– Who wants to have a unique dining room and different from others? If you are one of them, modern gothic-style dining tables and chairs are the best recommendations for you. It has a luxurious and elegant concept at the same time and won’t look monotonous. It is also suitable for people who love dark colors. We can also combine it with bright colors to create a variation in furniture and decoration selection. Gothic style interior designs little bit similar to victorian style because of having the same characteristic. However, the gothic tends to have a dark concept while victorian always use bright colors in its furniture and decorations.

In the modern era, there are many people who want to have a luxurious and beautiful dining room. It is because we can feel more comfortable while eating or spending our spare time. Actually, applying an interior design to create a stunning impression isn’t complicated except if we don’t know how to apply it. We should pay attention to decorations and furniture color. If we choose the right and best type of them, a beautiful interior of the dining room can be created. However, do you know how to apply the gothic style? Don’t worry because today we will give you some information and recommendation about gothic dining tables and chairs. Now, let’s get to the list!

Modern Gothic Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Attending family events is necessary and it is usually completed with eating together in the dining room. It is important to have a beautiful and comfortable place to make us and our family enjoy while eating or only spending time together. That’s why we should decorate it by using stunning and good quality furniture and decorations. This time, we will give you dining room decorating ideas that might help you to create a pleasant place.

Simple Gothic Dining Room

Gothic dining room decorating ideas
Simple gothic dining room design

By attaching some gothic pictures and mirrors to the wall, we can have a simple design of gothic dining room interior design. It can also be combined with contemporary modern style to create a beautiful impression. The suitable furniture for this idea is a rectangular wooden dining table and black chairs. A window can be built to make it have natural light at noon. Don’t forget to add a black candle holder and other decorations on the table to make it more fascinating. A rectangular square pattern tablecloth is suitable to create a stunning look.

Luxurious Gothic Dining Room Style

Gothic dining room decorating ideas
Luxurious gothic dining room interior design

To make our dining room looks fascinating, we should install a chandelier which has a beautiful design. If you want to have a bright impression without turning on the room lamp, a big window should be built to create natural light. It can be covered with modern gothic-style curtains to make a harmonious concept. Applying brown textured walls will not make our dining room look monotonous but it will look prettier. A vintage picture can be attached to the wall. Red and black dining table and chairs are the best recommendations to be added. Don’t forget to apply black and white tiles then add a gold carpet as a pedestal.

Gothic Dining Room Design

Black and white dining room decorating ideas

A black dining chair and wooden table are a perfect combination to be added to our dining room. For flooring, we should choose a wooden tile to create a beautiful impression. Black wall paint is also preferred to be applied to create a harmonious concept in color selection. Don’t forget to install a black chandelier to make it feel bright. A cabinet with some decorations can be added to make us more comfortable. If you want to make your wall beautiful, a round wooden mirror is our recommendation.

Dark But Pretty Dining Room Design

Gothic dining room interior design ideas
Velvet red color carpet creates an elegant impression

Sometimes, pretty tiles don’t enough to make our dining room comfortable and beautiful. We need something which can give an attractive impression and a carpet is our recommendation. By applying a velvet color carpet as a pedestal on our floor, we can have fascinating decoration in our dining room. It can be combined with modern gothic-style furniture to make it looks catchy. To make it brighter, a chandelier and high table lamp can be installed. A palm tree is also suitable for making it fresh and won’t look tedious.

Black Furniture In Modern Gothic Dining Room

Gothic dining room ideas
Black furniture with white wall and flooring

Generally, modern gothic interior design combines modern style with dark colors to create a different look. Black color furniture and decorations are often used in the gothic design because it is suitable. To make it doesn’t look dark, we can combine it with white flooring and wall. A big window is also important to make it still bright without turning room lights.

Modern Gothic Dining Table And Chairs Recommendation

The dining table and chairs are important furniture in our dining room. We can’t apply an interior design if we don’t add them. Some people might be confused to choose a suitable design and color for a modern gothic dining room. Now, we will give you some recommendations about it.

White Dining Table And Chairs

Modern gothic dining table and chairs recommendations
White dining chair and rectangular table

The first chair recommendation is a white color with soft materials which can make us comfortable and have a modern dining room style at the same time. It is preferred to be combined with a rectangular dining table. A white carpet can be added as a pedestal.

Modern Gothic Classic Dining Table And Chairs

Modern gothic dining table and chairs recommendations
Classic dining room table and chairs

A beautiful modern gothic dining room is not only can be created by adding white or black color but classic style is also suitable. Brown color dining chairs with blue wooden dining tables can be added to create a variation and won’t look monotonous.

Wooden Dining Table And White Dining Chairs

Modern gothic dining table and chairs recommendations
White dining chairs recommendations

Just like a previous recommendation but the chair is higher than before. It can be combined with a wooden dining table to create a beautiful impression. Make sure we add a grey fluffy carpet as a pedestal to make us more comfortable and warm while eating.


A beautiful and unique dining room can be created by applying a modern gothic interior design. We should pay attention to furniture and decoration selection. We can also apply a textured wall and add a white table lamp to create a pleasant atmosphere. Hopefully, by using our recommendations and applying our ideas, we might help you to create a stunning dining room.


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