1. Comfortable rooftop

If you live in an urban area, it will be difficult for you to have a home yard. Instead, residents in urban areas choose to use rooftops or roofs as parks to relax. Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also use the rooftop as a comfortable place to exercise to grow crops. When planning to add a roof terrace, you have to consider several factors. The variations in construction and elements make beautiful rooftop terrace design a complex project to tackle. Therefore, it is very important to work with a professional with years of experience in roof terrace construction drawing.

2. Rooftop design

Rooftop means a flat roof in the form of concrete that is located at the top of the house and is open. Usually, rooftop designs are found in modern minimalist-style homes, which are now gaining popularity. A minimalist rooftop or terrace on the roof of a house is something that is rarely presented. But lately, rooftops are more in demand, especially among millennials.

Usually, a rooftop is synonymous with large land and high manufacturing costs. However, with limited residential land, many have started to take the initiative to make a minimalist rooftop a place to rest. Besides being able to have a terrace on the roof of the house, by using a little land, you can also make it at a low cost. For those of you who intend to make a rooftop at home, you can follow our review below.

3. Basic required roof design

Rooftop means a flat roof. This roof is made of concrete located at the top of the house and is open. Usually, rooftops are found in modern minimalist-style houses. Therefore a rooftop design is needed to add a relaxing room to a minimalist home.

Minimalist rooftops or terraces on the roofs of houses are now being made more and more by homeowners. Even though it’s expensive to make. But in the midst of increasingly limited residential land, many are starting to take the initiative to make it. Besides having a terrace on the roof of the house by utilizing a little land, creating a minimalist rooftop is also more economical. For those of you who intend to make a rooftop at home, you can listen to our review below.

4. Some comfortable rooftop designs

In this article, we will review some comfortable and quiet rooftop designs that can make you and your family feel at home. Even though you live in a small house, you don’t need to worry if you have a minimalist rooftop because you get additional space on the roof. So you just design it according to your needs. A comfortable and aesthetic rooftop design can make you feel at home on the roof while enjoying the free air and views below. We hope the reviews below suit your taste. Then, make you and your family more cheerful. Welcome to our review!

Rooftop industrial minimalist

Having a beautifully minimalist design house you have to maximize so that it feels comfortable and enjoyable. A minimalist house is more beautiful with a rooftop because this design makes use of the limited upper floor of the house. This minimalist industrial-style rooftop is usually liked by millennials. Apart from the contemporary coffee shop style, the materials used are quite efficient. You can add furniture such as benches for relaxing, small tables for placing drinks and food, swings for 2 people with foam covers, and some decorations such as plants with pots, and synthetic turf.

Even in a small house, a minimalist rooftop can certainly be applied. The most important thing is to focus on the arrangement because the existence of a ladder to get to the rooftop also needs attention so it doesn’t narrow the room. With this arrangement, you will feel at home and comfortable at home.

The minimalist wooden rooftop design

The design of the house with wood can make the house look more beautiful. Therefore, for the interior of the house to look elegant, you can use wood as the basis for floors, walls, and chairs. That way the terrace of the house and the rooftop make the terrace look neater and more orderly. In addition, the wood elements give a natural feel and feel cool when you step onto the rooftop when you want to relax.

For you to know, if uses wood, you have to take care of it. So the wood used remains strong, not brittle, and still looks beautiful. To overcome this, use a water-repellent coating on floors and wooden fences. If you don’t want to be exposed to rainwater, you can put an asbestos roof on it. Then, to make you relax, please complete with a beautiful sofa set, dining table, television, and some ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will look aesthetic. Then, you will feel comfortable and feel at home in this place.

Minimalist rooftop design with rocks

Rooftops also can use stone materials to give a pleasant impression. As you can see, this rooftop design uses neatly arranged green grass. But for those of you who are busy with daily activities, you should not use grass because the maintenance is quite difficult and complicated. As an alternative, you can add pool stones or white stones, or gravel to the rooftop garden.
The advantage of using gravel or rocks on the rooftop means that the footing area will not be slippery and muddy. The combination of rocks with a footing made of wood can add to the aesthetics. In addition, you can also use these rocks to improve blood circulation by trampling on them while sunbathing. The massage effect you get plus the warmth of the rocks exposed to the sun will add to your body’s relaxation. To create a more relaxed atmosphere, you can make a long bench to sit on while looking at the scenery below and drinking warm coffee. That way, your life will feel delicious and enjoyable.

Minimalist rooftop with green plants

The rooftop garden design means that the top of the roof is decorated with green plants. The goal is to be able to produce clean air, add green land at home, and can be used it as a place to relax with family. The view that we can get from the rooftop means it is very different when compared to the view of the garden which is located in front or back of the house. Besides being cool, we can also see fresh green plants. Then, the heart is calm to see the blue sky and even the sprinkling of stars at night.

The most important thing when making a rooftop garden is to make sure the structure and construction of the roof of the house must be strong to withstand the weight of plants, soil, water as well as the furniture that will be placed later. Then, make a drainage channel by watering the plants. To make you relax. complete with beautiful wooden benches, dining tables, chairs, and sofa cushions. That way, your rooftop design will look beautiful and charming.

Minimalist rooftop design with fish pool

The existence of the water element can certainly make the rooftop feel cooler and more beautiful. You can add a swimming pool, bathtub, or fish pond to your rooftop garden if space and costs are sufficient. Consult with a structural expert if you want to make a large enough pond for your rooftop garden. although fun, need to think about the strength and location. Then, to make it easier to make, use thick glass for the pond. The advantage of this material, you can see the fish playing and swimming in the pond.

Various factors must be considered because you have to routinely maintain and clean your fish pond and even change the water regularly to keep it clean. To make it look beautiful, mix it with accessories such as bingo statues, ornamental plants in flower pots, and coral. Then, design a rooftop wall with river stones. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will look beautiful.

The bar-style minimalist rooftop design

Even though you have limited land, you can also add a mini bar to your minimalist rooftop. Having a minibar can make it easier for you if you want to hold a party, family, or relatives gathering on the rooftop. To make the atmosphere lively, also install additional lights that will make the night atmosphere on your minimalist rooftop even more beautiful. Apart from the mini bar, you can also add barbecue equipment at certain times. Then, add bar stools, bar tables, dining tables, chairs, relax swings, and fun knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will feel comfortable and calm.

The aesthetic minimalist rooftop design

For those of you who like beauty and aesthetically pleasing concepts, this minimalistic rooftop can be used as inspiration. This aesthetically minimalist rooftop is greatly influenced by the decoration and furniture chosen. To make it look beautiful, you can add ornaments and decorations that add to the aesthetics of a minimalist rooftop such as garden lights, carpets, wooden benches, glass partition designs, coffee shop tables and chairs. Then, add wall lights and ornamental plants on the side of the wall. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will feel cozy.

A bohemian minimalist rooftop design

For those of you who like the bohemian concept, of course, you can apply it to your dream minimalist rooftop. Create a warm atmosphere so that the moments of gathering with dear relatives are warmer and more intimate. The unique style offered by bohemian style decor can be brought to the rooftop. However, you have to arrange it properly so that it looks neat and attractive.

With distinctive decorations such as floor carpets with ethnic motifs, tribal pillowcase patterns, and throws, they can be complementary elements to create a comfortable impression. If you want to be more unique, decorate your minimalist rooftop with cactus or succulent pots of different shapes. The green element can perfect the warm color combination that has strongly radiated from your chosen bohemian style. Add colorful floor pillows and colorful fabrics to create an artistic and unique atmosphere. That way, you will feel more confident with your design.

A masculine minimalist rooftop design

The concept of a masculine minimalist rooftop is suitable for those of you who like things that are masculine and don’t like lots of prints. Materials with a firm character such as iron are a strong element in this style. In addition, the choice of furniture and color also greatly influences the success or failure of the masculine concept that is created. You can apply beautiful colorful colors to liven up the atmosphere.

To make it look more beautiful, complete the rooftop with a beautiful sofa set, add foam to make it feel softer, a round table for placing drinks, and a sofa bed for relaxing. To make it look elegant, design walls and floors with wood. Then add beautiful flower pots in several corners of the room so that the eye is pleasing to the eye. With this arrangement, your rooftop design will make you comfortable and feel at home.

Simple but comfortable design

For those of you who want a minimalist, non-complicated rooftop design, you can try this one aesthetic and simple inspiration. With minimalist white coloring, simply present a protective roof or wooden floor and benches. Accompanied by a gentle breeze, also complete with decorative plants and modern relaxing wooden chairs with colors that match the floor. You don’t need a large area, you just need to arrange it properly so that it looks beautiful and comfortable.

A minimalist aesthetic and comfortable rooftop

Maybe a lot of you haven’t thought about building a rooftop house because of limited land or budget. Even though there are several ways to add space to your home. One of them is building a comfortable rooftop in a minimalist house. Even with a rooftop, you and your family will have a different relaxing space compared to other houses. If you are interested in building a rooftop at home, we provide recommendations for rooftop designs for minimalist homes.

By relying on standard room shapes, building a minimalist rooftop is not as difficult to realize as you might imagine. Surrounded by walls and wood flooring, this minimalist rooftop carries an undeniable natural accent. In addition, the addition of furniture such as relaxing rattan chairs, foam-covered wooden sofas, patterned carpets, and wooden tables for placing drinks. Then, add wall decorations with exposed bricks and ornamental plants that can sweeten the appearance of your minimalist rooftop. That way, your rooftop design will look aesthetic and comfortable.

Rooftop garden

If you are happy with the design of the beautiful garden, the rooftop garden is one of the rooftop garden designs that has been used by many people. This rooftop actually functions as a garden with a variety of beautiful and natural flower plants. With that, the rooftop garden can still be used as a place to relax.

To make it look beautiful, you only need to add a wooden floor, long garden chairs or wooden chairs, and a small table so you can spend time relaxing on the rooftop in the afternoon. If space is still available, complete a small table to put things for you to relax. With an arrangement like this, you will feel at home taking care of your flower plants while enjoying the free air in the morning and evening.

Cozy rooftop design

The inspiration for the next house rooftop design is a cozy rooftop. This rooftop design will make you and your family feel at home spending time on the rooftop. There are several components that need to be done so that the rooftop can feel cozy. First, you can use sofa cushions arranged lengthwise to make you comfortable when sitting.

To make it look more attractive, complete the rooftop with an open kitchen. Don’t forget to provide a table so that drinks while relaxing can be placed easily. Apart from that, you can also add carpet on the floor and some feather pillows so that the rooftop feels even cozier. Then, use several ornamental plants such as cacti and ornamental plants that are beneficial for health to decorate every corner of the rooftop. That way, your exterior design will look aesthetic and attractive.

Cafe-style rooftop design

You can design a minimalist rooftop according to your needs. Therefore, we recommend a minimalist cafe-style rooftop design. Yes, even if you have limited land, a rooftop can still be transformed into a beautiful cafe-style. For that, you can make a rooftop floor with wood material to add a modern impression.

Don’t forget to add long chandeliers to make the rooftop feel like a cafe. To make you more relaxed, please add a wooden sofa and table so you can spend time on the rooftop in the afternoon like spending time in a cafe. You can also add ornamental plants, or hanging plants to the wooden pergola to make the rooftop atmosphere livelier. Then, complete the TV for your entertainment. So that the atmosphere doesn’t seem monotonous, place decorative table lamps, fish aquariums, and tables for placing drinks and snacks. That way, your rooftop design will look luxurious and fun.

Rooftop design with wood accents

As you know, wood materials can make your home design look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, wood accents are now quite popular and are widely used as a complement to home designs. A roof with wood accents can make your rooftop look more attractive and modern. Wood accents can make a rooftop even more high-pitched to relax.

Then, to look more attractive, you can provide wood accents on the floors, parapets, and wooden pergolas. In order to relax you and your family, don’t forget to put easy chairs, soft sofa sets on the rooftop, tables for placing drinks, snacks, and spotlights so that your activities with your family are more enjoyable. So that the roof of your house looks cooler, you can make a semi-transparent roof made of wood that is half the size of the roof to protect you when it’s hot during the day and it’s raining. With this arrangement, you and your family will be comfortable and calm at home.

Rooftop design with a chic style

The next rooftop design inspiration is a chic rooftop. In this one rooftop design, you can hang a unique lamp on a rope hanging from the two poles. Then, when you want to relax on the rooftop at night. Don’t forget to turn on the lights so that it looks beautiful in front of the rooftop. To make it look more attractive, add ornamental plants to the corners of the rooftop to make the rooftop even more lively. Then, design fences from wire and iron for the safety of you and your family. Try to design a high fence.

To make relaxing activities even more enjoyable, add some patio chairs and tables to enjoy the view below. That way, your rooftop design looks like a chic style. Then, you and your family feel more comfortable and at home to be in this place.

Industrial style rooftop

The next house rooftop design is an industrial-style rooftop. This rooftop design is perfect for those of you who like modern home designs. You can put a semi-transparent canopy that covers part of the rooftop area. Then, add some sofas or chairs and tables that can make relaxing activities more comfortable.

In order to make you feel at home in this place, don’t forget to put a long table and chairs to enjoy dishes from the kitchen in front of the table. Then, design this rooftop with equipment made of iron, such as a kitchen canopy, hanging decorative lights, and a lounge in the corner of the kitchen. That way, your rooftop design will look industrial. Hopefully, this design is useful for you and your family.

The rooftop garden is a place to relax

In everyday life, you definitely need an atmosphere to relax. So for those of you who like to enjoy the evening atmosphere from above while eating coffee, a garden design with relaxing furniture can be an inspiration for you. A beautiful flower garden on the roof of the house which is located at the top requires a fence around the garden.

In this place, you can make custom furniture such as wooden benches following the path of the fence. Then, you can design a wooden pergola as a barrier when it rains. You can see in the picture above, the wood material used can align the plants in it. With this design, your rooftop will feel comfortable and quiet for you to relax.

Garden design with jacuzzi

We know that every family needs time to enjoy their holidays together. Therefore, in a dwelling, it is advisable to make a garden design for you to relax and chat. Jacuzzi design can be an interesting inspiration for your home. You and your family will feel immersed in the beauty of the plants that adorn the roof of your house. Besides that, you can put a garden on the rooftop of your house with a ceramic mat with a wood motif to make the space more beautiful.

If you already have a minimalist Jacuzzi design on the roof of your house, don’t forget to pay more attention to the water installation channels. Then, to make it feel more beautiful, complete your rooftop with garden chairs and wooden floors. That way, you and your family will feel comfortable.

Minimalist beautiful garden design

For those of you who like the arrangement of space in the house with quite complicated thoughts. You can make a minimalist rooftop garden with a beautiful design. Scandinavian or rustic themes can be the basic idea for making your favorite garden!

You can also make a cupboard for storing gardening tools in a cupboard so that the rooftop still looks neat and aesthetically pleasing. To make it look more attractive, don’t forget to add a round dining table and chairs with a tall design as a compliment. Then, complete your rooftop with a wooden sofa covered with soft foam and patterned sofa cushions. To make it look green, you can put plants in the rooftop area. That way, your rooftop design will look like a beautiful mini garden. Then, you can have a romantic dinner with your partner while seeing the beautiful panorama at night.

Closed rooftop design

The best rooftop design is that it can provide the freshest air. So it can be a place to relieve your stress. Breathing the air, while looking at a beautiful green garden is indeed the most enjoyable activity. However, if you don’t like the design of a rooftop with an open desain, you can make it covered with a roof made of glass in the entire area. Of course, it will make the garden look more beautiful and attractive.

This way can make it safe from excessive rainfall. Then, to make it pleasing to the eye, you can put some ornamental plants in the pots that you provide. Then, design a rooftop floor with a wood motif to make it look elegant.

Children’s playground design

If you have young children, you must think about their happiness playing. Having a small child who is still growing, makes you think about making a playground design for the top area of ​​your house because of the limited land you have. So make a larger area so that children can run and play.

Then, design their playground with plants around it, and don’t forget where they rest. Apart from that, you can also make an inflatable swimming pool on weekends, so the children can swim freely in a beautiful atmosphere. To make them even more cheerful, complete your rooftop with interesting games for them. In this way, they will feel at home playing in this place.

5. Conclusion

Those are some minimalist rooftop garden designs that we can recommend. If you are interested in one of our reviews, you can use it as inspiration for your rooftop design. However, if you want to go your way, you can order it from a home decor company. So that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, our review above can make the exterior of your minimalist home look aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable. Then, useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!


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