovation.

When you hear the word home renovation, don’t think that the costs involved will drain your savings. On the other hand, there are many ways you can do home renovations on a low budget. For that, let’s just look at some tips on how to renovate a house that will not drain the budget.

Renovating, unlike when building a new house from scratch, renovating a house requires its tricks. Apart from having to adapt the concept to the old building, designers also sometimes have to be faced with other problems such as limited funds, which is what we always experience before doing it.

Years of experience working on various residential projects becomes an experience when asked to renovate a house with a minimal budget. Of course, this is what makes you have to think extra hard. Then, before you renovate, make calculations in advance so that the work is not hampered.

2. Renovation of slum houses to be nice and healthy

The key to renovating a house is to maintain the existing structural modules, but it still requires creativity to create something new. The condition of the old house was already shabby, with many cracked walls, leaky roofs, poor lighting, and bad air circulation, which became various problems that had to be resolved. Moreover, the available budget is limited. Even though the budget for home renovations is small, the renovation plans are being carried out still prioritize the concept of cheap and healthy homes. Then, showing a natural atmosphere, the principle of a healthy tropical house appears as the main nuance.

Then, to make the house more beautiful, you can submit by making a minimalist fish pond at the front of the home. In addition, to improving the aesthetics in front of the house, its presence can cool the hot air on the west side of the house. In addition, the presence of shady plants becomes a barrier to the scorching heat of the sun.

3. Tricks to reduce manufacturing costs

Renovating a house is not always easy. But when you leave this task to the experts, the results will be satisfying and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, you can maintain the original structure of the building so that it does not change from the original. Then, so as not to spend too much when calculating the cost of home renovations, use the materials that are light and not luxurious. Some of them are the use of lightweight bricks on exposed brick walls, light steel frames and roof coverings, and other unfinished materials.

Although home renovation work is cost-effective, the overall appearance of the house must look attractive. Then for the front, you can make a beautiful minimalist iron fence. Meanwhile, the stones laid out in front of the fish pond should give a natural impression on the exterior of the house. Then, to look more attractive between two walls that use the concept of exposed brick, an attractive door must be installed so that the front view of the house is more beautiful.

4. Simple interior but still aesthetic

When you enter the house, a minimalist feel will welcome you. The selection of basic colors such as white and natural colors gives a warm impression. Then, the selected furniture also tends to be simple with several existing colors. Then, some can make the atmosphere in the house feel more fun and happy.

In terms of lighting, this house also presents a calming feel. In addition to the glass door which is a source of natural light, inside the house, there is layered lighting that displays the beauty of every corner of the house. Then, to make it look more attractive, additional decorations such as paintings, shelves filled with vines, and a pair of compact standing lamps complete the room.

5. Protect and care for furniture

When you are renovating a house, the more important, you have to move some of the furniture to a safer place and not be exposed to dirt and dust. Then, you also have to take care of the existing furniture. By protecting and caring for furniture, your item will look good because after you are renovating, the appearance of your home will look new. Then pleasing to the eye and comfortable.

6. Some examples of cost savings

This article has provided several ways to save on your home renovation costs. Therefore, there are several items that you should do to save on the cost of renovating your home. We hope that the method we described below can be useful for you and can save renovation costs. For that, let’s discuss one by one the image reviews below. Welcome to our review!

Change the floor by installing vinyl

Wood patterned floors can make the house more natural and attractive. If you want, you can add a wood-patterned vinyl layer on the floor to save your budget. Then don’t change all the rooms, but choose only one room that will be covered with vinyl. As an estimate, the price of vinyl wood flooring is cheaper than if you install wood tile models because you have to pay twice the cost, disassemble and reassemble.

But for the installation of vinyl in the form of gluing, you can do it yourself, so there is no need to call the services of a handyman, and you can save your costs. For this reason, before installing it, you must first make a design so as not to waste material.

Beautify the room by changing the color of the wall paint

paint the interior of the house to look new again. In addition, the room can be made more colorful at a price that is not too expensive. For that, you can change the color of the wall paint to look fresher. Then, for the work, you can use one or more paint colors. With this paint size, you can paint one to two rooms. Then do the painting yourself to save costs.

Then, to make it look more attractive, decorate your walls with interesting accessories, interesting paintings, and unique wall shelves. Then, make the wall paint color according to the color of the existing furniture to make it look more harmonious. That way, your room will look like a new home.

Create a different atmosphere in the bathroom

Beautifying the bathroom is also easy for you to do. You don’t have to repaint the bathroom. You can add various accessories such as a minimalist cabinet or mirror. For the mirror itself, you can adjust it according to your budget. the most important thing is that the model matches the bathroom model. In addition, you can add small ornamental plants or decorative coral in the bathroom to make it look more natural. Choose coral with bright colors to make it look more attractive. Then add paintings that create a fresh atmosphere to add to the comfort of the bathroom.

Add freshness with a small garden

To display a beautiful small garden home design, the presence of a small garden can make your home fresher. The cost to create a garden is not expensive because you only need to choose plants as garden fillers. Then the floor you can also use mini elephant grass is cheaper than Japanese grass. To make it look more attractive, you can add pots to your small garden, pipes, and plastic bottles. Then, give garden lighting to garden lights and choose waterproof garden lights to be safe from rain. By arrangement like it, your home will look beautiful and charming.

Decor with a beautiful kitchen set

Everyone wants their kitchen design to look beautiful to the eye. A comfortable and neat kitchen will make you excited to cook anything. Therefore, renovate your kitchen with minimal costs, and it looks more beautiful and comfortable. Don’t worry, beautifying your home kitchen doesn’t always require big funds. There are always ways to save money but still get maximum results. Therefore, you must design it well before starting work. For the process, you can consult with the architect or see the pictures in the article. Then, to look more attractive, you can add a kitchen set, dining table, flower pot, and accessories. That way, the result will be according to your taste.

Making sweet bedroom

Having a beautiful and comfortable bedroom will certainly make you sleep soundly. For that, design some ornamental plants so they can improve air circulation in the room, thus making sleeping more comfortable. Therefore, you can choose indoor types of ornamental plants so that they don’t wilt easily in the room.
To place it, lean the houseplant against a wall or place it next to a tall mirror. Then add a rug with neutral-colored linen or burlap. So it will give the impression of a natural bedroom. Then, to look more beautiful, decorate your bedroom with a minimalist bed, wooden shelves to place ornamental plants and accessories, hanging decorative lights, and wooden nightstands. With a design like this, you will feel at home and happy to be inside.

Decorating pots in the garden

Usually, if you buy a house from a development company, there is always some land behind. Therefore, you can use the small land for things that are beneficial to you. Although small, the garden behind the house can be maximized properly, and it all depends on your creativity. But for the house you buy, you have to turn the vacant land into a garden, such as a children’s playground, fruit garden, a place to relax, and so on. Therefore, if you don’t have an idea to renovate your small garden, make a garden renovation at a low cost but still looks aesthetically pleasing.

7. Conclusion

If you want to renovate your home to make it look beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, and luxurious, we provide some pictures of examples of renovated houses. Then, to make it, of course, you will spend a lot of money. However, we provide solutions to renovate the interior of your home with minimal costs. Therefore, we describe some examples for your inspiration. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you.


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