– A Scandinavian home exterior is a little bit complicated to be decorated because it needs different things from the interior. We should know the exterior characteristic to avoid making a mistake while applying a beautiful design. It is important to pay attention to suitable furniture and flooring materials that will be applied. There are various types that we can choose as long as it is suitable to our home. It should have long durability to make us can use it for a long time. We recommend choosing the best flooring tiles with strong materials for people who are on a budget because it can make us don’t need to buy new tiles often.

Generally, interior and exterior are different and we can’t assume both of them is the same. We should choose suitable things that have long durability to avoid ruining our design because of damaged furniture. A furniture and flooring materials should be considered to create an amazing Scandinavian exterior. Don’t worry to feel confused while choosing it because today we will give you the best furniture and flooring materials recommendations for a Scandinavian exterior.

What’s Different Between Interior And Exterior Furniture?

Furniture interior is always protected from rain and hot sunlight where the exterior doesn’t have it. We should choose stronger materials than the interior to make sure it won’t be damaged in a short time. An exterior should have a beautiful design to relieve our stress while staying outside. The materials should be strong from termites attacks to create a beautiful home exterior.

The Best Scandinavian Exterior Furniture Materials Recommendations

Scandinavian furniture tends to have wooden materials but actually, we can use others to create a variation. We can choose various design and shape as long as it is suitable for our home exterior. If we want to build a Scandinavian garden, we should know the best material that can withstand all weather. We can’t wrongly choose it because it can spend our money a lot only to fix it. Beautifying a home exterior is also complicated if the furniture is ugly and doesn’t have long durability.

Wooden Furniture

The best furniture materials for a Scandinavian design
Wooden materials

Nothing beats the natural beauty of wood because it brings in an element of warmth and richness so it blends with the natural impression of an exterior. There are various wooden materials such as teak, pine, and eucalyptus so they are suitable to be added to the Scandinavian home exterior. They have long durability and withstand various weather. If we want to use it in the interior, we can add wooden tables and chairs to a Scandinavian living room. However, we should take care often by spreading a special liquid to our wooden furniture.


For an ornamental look, opt for wrought iron or cast iron furniture; it can infuse a whole new depth to the space. This is durable outdoor furniture material, but a bit expensive. A drawback of this material is that iron is susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially in coastal areas because of the presence of moisture and salt-laden air. It is important to powder-coat wrought iron and cast iron furniture so as to make it rust-resistant.
Scandinavian iron furniture

Choosing iron furniture can create a new impression on our home exterior. Moreover, if we want to have a comfortable room outside. Iron furniture has long durability than wooden materials and it will not be damaged by moss or termites. However, we can’t add it in a place that is always revealed to rain because the furniture is not waterproof and can be rusted. The disadvantage of the iron furniture has an expensive price so it is not suitable for people who are on a budget. It is also important to cover it with a powder coat and cast iron to make it rust-resistant. For people who want to have iron materials in their interior, we recommend adding them to the Scandinavian dining room to create a rustic Scandinavian design.


Scandinavian Exterior furniture recommendations
Scandinavian aluminum furniture

Cast aluminum is the best Scandinavian exterior furniture because gives us a modern impression. It is light, durable, affordable, easy to maintain, and doesn’t easy to be rusted but it might be hot when exposed to sunlight. We should cover it with a UV-resistant coat that will make the aluminum protected. A Scandinavian kitchen is preferred to use this furniture because it has a simple design.


Scandinavian rattan furniture materials
Scandinavian rattan furniture

Rattan is popular as a plant-based material that is suitable for a garden. It is budget-friendly, lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and gives an aesthetic impression to our home exterior. However, it does not have long durability and we should take care of it properly. This furniture has a strong cushion that is waterproof so it can be placed for the Scandinavian exterior. It is durable, won’t be faded, and resistant to mold and mildew. Although we recommend you to add it outside, it can also be added to the Scandinavian bedroom to make your room look fascinating.


The best Scandinavian furniture materials
Scandinavian plastic furniture materials

How about a colorful impression? We should consider using plastic furniture materials for our home exterior. It has various colors and shapes that we can choose as long as it is related to the Scandinavian design. It is lightweight and easy to clean because it doesn’t make dirt stick. It is also resistant to mold and mildew because it is waterproof but doesn’t have long durabilities like iron or wooden materials. Besides exterior furniture, we can add plastic furniture to the Scandinavian home office if we can’t buy an expensive office chair.

What’s The Different Interior And Exterior Flooring?

An exterior flooring tile should be stronger than interior tiles because if we install something outside, it will be damaged quickly. It is better if it has waterproof materials and withstands all of the weather so we don’t need to buy new tiles often. The best flooring also makes us comfortable while walking in our home exterior. We can’t wrongly choose it because it can damage our concept and make us can’t feel confident to invite someone come to our home.

Scandinavian Flooring Materials Home Exterior

Flooring is important to be applied as a pedestal and create a beautiful impression in our home. If we want to decorate our home, flooring materials should be considered to make the exterior look fascinating and won’t be broken fast. There are various types that we can choose as long as it is suitable for the Scandinavian style.

Solid Wooden Materials

Scandinavian flooring materials recommendations
Solid wooden flooring

A nature concept can be applied if we add something that is related to it. Solid wooden material is our recommendation to be applied because it has a natural impression. A light brown color looks so pretty if we apply it to the Scandinavian home exterior. It has long durability and is stronger than any material type. It looks elegant with a shiny impression that can create a stunning look.

Composite Wooden Materials

Scandinavian flooring recommendations
Composite wooden flooring

Do you want to decorate your home exterior with something that has strong and affordable materials? If you do, composite wooden flooring tiles are very suitable for you! It is made with modern technology which has a fascinating impression and it is similar to the solid wood flooring tiles. The composite material is made from the best quality of vinyl or plastic materials that makes it have the best quality.


Scandinavian flooring tiles materials recommendations
Scandinavian porcelain tiles

Besides, it is the best material for Scandinavian interior flooring, the porcelain tile is also suitable to be applied in the home exterior. It has beautiful impressions and has various patterns that we can choose as long as it is related to the Scandinavian style.


Scandinavian flooring materials recommendations
Flagstone tiles

Sometimes we want to have a natural home exterior style because it can relieve our stress and it is preferred for a Scandinavian style. We recommend applying a flagstone tile to create a beautiful impression. It has a natural shape and color that make our home exterior looks stunning.

Concrete Floor

The best flooring materials for a Scandinavian exterior
Concrete flooring

There are many people choosing concrete tiles as their flooring because they are stronger than other materials. It has long durability and is suitable for people who want to have something that can be used for a long time.


The best furniture and flooring materials for a Scandinavian exterior should be considered to create an amazing Scandinavian home exterior. We can feel easy to apply the style if we know the best thing that should be added to it.


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