1. Mini garden 3-bedroom apartment

If we live in an apartment, of course, we can’t expect to get enough space for gardening, especially in the backyard. As you know, the yard is a shared facility for all apartment residents. But if you wish to have one small space that can be used as your private garden, you can use the balcony area or rent a 3-bedroom apartment.

Then, use the balcony to create a unique and rich greenery garden. This is the inspiration for the garden in the balcony area to make your apartment fresh and green. But If you are interested in buying an apartment, a Japanese-style balcony garden can create a simple but unique space. This garden is also in perfect harmony with the placement of green trees, rocks, and the element of water. In addition, this garden design is the answer if you want a small pond in the corner of the apartment balcony.

A narrow balcony design might look attractive when it is turned into a garden. Place plants near walls and railings. But still, leave a little corridor as a place for you to walk when watering plants. To add freshness to this tiny garden, you can place various plants with colorful flowers and decorative plants.

2. Arranging the design in a narrow area

You always see an open area in the house only left on the side. Usually, this area is a shortcut from the front of the house to go directly to the kitchen or other areas at the back of the house. So, instead of just letting it function as a road, you can beautify the appearance of this area with a minimalist garden design on this narrow land.

This side area of the house is usually elongated, minimalist garden designs on narrow land must be adapted to elongated patterns, such as planting trees or making mini aquascapes in a row in a straight line following the length of the available land. Then, also provide a small long chair as a place for you to relax.

Then, for matters of plant types, it is best to design a minimalist garden in this narrow area using plants such as bamboo clumps, shrubs, or even small palms which are believed to be plants that bring good fortune. In addition, these plants are suitable when planted in a straight line. You can also apply this minimalist garden design on narrow land to your apartment. That way, your mini apartment garden will look beautiful.

3. Various examples of gardens

The presence of a garden at home will certainly make the appearance of the residence feel more attractive dan fresh. Especially if the mini garden is made very beautifully, of course, it will make the owner feel at home for a long. Well, if you want to make a garden at home, here is an idea for setting up a simple garden in your apartment.

The garden in the apartment is beautiful

A beautiful garden can be created not only outside the apartment but also indoors. In addition to adding to the beauty of the room, this garden also makes the atmosphere more beautiful. Then, with the presence of plants, of course, it can have a good effect on health.

Why should you have a home garden? because existence is so very important. One of them is an air purifier. Indoor pollution, both at home and at the office, can indirectly increase the risk of respiratory infections, stroke, and lung cancer.

As you know, plants can help eliminate space pollution that comes from harmful compounds, fuel, furniture, and clothing. In addition to adding to the aesthetics of the house, indoor plants are more comfortable because they can increase productivity by up to 38%. If you want to always be healthy, you can make this image your inspiration.

Minimalist garden design with a fish pond

The presence of the element of water in the garden can add a cool impression to your home. So who would have thought that the water element in the form of a pond could be presented in a minimalist garden design on a narrow land? to make it look more attractive and aesthetic, you can make a simple koi pond in a minimalist garden. Then, you can add small plants in pots or shrubs with various color combinations. In fact, you can add a mini fountain model as well as a place for fish to gather and play.

To make it look natural, design your garden with neatly arranged river stones. Then, make a shape according to the area and your taste. Then, design a seat made of river rock for you to feed the fish while playing with them. That way, your stress will disappear. You too will look fresh again.

Minimalist garden design with coral

For those of you who are super busy and rarely have time to take care of the garden, you can use the following minimalist garden design on a narrow land. In addition, using grass, you can fill the lower area of ​​the garden with coral. Gardening like this can make you feel more comfortable because you don’t need to water the plants regularly. You simply water the plants in the pots and grass to keep them alive. Then, don’t forget to put them out in the sun.

As you know, now there are many minimalist concept houses that apply minimalist garden designs on narrow land like the picture above because they are very easy to maintain. Even so, you can still add minimalist patio chairs to relax in the afternoon. Apart from that, you can also step on coral so the nerves in the soles of your feet make you healthier. With a layout like this, your apartment design will look more aesthetic

Minimalist garden design with green grass

If you have a garden area that is not too large and doesn’t feel crowded, you can work around this with a beautiful minimalist garden design like this one picture. The key is to present a spacious area as the center or focal point of a minimalist garden design on the available land. Around it, you can place green grass, various plants, and a garden chair made of natural stone for relaxing. Then, you can also make a fence using Dutch teak to make it look more attractive.

So that your grass grows lush and beautiful, trim it regularly and do regular watering. With this arrangement, your garden will feel more comfortable. Then, you can also play with your children’s fruit. Happy decorating!

Vertical minimalist garden design

Minimalist garden design on narrow land this one may have often been applied. To get around limited land, you can create a vertical garden area. This one way is a perfect solution. To make it look more attractive, you can place an arrangement of plant pots vertically on the exterior wall area of ​​the house or on the fence wall.

Besides that, you can also make a window shading frame that can be occupied by plant pots. With this arrangement, your apartment design will look beautiful and unique. In addition, you can also save space in your apartment. In order to be able to enjoy your favorite plants in the morning and evening, you can equip them with garden benches. That way, the atmosphere in your garden design will feel more beautiful and comfortable.

Beautiful little garden

The beautiful mini garden that you decorate on this Japanese-style balcony creates a simple but unique space. The design of this garden is also very harmonious with the placement of green trees, rocks, and water elements. This garden design seems to be the answer if you want a small pond in the corner of the apartment balcony.

To make it look more artistic, you can complement the garden with antique and artistic knick-knacks. Then, to make you relax, you can complete the garden with wooden floors, beautiful garden chairs, tables for placing drinks, and beautiful flower pots. With this arrangement, the mini garden on your apartment balcony looks artistic and unique.

Beautiful and artistic garden

Renting an apartment has become a choice for many millennials today. Of course, there are many reasons behind this decision. Even so, the limited area of ​​the apartment makes the owners less free to relax, one of which is if you want to have a private garden.

So you don’t choose the wrong apartment model, even if you don’t have a large enough area, you can still make a small garden on the apartment balcony, if you are good at arranging it, your mini apartment garden will look beautiful and aesthetic. However, if you can’t take care of it, your apartment will look messy.

Use a hanging plant shape

One of the most reliable ways to make a garden on an apartment balcony is by hanging plants in the garden. This form will not take up much space on a limited balcony. In addition, you can use many ways to hang your favorite plants so they can grow and thrive.

By using used wooden shelves or used nets that are mounted on the wall, you can place pots with the plants that you like. In addition, you can also plant succulents with wall stickers that are shaped as beautifully as possible. In addition, hanging pots filled with plants on the balcony ceiling can also be an alternative. Then, making a rectangular pot design on the floor can also make you feel like planting it in the ground. In order for the plants to thrive, you can put fertilizer and water them regularly. That way, your garden will look more attractive.

Give a touch of wood decoration to your garden

The garden is synonymous with a lush, fresh, and warm atmosphere. To make it feel warm, give your small garden a touch with decorations made of wood. You can put wooden chairs and tables on the floor using wood-colored vinyl. With an atmosphere like this, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with your family. The wooden chair can also be a small hangout place surrounded by plants. So, even though the land is narrow, you can still enjoy the atmosphere of sitting in the garden in the morning while enjoying a cup of tea.

Plant vines on balcony trellises

Don’t let the balcony trellis look lonely. You can use it as a garden for vines. That way, the balcony atmosphere will feel more lush, even if only with these vines. Then, you can enjoy the morning and evening atmosphere by placing chairs and tables while enjoying hot coffee.

Some of the vines that you can plant include mandevilla, Dutch betel, and many more. You only need to let the plant spread on the balcony trellis. It doesn’t need a lot of attention, the most important thing is that you diligently water it. To make it look beautiful at night, you can put decorative lights on the ceiling. Then, complete the pot with flower plants. That way, your balcony garden will look beautiful.

Mini garden on the balcony

Apartments with gardens made on balconies are in great demand by residential seekers. Today many apartments offer balconies with direct views of the sea, city, and even mountains. In addition, the size of the balcony of the apartment varies quite a lot, depending on the type and price of the vertical housing you choose.

So you don’t need to bother if you get a balcony of a small size. Because you can change and add some creative touches that will make it look cozy. To make it happen, you only need to get interesting apartment balcony ideas and inspiration as above.

Garden with flower pots and furniture set

Garden design is not only ornamental plants and flowers. You also can design a garden with some beautiful flower pots and furniture. Adding a set of furniture such as a special table and chairs outdoors, effectively makes the garden on the balcony of the apartment more comfortable to use. Then, choose aluminum or wood materials, considering that the wind in the building area is quite strong and can be dangerous if carried by the wind.

Some of the characteristics and materials of furniture that are suitable for placing outdoors, namely Furniture made of teak, cedar, or redwood are naturally resistant to decay. The maintenance of wooden goods can use a water-resistant sealer, which will increase the weather resistance properties and prevent the wood from rotting. With this arrangement, your apartment will look beautiful and pleasant.

Aesthetic mini garden

If you have a beautiful apartment, create an apartment balcony in green to make it look beautiful. Besides that, you can also cultivate several types of ornamental plants such as Mother-in-law’s tongue or other types of bonsai plants. If you don’t want to bother with intense maintenance that takes up time, plastic plants and flowers can be the right alternative.

To make it look more beautiful, complete it with synthetic grass, and large flower pots to accommodate various ornamental plants. Then, decorate with wooden shelves to place knick-knacks, and colorful flower pots placed on the synthetic grass. With this arrangement, the garden design on your balcony will look aesthetic.

Garden design sitting on the floor

For those of you who like the atmosphere of sitting on the floor, a garden design like this is perfect for you to create in your apartment. Instead of not having enough space to place outdoor furniture, it’s better for you to make comfortable seating using cushions from weather- and water-resistant fabrics.

As a base, you can add a specially designed floor rug, also known as heavy-duty. Apart from adding rugs and pillows, you can still place small outdoor lounge chairs in the corner area. Then, place some beautiful flower pots so that it is pleasing to the eye. This concept can be applied to small apartment balconies or room balconies that are not too large. With this arrangement, your apartment design will look artistic and unique.

Balcony design like a home garden

If you currently live in an apartment or house that has a balcony, you can maximize the balcony space into a mini garden. Balconies have limited land, so choose small plants, such as betel ivory, persimmon, mother-in-law’s tongue, or flower plants in pots. That way, your balcony does not become cramped.

To make it look more attractive, complete a long wooden bench to place flower pots, then design a half-round table and attach an iron fence. To make it look more natural, add a balcony floor with a wood motif. With this arrangement, all you have to do is put a chair in front of the table while enjoying a cup of warm coffee.

The garden of the house merges with the family room

A mini forest with tropical nuances can be an inspiration for garden design choices in your home. To make it look beautiful, choose tropical plants such as ornamental bananas, agave, and palms which are easy to care for. Then, to separate the garden and the room, use sliding or folding doors made of glass so that the garden that is separated by the door still looks together. So that you can relax and enjoy your mini garden, complete your room with sofa sets, tables for placing drinks, patterned sofa cushions, and interesting knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your apartment interior design feels comfortable.

Home garden outside the workspace

If you want to be more productive at work and get inspiration easily, you can create a home garden near your workspace. That way, you can get a beautiful and cool garden view when looking out of the room. However, if conditions are not possible, you can try to put ornamental plants in the room because plants are believed to increase happiness and provide refreshment to you. Besides being beneficial for health, plants in the workspace can also reduce stress and increase your productivity.

To make it look beautiful, please complete the garden outside your home with green grass, coral, ornamental plants, benches that you can make with ceramics, bright patterned sofa cushions, long flower pots, and decorative lights. That way, the garden design outside your workspace will feel comfortable and can inspire you. Happy decorating!

Set the intention in making a mini garden

Don’t let the balcony in your residence look plain and boring. If this happens, you will not feel comfortable in this place. Therefore, you can create a new, more organized area with colorful and beautiful flower plants. However, make sure whether you are serious about this intention or just a fad.

So it is important for you to establish your intention when you want to create a beautiful flower garden on the apartment balcony area. Basically, you involve living things in the form of plants to live with you. Don’t let it be done, you don’t even take care of it so that the plants in the garden wither and die.

The right plant design for a mini garden on your balcony

The next step is determining what type of plant is right for your garden. Those of you who are used to caring for plants, might not mind this too much. But it’s another thing for beginners, you have to choose plants that are easy to care for and don’t require extra handling. Therefore, choose plants that can grow in pots rather than in wider soil.

To make it look like a real garden, you can hang flower pots on the ceiling, then put flower pots on the fence, and put them next to your balcony railing. Then, add decorative lights to make it look beautiful at night. That way, your apartment balcony will look like a beautiful mini garden at night.

4. Conclusion

Those are some minimalist garden designs in apartments that you can use as a reference in making a garden in your apartment. If you are ready to make your dream garden come true, don’t forget to complete your garden with furniture and ornamental plants. We hope our review above suits your taste. However, if you don’t want to bother with arranging it, you can order it from a home decor company so that the results are satisfying and according to your taste. Hopefully, the above reviews can make your apartment design look aesthetic, beautiful, attractive, and comfortable. Happy decorating!


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