– A chandelier is suitable for people who want to create a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time. There are many designs and shapes which we can choose as long as it is related to the interior design. It should be installed to make our room feel bright and beautiful at the same time. Actually, we can use other lamps but a chandelier is the best recommendation from us. It has many designs and shapes which are suitable for our interior design. If we feel complicated to choose, we should consider the interior that we will apply.

Generally, modern gothic interior designs have a dark concept so lighting is important to be installed. We can’t feel comfortable if our room feels dark and crowded. There are many people who certainly want to add something beautiful to create a bright impression. Moreover, it is also popular in the modern era so that’s why at this time we will give you chandeliers recommendation.

How To Choose The Suitable Chandelier?

Generally, it is used in the classic or victorian home to create a luxurious and elegant accent where it can give us plus value in home decoration. It also has many designs and shapes that we can choose as long as it is suitable for the interior concept. A chandelier is usually added in the living room, bedroom, even in the bathroom to make a different impression. However, how to choose a suitable chandelier? Don’t worry about it because now we will give you some tips to choose it.

Customizing Your Room

Not all of the expensive chandelier is suitable for our home. We can’t carelessly choose it because it can ruin our concept. We should give attention to make our home looks beautiful. We should consider our interior design and choose a suitable chandelier. Don’t choose it before applying a room style because it can ruin the design and makes our room doesn’t have a harmonious concept. It also makes our decorations and furniture can’t related to each other and our design won’t look pretty.

Pay Attention To The Room Height

We recommend considering your room height because it can give a lot of effects while installing a chandelier. If you have a low ceiling, we don’t recommend you install a long type because it can make the room feel crowded. However, the high ceiling is suitable for installing a long chandelier to make our home looks prettier. Placement also needs to be considered to make it prettier.

Considering Home Furniture Design

Choosing a chandelier design to create a harmonious interior style is important because it gives a lot of effect to our home interior. Don’t let our chandelier become the center of attention because it can make other furniture looks monotonous.

The Chandelier More Preferred To Be Installed In A Dining Room

Although it can be installed in many rooms even in the bathroom, the best place to install a chandelier is in the dining room. We can create a luxurious and elegant impression at the same time and create a brighter room. It also makes our interior design feel stronger because some styles always install a chandelier than any type of lighting. A modern gothic dining room can look beautiful if we install it.

Chandelier Materials

There are many chandelier materials that we can choose as long as it is according to our taste. Choosing multifunction of chandeliers is necessary to do because besides can make our room bright it also creates a beautiful impression. If you have a minimalist room, an iron chandelier is more suitable to be installed than a crystal material.

6 Vintage Modern Gothic Chandelier Recommendation

Vintage style has a warm impression and tends to have beige or brown color in their furniture and decorations while modern gothic has a dark concept. However, we can combine them to create a beautiful vintage modern gothic interior design. To make a perfect combination, lighting should be considered. Besides, making our room bright, it can create a beautiful impression. Moreover, if we install attractive lighting it can make our home prettier. This time, we will give you 6 vintage modern gothic chandelier recommendations!

Black Vintage Crystal Chandelier Modern Gothic Style

Vintage modern gothic chandelier recommendations
Black vintage modern gothic chandelier

A crystal chandelier is suitable for people who want to create an elegant concept. It has a shiny impression from crystal materials with elegant black color. Besides, make our room feel bright, it also makes our home look fascinating. It is suitable for vintage modern gothic interior style because the design looks modern and vintage at the same time. We should install it if we want to apply contemporary modern gothic.

Light Brown Candle Chandelier

Vintage modern gothic chandelier recommendations
Vintage candle chandelier for modern gothic design

For people who are looking for a unique and vintage style, a candle chandelier is the best recommendation. Actually, it has a lamp like others and doesn’t have a real candle but the shape looks like a candle. It also has a beautiful shape and is suitable for the vintage modern gothic style. We can install it in the modern gothic bedroom to make us more pleasant while sleeping.

Vintage Gold Teardrop Chandelier

Vintage modern gothic gold chandelier
Gold teardrop chandelier vintage style

A vintage modern gothic style looks beautiful and luxurious at the same time because it has a gold color and elegant shape. It has a teardrop glass shape which makes it prettier. It is suitable to be installed with modern gothic curtains in the bedroom or your living room. We recommend you to choose this chandelier because it has a unique design and is different from others.

Vintage Modern Gothic Mission Chandelier

Vintage modern gothic chandelier recommendations
Unique mission chandelier

Mission Chandelier is usually composed of several lamps and the shape tends to have the characteristic of art deco style. It always has a lampshade cover which makes it prettier and unique at the same time. It is suitable to be installed in the modern gothic kitchen to create a beautiful and luxurious impression at the same time. We can also make it more comfortable to use for cooking.

Vintage Gold Glass Bubble Chandelier

Vintage modern gothic chandelier
Glass bubble type chandelier

If you don’t want to have a dark chandelier and want to have a unique shape, a glass bubble type is suitable for you. It looks beautiful because the lamp looks like a balloon. We can install it in any room as long as it is preferred to your interior design. It also can be combined with modern gothic furniture to create a color combination.

Feminine Flower Chandelier

Modern gothic and vintage chandelier
Flower lamp shape chandelier

Some people might want to install a chandelier that has a feminine accent and won’t look dark. It also has beautiful and vintage impressions at the same time. Brown and pink color are suitable to be added in the modern gothic interior design.


6 vintage modern gothic chandelier recommendations from us might help you to create a beautiful impression in your home. We can also add some furniture to make our home prettier and have a fascinating interior design. We should pay attention to decorations selection to make our room looks unique. Probably, our recommendations can create a stunning room interior style.


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