1. Overview desain natural

When visiting someone’s house, the first room you will see is the living room of the house, and then the other rooms. This makes the interior design of the living room a representation of the entire interior of the house. So, it’s not wrong if you need to pay more attention to the interior design of the living room in your home.

Discussing the interior design of the living room itself, there are many styles in the interior that are developing now. You can choose a variety of living room interior design styles according to the model of the house. There are living room interior styles that are currently popular for your dream living room interior reference, namely natural interior design.

One way to bring a warm and fresh feel to a home is to apply natural design concepts to the house interior. Natural interior design is also very suitable for a country located in a tropical climate area. Therefore, various natural interior room design inspirations make your dream home more comfortable.

2. Attractive design

The design of the living room is an important place in your home. As far as we know, the living room is a place in the house that will always be visited by guests who come to the house. Of course, so that guests are comfortable lingering in your home, there is nothing wrong with choosing the type of natural living room design. Then, to feel a more comfortable impression, you can create an attractive design. For that, let’s review your favorite natural design ideas and inspiration with various interior needs that suit your taste.

3. Ideas and inspiration

Highlighting natural elements with natural interior concepts will make your home interior design feel comfortable. No wonder, if there are people who make designs such as dwellings in the house. Everyone has different ideas and inspirations to apply to their homes. Some choose classic, industrial, minimalist, and natural designs. Especially for natural interiors, this concept has claimed to be able to present a fresh, warm, and comfortable impression for its residents. Therefore, if you are curious about natural design houses, you can see some examples below. Welcome to our review.

Minimalist natural living room design

One of the advantages of natural living room design is that it makes people feel at home and not get bored quickly. No one will be bored if they are treated to the soothing nuances of nature. On the other hand, natural nuances can make the mind calm, the soul feels at home, and the aesthetics of the soul fulfilled.

Then, to look more attractive, you can add a sofa set with a round model, motif sofa cushions, wooden tables, wall hangings, and flower pots. To make it look harmonious, interior design with colors that match your luxury sofa. That way, your living room will look elegant.

Modern natural living room design

Having a beautiful living room is everyone’s dream. Natural design designs like the picture above can use the feel of translucent wall-wide glass. Try outside the window glass to enjoy a garden or beautiful natural scenery.

Then to make it look natural, you can design a wall with exposed brick. You can add attractive wall paintings, soft sofa sets, round tables, unique hanging lamps, several pots of ornamental plants and flowers, bright color floor carpets, and beautiful knick-knacks that are placed on metal shelves. With this arrangement, your living room design will look natural.

Bring a garden in the living room

Many people design flower gardens outside the home. However, ornamental plants in a garden in the living room, it can make the atmosphere fresh. Then, the presence of a garden can also help maintain the air quality in the room. To make it easier for you to care for it, make sure you use a type of plant that does not require direct sunlight so as not to make you busy caring for it.

However, the presence of some furniture like long sofa sets, carpets with colors that match the sofa, wall paintings, and spotlights are expected to make the garden design in your home design look aesthetic. Then, to complete the room’s interior design, you can add a round glass table to place a flower pot.

Use of natural colors

If you want to make your living room design look beautiful and charming, you can add a sofa with a combination of soft natural colors such as brown, white, gray, and so on. Then, choose room accessories that have a matching style. Do not use modern motifs and designs. Then, do not display too many accessories that do not support the natural feel.

To look more beautiful, install a transparent window curtain with a white motif to make it look harmonious with the interior of the room. Then, add some ornamental plants in rattan pots, floor rugs, flower pots, fleece rugs, televisions complete with shelves, and interesting knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your natural living room design looks artistic.

Simple and attractive interior design

This natural living room design looks like a bohemian design. You can see this living room look full of colors. Therefore, accessories should try not to match the color to make it look more festive. Dark brown motifs are very appropriate to support the strength of natural nuances. You can place these color motifs on the colors of the sofa or corner table. Therefore, the beauty of natural nuances in the simple living room is more important.

Then, to look attractive, add colorful sofas, rattan lounge chairs, colorful sofa cushions, and wooden tables. In addition, the presence of several ornamental plants in pots can provide a calm and refreshing and can make the beauty of living room design.

Design with wood material

If you want to display nature’s most beautiful design. You can accentuate with wood elements. Not only on tables and chairs. But you can apply this wood element to floors, walls, and even ceilings.

Then, to make it look more natural, you can add wooden furniture such as tables, chairs, wall shelves, and buffets. Then add a set of sofas, rugs, decorative lights, and fans. To make it look more harmonious, design the living room walls with wood. That way, the interior design of your living room looks beautiful and aesthetic.

Take advantage of the presence of vegetation

The presence of ornamental plants will also really help bring a natural impression to the interior of the room. But if caring for plants is a hassle, you can consider using plastic plants. To look like real ornamental plants, you can choose green plastic plants.

However, you can also decorate the interior of your room with ornamental plants that don’t bother you. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add furniture that matches the interior of the room. Then design the interior of your room with white to make it look wider. In this way, the interior design of your room will look like vegetation.

Lighting in natural interior design

The interior design of this living room looks bright and tidy like a gallery room. Therefore, if live plants are your choice to create a natural room design, then make sure the lighting in the living room looks good so the plants can survive. But if natural lighting is lacking, use lights to make the room is bright. as far as we know, a bright interior room will help highlight the natural feel of the interior.

Then to make it look more beautiful and elegant, you can add antique sofas, wall paintings, some ornamental plants placed in rattan pots, wall shelves, floor carpets and knick-knacks that match the interior of the room. With this arrangement, the interior design of your room can amaze everyone who sees it.

Natural interior with natural stone accents

Highlighting natural stone accents can also be a way to realize a natural interior design for your home. Therefore, combine these natural stone accents with furniture and decorations with wood elements to maximize the natural impression of the room.

Then, to make it look thick with a natural design, you can decorate your dining room with classic wooden tables, antique benches, and buffets attached to the wall for storage of knick-knacks, decorative lights, and attractive dining room knick-knacks. To look more in harmony with the design of natural stone, you can design a floor with wooden tile. That way, your dining room design will look beautiful and aesthetic.

Unite the interior and exterior spaces of the building

If you bring gardens and ornamental plants into the room, it will make the atmosphere of the room fresher. To unite a garden that is outdoors with indoors so that a natural impression can be felt in the room interior, you must design a large glass window.

Then to make it look more attractive, you can add antique chairs from woven rattan, round tables, beautiful flower pots, unique chandeliers, and some interesting wall paintings. In addition, you can also add ornamental plants to the room. With an arrangement like this, the interior of your room will look charming and fun.

Wood shades for a warm impression

Natural design is synonymous with natural materials such as wood. Therefore, you can use some wood texture. Then, give an attractive wood color. Aside from being furniture, wood materials also can be applied to the floor to replace ceramic floors. Although it is expensive, the use of wood effectively gives the impression of being warm, calm, and comfortable in the room.

To make your living room design look more aesthetic, you can add a sofa set, sofa cushions, antique decorative lamps, beautiful wall paintings, classic wall clocks, small buffets, floor rugs, and ornamental plants. With this arrangement, your living room design will feel comfortable.

Play with earthy-tone colors

Another factor that needs to be considered in designing a natural interior design is the application of color to the interior. Use earthy-tone colors in the living room, such as brown, beige, white, and similar colors. Then, the application of this color is not only on the furniture but also on the wallpaper on the walls to the floor and ceiling.

To make it look more attractive, add a soft sofa set, sofa cushions, antique decorative lamps, floor rugs, and wall decorations with colors that match the wooden floor. To make the atmosphere in the room warmer, add knick-knacks in a color that matches the wooden floor. That way, your living room design will look beautiful and natural.

4. Conclusion

Almost everyone wants to make their living room look beautiful with a natural design because this design is currently a trend. Although many people are not familiar with natural design, they still try to create a living room with it.

Even some people are willing to spend a lot of money to make beautiful their living rooms. Therefore, natural designs can make their living room look attractive, aesthetic, beautiful, and comfortable. Hopefully, the ideas and inspiration above can be useful for you.


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