– If we consider choosing a curtain to cover our window or to make it look beautiful we certainly want to have a beautiful pattern. However, curtain fabric is also necessary to know because it can make us confident and by knowing it, we can choose a good quality. After beautifying a window, don’t forget to make your flooring looks fascinating by adding an attractive rug pattern. We should know a Scandinavian characteristic to apply a perfect design and avoid doing mistakes while choosing the rug pattern. Beautiful curtains with the best fabric quality will save our budget because we don’t need to buy them often. It is better to be combined with a beautiful rug to create a perfect style. Let’s get to know about curtain fabric with suitable rugs pattern to create an elegant look.

Scandinavian Curtain Fabric

There are various fabrics which are usually made into beautiful Scandinavian curtains and we should know the best type for our home. We can’t wrongly choose because it can ruin the concept and the applied style. It gives a lot of effect to our home decoration because it is installed on the window. Generally, we always install a curtain in the Scandinavian living room but we can also use it to cover our room without a door. This time, we will give you some information about curtain fabric that might help you to choose the best type.

Light Brown Silk Curtain Fabric

Scandinavian curtain fabric information
Scandinavian silk curtain

It is always called “The queen of fabrics” because it has the best quality and looks elegant if it is made into a curtain. To create a luxurious impression, we should choose and install a silk curtain on our window. However, it has advantages and disadvantages then we should know them to avoid ruining the curtain while taking care of it. It is suitable to be installed in the Scandinavian bedroom to make us cozy while sleeping.

The Advantages Of Silk Curtain Fabric

Long Durability

Making silk thread needs a long time because it is made with a natural process from the silkworm. However, it makes the silk have the best quality than others where it also creates strong and long durability fabrics.


It has a shiny impression that won’t be found in other fabrics so that’s why the silk curtain fabric gives us a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time. We guarantee our guests or family will be amazing if we install this curtain to cover our window.

The Disadvantages Of Silk Curtain Fabric

High Price

If we want to have a silk curtain, we should have enough budget because it is very expensive. We should choose another fabric if we are on a budget because it can make us can’t buy another important thing.

Need Special Care

We can’t wrongly take care of our silk curtain because it can look ugly then spoil the beauty. We should use it at the night and don’t often use it at noon because the color can be faded.

Having Many Fake Products

The most important of choosing the silk curtain fabric is we should be careful because it has many fake products. At first glance, it looks similar but actually, it is different and we can lose our money. It is better to choose another fabric to avoid us buying fake products except we know the characteristic of silk curtains.

Cotton Curtain Fabric

Scandinavian curtain fabric recommendations
Scandinavian cotton curtain

Cotton is the famous fabric for a curtain because it is suitable to be made into various styles and patterns. It is strong and has long durability then we can use it for a long time without changing it frequently. It doesn’t complicate maintenance and we can wash it like other fabrics by using detergent or anything to clean it. However, it is easy to tangle and we should iron it before installing it to the window. We can use it to cover our Scandinavian dining room to create a fascinating look.

Light Grey Scandinavian Linen Curtain Fabric

Suitable Scandinavian curtain
Scandinavian linen curtain fabric

Scandinavian kitchen style might doesn’t need thick curtain and it is suitable for thin curtains then that’s why a linen curtain is preferred to be installed. Linen fabric is made from a natural fiber that’s why it looks wavier than other curtains. The fabric also lights like cotton and falls to the floor perfectly. If our guests want to touch the curtain, we can feel confident and proud because it has soft textured.

Dark Blue Velvet Curtain

Scandinavian curtains recommendations
Scandinavian velvet curtain

Sometimes we feel hot because the sunlight comes into our house and want to cover our window to create a cold atmosphere in the summer. If you want it, we don’t need an air conditioner but we only need thick curtain fabric. A dark blue velvet curtain with a simple pattern is preferred to be installed in the Scandinavian home office to make us comfortable while working or spending time. It looks stunning and can make our room warm because avoid the wind flow.

Suitable Scandinavian Rugs Pattern

Rugs can be added as a pedestal to make us feel warm while sitting on the floor or even to make our room looks prettier than don’t use it. We should consider adding rugs if we want to have a comfortable room and create a stronger interior design. There are many beautiful patterns that we can choose as long as it is related to the concept but this time we will give you some recommendations.

Unique Blue And White Pattern

Scandinavian rugs patterns
Scandinavian blue and white rugs patterns

If we feel bored with beige and light brown colors, we can choose blue rugs like the picture above. It looks unique with various white patterns that can make our room different from others. It can be combined with laminate flooring tiles to create a harmonious combination and create a stronger Scandinavian design.

Black And White Rugs Patterns

Beautiful Scandinavian rugs pattern
Scandinavian black rugs patterns

A Black and white rugs patterns are a perfect combination because it can be combined with the furniture as long as it is related to the design. We can add two cushions to create a comfortable feeling. Wooden flooring tiles is very preferred because it has natural impression and doesn’t make our room look tacky.


To create a beautiful Scandinavian design, we should choose the best curtain fabric and rug pattern because it gives a lot of effect to our style. Hopefully, by using our recommendation, we might help you to create a beautiful design.


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