Hello, welcome to a friend. For those of you who are designing the living room or looking for an interior design idea for the living room, it is appropriate to read this article because here we will have prepared an idea or design information for the interior design of your living room. And now it’s time for you to create a comfortable living room with aquarium decoration that will make the room more beautiful with a variety of interesting fish collection.

Interior Design

The beauty and comfort of a home can be specified with home interior design or a comfortable home exterior. In comparison with the exterior design, interior design more design because in the house has a lot of room that should be designed such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and many more others.

Living Room Design

From many rooms within the house, the living room will be the identity of your home in the attraction of others after the exterior design of the house, besides the guest room will also be very important for families to establish a more harmonious family relationships because this place can be a good family gathering place, especially if this room has a very nice design and comfortable.

living room
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Design Ideas

Having a comfortable living room is a dream of many families. Designing a guest room is very easy actually, but sometimes many people are often confused to determine what kind of design will be used for their room. Here we will help you to find an interesting idea that is an aquarium in the guesthouse. For those of you who have a hobby of collecting ornamental fish may be more fun.

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Aquarium in the Living Room

As a beautiful decoration, the aquarium can also make your room more comfortable, what else if you fill the aquarium with a fish-a unique and beautiful or maybe you can keep a fish that has value of money is quite expensive such as Louhan fish, Arowana, or even you can keep sharks if you have a large enough room, but if you have a small room you can make a small aquarium and keep a small ornamental fish that has many interesting colors.

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Example Interior Design Aquarium In The Living Room

Surely you still imagine what kind of living room design has aquarium decoration interesting, below we will give some pictures of the design as well as give you a good idea to determine the shape or size of what aquarium that match the living room you have.

ide design living room 4
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ide design living room 3
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ide design living room 2
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ide design living room
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