1. Overview of minimalist house

When we talk about a minimalist house, we imagine the house of idols and the dream house of many people. Therefore, minimalist home design has become a concept that is in great demand by the Indonesian people, especially the millennial generation. Minimalist home design look beautiful but do not seem excessive when viewed. Minimalist house models are more space-saving and cost-effective of course.

Then, the maintenance will also be easier when compared to large luxury homes. If you want to build or renovate a house with a minimalist design, you need to consider designing it appropriately and attractively. As far as we know, there are many minimalist home models, ranging from simple models to luxurious models. Therefore, don’t let your minimalist home renovation will be hampered because of the money. Here we provide an explanation of the latest minimalist home designs that can be your choice.

2. Minimalist design

The world of design is always developing, but at this time a minimalist home model is still the dream of some small families who want to build a house. Building a minimalist home model doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and have a lot of space. Therefore, there are some inspirations for the latest minimalist home models that can be an option and as desired.

Many simple minimalist house models have been made in types 36 to 45. This type does not cost much, and the design is not complicated because it does not use many classy materials. Usually, this house type many are owned by those who work as employees. But there are also those who make a home with a luxurious design so that it will look pleasant.

As for large houses, of course, it costs more because the materials used are also classy, ​​such as marble, granite, kitchen sets, and luxury furniture. The houses such as this design are in great demand by the upper class so that the appearance of their homes looks more elite. Then, make them confident to accept their business guests. Therefore, we will give some examples of minimalist homes ranging from simple models to luxurious models.

3. Some examples of minimalist homes

In this article, we will discuss an explanation of interior design from simple to luxurious minimalist home types. The existence of materials, furniture, and accessories in this sample image can affect the appearance of the interior of the house. Therefore, we will give some examples of minimalist houses to add your ide and inspiration. Therefore, let’s discuss one by one the images below. Welcome to our review.

Simple minimalist house design

If you want to design a simple house model according to your dreams, you don’t have to use luxurious designs and interiors. Therefore, for those of you who have not prepared a high budget, then this simple minimalist home design option is suitable to be recommended. Although it looks simple, this minimalist home model is quite comfortable to use as a place to live with your family.

Then, to make the house look more attractive, you can design a flower garden, a terrace for relaxing, and plant green grass to make it look more beautiful. Then you can design the paint color like the picture above so that the house looks cooler. Then, if you want to make a simple dream house, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration

Two-story minimalist house design

If you have land that is not so large, but you want to build a house that has a lot of space, you can work around this by applying a minimalist 2-story house design. Then, you can use the 1st floor as a living room, kitchen, guest room, and dining room.

Then for the 2nd floor, you can use more private rooms such as the master bedroom, children’s room, and family room. With a minimalist 2-story house design, you can also add a balcony to relax while enjoying the fresh air from outside. Well, for those of you who have a limited house area, this design is perfect for your home.

Modern minimalist house design

Using a minimalist design does not mean that your home can’t look modern. Therefore, You can build a modern minimalist home design with a cube-shaped roof dominated by neutral colors such as white, gray, or cream. A cube-shaped roof will show a modern minimalist home design because the house roof doesn’t always have to be triangular.

As an option, add a garage space on the side and add a yellow chandelier to make it more beautiful. With a design like this makes you more confident and comfortable. You need to pay attention to the roof above. You have to make the slope of the water. So the water does not stagnate and leak.

Luxurious minimalist home design

As far as we know, many people want a luxury home with a minimalist concept. By combining the design of minimalism and luxury, the house will look elegant. Luxurious minimalist home models are suitable to be combined with classic interiors so that they display an impression that is not excessive.

Then, to look more charming, you can also add furniture with a touch of glass to add to the impression of luxury. Then make a garden and plant grass to make it look green in your home. If necessary, you can add a lounge chair to enjoy the outside air in the morning and evening. Hopefully, this design can add to your inspiration and make your home look beautiful.

One-story minimalist luxury house design

This one-story minimalist house model might be your next inspiration. Areas that are not too large will be easier to clean. Then, this one-story minimalist house design is suitable for those of you who have large land so that space needs can be met.

Then, to make it look more beautiful, an additional terrace and garage beside it. That way, it makes the 1-story minimalist home model look spacious. Then, you can also add a garden or gazebo on the front to relax with your family and then plant some of the lands with green grass as a water catchment when it rains heavily. Well, for those of you who have a large area of ​​land, you can imitate this design.

Letter L . House Design

You can apply the minimalist home model above if you have large enough land. To build a minimalist house ” L” design is highly recommended for a large area because if you apply this design to a small area, the house will feel cramped.

You can see that the minimalist house with the letter L has a large yard and garden beside the house. With this design, you can add a table, chair, or swing to relax as well as a place for children to play.

Minimalist house design full glass

This minimalist full-glass house model can give the impression of luxury. Full glass designs are included in the latest and luxurious minimalist home models. Currently, interiors made of glass are very popular because they are easy to find and available in the market.

But keep in mind that you need to do special maintenance regularly for this minimalist home model to keep it looking clean, and the glass is not easy to crack and break. This house model will look beautiful if you are clever to combine the glass with matching curtains. That way, the room interior does not get hot from the sun.

Beautiful minimalist house design

If you are a fan of plants, you can imitate this minimalist home model. Your minimalist home will feel fresh and cool with the addition of green trees, beautiful flowers, and green grass to make the green atmosphere even more pronounced.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add vines on the roof or balcony railing to make the house look more beautiful. Therefore, if your house has a lot of plants, you must be diligent in caring for them so that the plants do not make the house look shabby and the plants do not dry out and then die.

Corner type minimalist house design

If you have a house right around the corner and want to build a nice house, don’t worry! An example of a minimalist corner house like the one above can be your inspiration. As far as we know, a minimalist corner house will give you a unique and spacious home look. In addition, the design of this house makes you have two pages on the front and side.

Then, for a residence that has a minimalist design, it will look more elegant. In addition, you can create a beautiful garden in front and beside the house so that your home will feel fresher with a green atmosphere.

4. Conclusion

In the article above, we provide some minimalist home design inspiration that you can apply. So, if you already have a dream to build or renovate a house with a minimalist design, make sure you choose the best design recommendations according to your taste. We hope that the minimalist home model above can add to your inspiration and ideas to create a beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, luxurious, and fun house. Happy decorating!


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