1. Beautiful ceiling overview

If any guests come to your house, the first step, they will see the house’s interior. They will feel the comfort of your home interior if your living room has been designed beautifully and neatly. As far as we know, the living room is the first part of the house to welcome guests. Therefore, please make your living room as well as possible.

As you know, one that supports the design of the living room and can determine its comfort is the ceiling model of the living room. There is no harm in paying more attention ceiling in this living room. Choosing the best living room ceiling model can affect the comfort of all parts of your home. Therefore, let’s look at the attractive design.

2. Attractive design

An attractive ceiling model can add to the aesthetic value of the interior of a house. With a choice of beautiful ceiling models, the interior design of the house will look elegant. Therefore, you must pay attention to the ceiling design of your home. We understand that the ceiling is not only a barrier to the height of a room, it also has multiple functions, including adding to the beautiful impression of the room, protecting the house from hot or cold weather, covering the electrical elements of the house, and so on.

Ceiling models are in great demand to install in the house. There are several materials for the ceiling, such as asbestos, wood, and PVC. In addition to affordable prices. However, the most widely used and popular in the community is gypsum. Therefore, let’s take a look at the ideas and inspiration below.

3. Ideas and designs

If you’re looking for inspiration for a living room ceiling model, you can see this idea and design. Let’s follow the design model in this article. The interior of your home will feel comfortable and look unique. House structures such as ceilings can provide added value and beauty house, including in a small living room.

Then, the limited size of the living room is one of the challenges for you to make the ceiling look attractive. Therefore, choosing an inappropriate material or ceiling design can make a small living room look cramped. To work around this, you have to adjust the ceiling to the condition of the room. Starting from choosing the best material and the appropriate design. In addition to residential comfort, ceiling repairs and renovations can attract visitors who come to the house. To help you, we present some ceiling inspiration that you can apply to a small living room at home. For that, let’s follow our review below.

Gypsum ceiling model for small living room

To make the house look more attractive, you should pay attention to the gypsum ceiling model so that your living room looks beautiful. We know that the living room is a room that is often enjoyed with your family. Therefore, for a small living room design, you can apply a minimalist design without losing the aesthetic side.
Then, to look more beautiful, you can choose the type of gypsum tray ceiling model. This model is made deeper in the middle. While in the middle, you can select ornaments that will enhance the appearance, such as a fan and a chandelier with a matching theme. As you know, the advantages of gypsum ceilings are durable, minimalist design, anti-fungal, and leak-proof. This material is very suitable for minimalist design.

Simple bedroom gypsum ceiling model

A beautiful and comfortable bedroom design is everyone’s dream. Therefore, the gypsum ceiling model is the best for a minimalist bedroom. This design like in the picture above can make your bedroom look beautiful. In addition, this design will increase the quality of your sleep. For that, you can try an alternative box-shaped gypsum ceiling model.

It seems that this design is suitable for small to medium-sized bedrooms. To add a warm impression, you can use yellow illusion lighting. Then, add decorative lights, wall accessories, and a soft foam bed.

Gypsum ceiling model for a minimalist dining room

This gypsum ceiling model looks beautiful in the dining room. This method can create a warmer atmosphere and increase appetite. In addition, you can consider a minimalist design with a simple pattern for the dining room in your home. Then, this gypsum ceiling model will give the impression of being quite spacious if the dining room is fairly small.

As a sweetener, give an antique chandelier with a similar theme so that the simple impression becomes more modern. Apply natural stones on the side walls of the room for a more elegant look. Then, choose a dining table and chairs for the family to gather and add ornamental plant pots and a wall shelf. That way, your dining room design will look aesthetic.

Elegant minimalist kitchen gypsum ceiling model

The kitchen must be a private space for some people. However, others like to expose this one room. If you are one of those who make the kitchen an area that is freely accessible, then the appearance of the ceiling is important to take into account.

If you want to make a kitchen look spacious, you can freely determine the gypsum ceiling model to be applied. But if the size of the kitchen is small, then you can consider the application of an elegant minimalist design. Then, to look more attractive, you can choose a multilevel or plain gypsum ceiling model. But it all depends on your taste and budget. What is clear, ornaments such as chandeliers, lighting from behind the ceiling, and paint colors will make your small kitchen look elegant. To look more harmonious, design furniture colors with colors that match the ceiling. That way, your kitchen will look beautiful and bright.

Curved ceiling model

If you have a living room with an elongated position, the curved dining room ceiling model like this arc is suitable to be applied in your dining room, but if you want to make the ceiling model like it, you must design with the best. So it looks more attractive.

Usually, the famous flexible gypsum material has been chosen to form this dining room ceiling model. However, By applying the curved dining room ceiling model, your home will seem alive and unique because the shape of the ceiling is different from the shape of the floor and walls. Then this shape tends to be straight.

In addition, the curved living room ceiling model will give a spacious impression of your dining room. You can also apply this ceiling model to other rooms. That way, your dining room will look artistic and spacious.

Geometric gypsum ceiling model for living room

For you to know, the family room is usually only used by family members. Therefore, design this room with a gypsum ceiling to make it look more attractive. Then you can play with geometric patterns or shapes for an aesthetic impression. This method can be a reference for your living room ceiling. Next, you can design according to your taste.
Then to feel more comfortable, present some furniture that can add warmth to this one room. With an aesthetic and attractive design, it can make your family more familiar. One way you have to choose a gypsum ceiling model with geometric planes. Then, you set it with your favorite colors without losing the element of warmth that you want to present. In addition, choosing an orange or yellow color can make it look more beautiful and comfortable.

Flat living room ceiling with custom print

If the room in your house has a ceiling position that is not too high, this living room ceiling model can be the right choice. A flat living room ceiling model like this will not take up much space at the top. But, if left plain, of course, it will look monotonous and boring. Therefore, you can use custom-printed patterns on the living room ceiling model.

Custom printed patterns and living room ceiling models are usually made of gypsum or carved wood. This living room ceiling model is very flexible. Then, the model and the desired impression are by the wishes of the residents of the house. Therefore, the pattern display on this living room ceiling model also can be designed to reflect your character. To look more attractive, mix the floor with wood motifs, then add floor rugs, sofa sets, floral sofa cushions, wall lamps, flower pots, and wall paintings. With this arrangement, your living room design looks elegant.

Grid-type living room ceiling model

You can see this picture. This living room ceiling model looks more comfortable. This ceiling has made with a grid type, so it looks harmonious with the living room furniture. The displayed checkered panels have been made in different colors. For example, in the part section of this living room ceiling model, you can give a bright paint color such as white. Then, at the top give a dark color.

The appearance of this living room ceiling model looks simple but very elegant. However, you should apply this living room ceiling model to a large room. If your living room is not too wide, you can apply this living room ceiling model to be one with the ceiling of another room so it looks attractive. For a perfect look, you can add a beautiful minimalist sofa set, sofa cushions in the same color, a guest table, and a beautiful flower pot. With this arrangement, your living room design will look luxurious and charming. Then, you and your family will feel more comfortable

Bedroom ceiling model with textile creations

This one ceiling looks different. This ceiling uses plain cloth as a creative ornament on the living room ceiling model. Then a model like this only can be installed on a grid-type ceiling model. In this method, each part of the square panel that stands out more can be added with plain colored thick cloth ornaments and hung at the four corners. Then, the color of the fabric must be contrasted with the color of the ceiling.

But if you want to make a ceiling like it, you have to remember the existence of textile ornaments on the ceiling will give the impression of the bedroom ceiling look not spacious. Therefore, this bedroom ceiling model should be used in a room with a ceiling height of more than 3 meters. To look more attractive, you can decorate the bedroom with a minimalist bed, small furniture, fleece rugs, wall paintings, and decorative lights. In addition, the design of the bedroom floor with wood motif ceramics. That way, your bedroom will feel more comfortable.

Living room ceiling with reflective material

If your living room wants to look spacious, then you can imitate the living room ceiling model like the picture above. The reflective material used in this living room ceiling model can be mirrors, metal, even ceramics, or other materials with glossy surfaces. The choice of reflective material on this living room ceiling model can adjust to the style of your home.

The presence of reflective material on the ceiling makes your living room even more stylish. In addition, the reflection of light from this ceiling model can also make your living room look brighter. To look more attractive, you can add a sofa set with a color that matches the ceiling. Then add a ceiling fan, wall hangings, wall paintings, and beautiful knick-knacks. With this arrangement, your living room design will look aesthetic.

The living room ceiling model in the form of a tray

If you want your living room to look different, there’s nothing wrong with choosing an unusual shape for the living room ceiling model. For example, you can apply a tray-type living room ceiling model with a more protruding area in the form of a polygonal or elliptical shape.

Your living room will be even more interesting if the living room ceiling model is added with hidden light effects and dropped ceiling ornaments right in the middle of the living room. Then, you decorate it with a luxurious crystal chandelier or a fan to help circulate air in the living room.

With a unique living room ceiling model like this, you should no longer need to fill the walls or other parts of the living room. You can simply add an elongated minimalist sofa, wooden table, flower pot, and antique knick-knacks.

Coffered-type living room ceiling model

This living room ceiling model is suitable for your living room with minimal decoration. Ornaments forming a coffered-type ceiling can be wood. You can install spotlights on every part of the panel on the coffered type of living room ceiling model. Meanwhile, the middle can be fitted with unique decorative lights. Then, for your living room to look spacious, you can design it with bright colors.

Wooden flat living room ceiling

The design of a house with wood is indeed endless. Therefore, you can give a wooden impression to the living room by applying this one living room like this ceiling model. A flat ceiling with a wooden arrangement can make your home look more stylish. This living room ceiling model can also be applied to a minimalist-style house because the shape is not too complicated. This living room ceiling model relies on the natural beauty of wood to add to the comfort of the house interior.

The wood used in this living room ceiling model has arranged in a row, so it looks artistic. For example, from each side of the elongated wooden wall, it will shorten when you go to the middle of the room so that this living room ceiling model seems to consist of a combination of several trapezoidal or triangular shapes. To make your living room look harmonious, adjust guest chairs, bars, and knick-knacks with colors that match your wooden ceiling.

4. Conclusion

Those are some of the ceiling models above that you can apply in your home. Whatever model you choose, be sure to prioritize quality ceiling materials. Then, to make it, you can select many materials so that your home interior design looks aesthetic, attractive, elegant, and luxurious. Hopefully, the above review can be an inspiration for you.


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