1. Overview of wall shelves

Minimalist wall shelf design is a home decoration that can display the view of your home to be beautiful and charming. The modern house can be said to be beautiful, depending on the way you design home decorations. Creativity and imagination are needed to arrange the perfect shelf layout. In addition, the model and color of the wall shelves are very influential for the appearance of the interior of the house.

Therefore, are you looking for a solution for a beautiful minimalist wall shelf design for the appearance of your room? If the answer is yes! We provide some beautiful wall shelf designs with attractive materials. Therefore, we hope this article can help you find the model, design, and color of wall shelves according to the interior of your room.

2. Design selection

When decorating the living room, you must find the right design and the best model and material. Then, you must think about how to choose a simple minimalist wall shelf design for your living room with the right furniture, and then make the living room look modern, sweet, and fresh.

In that way, you have created a wall in the living room to be a masterpiece. We know that the wall shelves are the best solution for storing things in the living room and can save space in your home. That way, you can set the TV and put all the accessories that appeal to your liking.

3. Modern design

Featuring a modern wall shelf design, it has not only practical but also decorative because they look more attractive and cool. In addition, you can make it according to your taste to arrange your walls to make them look modern, such as shelves, cabinets, and drawers in one color or with a more contrasting color. Models of the wooden rack, iron, and plastic selves, you can install on the walls of your room.

Therefore, we will present some attractive collections of beautiful minimalist shelves in a modern style. Then, take a look below, you will find some examples of beautiful rack designs that are suitable for your living room.

4. Some examples of shelf designs

In this article, there are some examples of wall shelf designs that we provide for your home. Therefore, you can adjust it to the room design and install it according to the function. We know that not all wall shelves you can install in your home room. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the wall shelf models below according to their designation. Welcome to our review!

Mushroom rack model

This elegant little wall shelf blends into your living environment like a natural inspiration and the shape of a mushroom tree. With a slightly curved model to make people interested. Then, this design can enhance décor and offer functional storage space in small and medium sizes. In addition, this wall-mounted mushroom rack model can be the center of attention and amazement to give more attraction. The advantage is that the installation can be placed at various heights.

Marble wall shelf

The bright color exposed brick design on the kitchen walls looks very harmonious. Especially has a design with marble shelves for storage of kitchen and dining utensils. Then, decorating the walls of the kitchen by using marble shelves can make the kitchen look more beautiful and comfortable. Therefore, minimalist wall shelves made of clean stone and brass will add a touch of elegance to your kitchen, living room, or bathroom walls. Then to look more attractive, you can put kitchen equipment to make it look cooler. Don’t forget to install the marble wall shelf firmly. So it doesn’t fall.

Peak shelf

Gold accents add instant elegance to any room. This streamlined shelf catches attention from a distance because of the characteristic golden color that lines the shelf frame. Then, its low profile shape is suitable for smaller spaces. This shelf can be used to place ornamental plant pots and accessories that are not too big. The appearance of this shelf is not suitable for a large house. With its simple appearance, your room will look more artistic and unique. Then, this shelf can also be installed in the bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. Hopefully, this simple design can decorate your home to make it look more beautiful and charming.

Wooden wall shelf set

Our homes need a shelving system for the proper organization of many things like books, decorations, and other knick-knacks that will be scattered on the floor. The arrangement of goods using shelves is widely displayed in shops, schools, offices, hotels, and other manufacturing facilities for storing and displaying display items.

They are available in various styles, prices, designs, and materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and glass. Therefore, you can use this type of minimalist wall shelf as a place to store small objects in your home. By installing this shelf, you will be able to save space in your home.

The permanent shelf in the corner of the wall

Permanent shelves like this picture have made of wood with a terraced model. Shelf models like this are designed directly in the corner of the wall. The combination of walls and wood can make a drawer system and can be used to place any object of the same size. However, to arrange it, you have to put these items according to their function and type.

Then, to make it look attractive, you can put things that are rarely taken down in the top place. As for those who see and use, such as books, glasses, stationery, and car tools, you can place them in easily accessible positions. That way, your home will look neat and attractive.

Box stacking rack model

The built-in shelving model is the one with the art of all shelving units. This is a structure that has been installed inside the house. The simplest type of built-in shelving has made up of several boxes of wooden planks that are randomly placed on the house wall.

This shelf model can be mounted on a wall. But if you want to install it, you can assemble it outside of the house. After completion, you can install it on the wall according to the homeowner’s request But, the installation should not be placed at the bottom of the top. Install it in an easily accessible place so that the objects placed on the shelf are easy to clean.

Floating rack system

The floating shelf model is a way of displaying the items to be showcased. This floating shelf model, which appears on the wall, does not appear to be attached to hinges or screws. Then, this rack model is widely installed under the television as a place to put television equipment and accessories. Floating shelves, also called torsion box shelves, has made of engineered wood and supported by internal brackets. They are available in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and shapes and make great interior decorating accessories.

Corner shelf model

Corner shelving is a great way to maximize storage without taking up too much space. This shelf effectively to makes use of hard-to-reach access corners, and then its appearance can create a luxurious styled room.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can design the model and color according to the wall color. For this reason, corner shelf models are available in solid wood, engineered wood, and plastic, and their location can be adapted to any place. Corner shelf models can be placed in the corner of the floor or hung on the wall. This location is the best solution for securely displaying and storing items. Hopefully, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration.

Horizontal wooden kitchen shelf

When you want to improve the quality of your kitchen, you should consider buying wall shelves suitable to your kitchen design. These shelves are movable, meaning you can adjust the position depending on the type of food you are storing and then not accommodate large items. When you are thinking about installing an adjustable pantry rack, there are several things you should consider.

Then to look for strength, attach the shelf using a drill to the kitchen wall. Then choose a neutral wood color to match the bright wall color. In addition, adjust the length of the shelf with the kitchen table to make it look neat and harmonious. Place kitchen utensils as needed. So they don’t fall apart. With this design, your kitchen will look more attractive and tidy.

Elegant and concise shelf

If you want to maximize the place to put a minimalist bedroom design, all you have to do is install a wall shelf, so that the room doesn’t feel cramped. This tomato wall rack model has been designed with a compact shape but still looks aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

Then, for your living room to look more beautiful and charming, you can put some small accessories on the shelf to make it look charming. Then, don’t forget to place ornamental plant flower pots on the sampling rack to make it look cool and neat. nIn this way, your room will make you and your family comfortable and calm.

Decorative Hexagon wall shelf

Home decoration is the best affects the beauty of the house. Then, a minimalist wall shelf affects the aesthetic value of the house. In addition, wall shelves will help to store items at home to make them look neater. Therefore, hexagonal wall shelves can be an alternative for storing small objects in a narrow room, for example, if you live in a boarding house, apartment, or rented house.

With the explanation above, using hexagonal shelves will be an alternative for storing your goods so that they don’t look messy. In addition, to saving space, hexagonal wall shelves also have a decorative and fun function. If you have a minimalist home, the hexagon model wall shelf is the right choice because of its artistic and unique model.

Round wall shelf

If you want your home to look beautiful and cool, give the room a different look with round wall shelves made of iron and wood that are sturdy and effective. With a model like this, your room will become a point of interest, perfect for displaying a collection of mini plants and other knick-knacks.

We know that a minimalist design with a touch of natural wood is suitable to be applied in various rooms and decorating themes. Therefore, the round wall shelf is the best for placing in the living room/room or garden and is also suitable for decorating flower pots, glasses, and others. We hope this model can be your idea and inspiration.

Iron wall shelf

In your home, maybe you have quite a lot of attractive accessories. These items should be stored and displayed so that the house does not look cluttered. Therefore, shelves can use for storage areas. But not only that, but shelves can also be an interior choice to beautify your home.

Currently, wall shelves are the target of many people because they can serve as home displays and beautify the walls. However, there is nothing wrong if you can also use it to place your favorite accessories.

6. Conclusion

If you want to decorate your home to look beautiful and fun, you don’t have to bother to decorate it with various pieces of furniture that cost a lot of money and time. Therefore, we have given some examples of home decoration, namely wall shelves that are simple but can function as home interior decoration.

Then, to make the house look more attractive, you can choose one of the examples we provide. We hope this example can make your home look beautiful and aesthetic and makes you comfortable and happy. Hopefully, this article can use for you.


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