1. TV table overview

Every house generally must have a television. We all know that television has become the main entertainment medium in the entire home. Currently, the model of television is also increasingly diverse. Some are placed on the table or even attached to the wall. However, the TV model that stands on the table is still more widely used. In addition, television sizes also vary, so you have to choose the right type of table.

With so many television models marketed in the community, you can choose the type of material for the TV table model according to your taste. There is also a TV table that has other functions such as putting books or other things. Therefore, so as not to choose the wrong TV table, let’s look at the design of the TV table below.

2. Desk ideas and designs

Entertainment is a part of our daily life. One of the easiest and more popular of entertainment for people is television. However, what is most expected from watching together is not only entertainment. But togetherness among family members.

Although entertainment is important but without a good atmosphere will not feel comfortable. With a situation like this, you can imagine when you come home from work and sit on the living room sofa to watch TV, but one of the family members does not like the program you are watching. Of course, it can make you uncomfortable.

3. An example of a comfortable TV table design

The minimalist TV table model in the living room can make the decoration of the area more beautiful and aesthetic. Then several modern minimalist TV table design inspirations were sold in furniture stores. TV tables with a minimalist style are increasingly in demand by homeowners as one of the best interior concepts. One of the characteristics of a minimalist interior is the use of minimalist and not excessive furniture. With a design like this, the appearance of living room design will look simple but still elegant.

In the concept of furniture, minimalism means simple furniture and not too big. Therefore, minimalist furniture puts forward function and comfort in every design. One of the pieces of furniture that often applies this idea is a TV table. In addition to implementing a minimalist concept, the TV table also can be used as versatile storage and room decoration. It will certainly help a narrow room become more organized and attractive. For that, let’s review the TV table design below. Hopefully, one of the designs suits your taste. Welcome to our review!

Television table according to the size of the room

Before buying a table, consider the size of your room so it doesn’t look cramped. Don’t let the selected TV table make your room a mess. If you have a large room, the size of the TV table will certainly not be a problem. You can also place various other accessories without worrying about taking up space. However, if you have limited space, carefully calculate the area of ​​​​the room and the size of the table. We recommend that you choose a TV table that has a lot of storage space to save space.

To look more attractive, add a beautiful sofa for you to watch, floor rugs, decorative lighting stands, and shelves to put documents. Then add a floor rug to make your living room look elegant. With an arrangement like this, the television table in your living room will look attractive.

TV table made of wood

One of the most widely used materials for a TV table is a wooden one. Wood has become the main material for making household furniture. As we know, the wooden TV table has strong durability and is quite good quality. In addition, the wood table is also suitable to be placed in various styles of the room and combined with other furniture in the room.

However, to keep the color looking new, you will need to refinish it after a few years. Then, avoid placing this wooden table in a humid place because mold can attack TV tables placed in humid locations. To make it look more beautiful, add floor rugs and sofas. That way, your television room can make comfortable.

Built-bn model TV table

Tidak punya banyak ruangan untuk menempatkan meja TV? Anda juga bisa lho menyesuaikan luas ruangan dengan model meja TV dengan cara built-in. Biasanya, model yang satu ini sudah tersedia dalam satu set lengkap dengan TV yang ditanamkan ke dalam dinding. Kelebihan dari meja TV ini adalah Anda tidak perlu repot lagi untuk memindahkannya ke mana-mana dan mudah dibersihkan. Model yang satu ini juga lebih hemat tempat karena menempel ke dinding sehingga tidak membutuhkan ruang tambahan pada lantai. Kekurangan dari jenis meja ini adalah proses pembongkaran yang cukup rumit saat Anda ingin melakukan renovasi atau memindahkan TV.

Glass TV table

If you want the living room to look more modern, this glass TV table is perfect for making the room look more modern and spacious at the same time. There are two types of glass that are usually used in the manufacture of TV tables. The first is clear glass. Clear glass is perfect for use in various room styles because of its minimalist appearance. The second type is glass with additional colors or ornaments. This type is suitable for those of you who want to beautify the room.

Therefore, if you choose a glass table, you must clean it with a damp cloth regularly so that there is no fungus attached. Unfortunately, glass is not as strong as other materials and has the risk of breaking easily if too much weight on it. For that, you can consider using a model like this.

TV table made of glass and wood

Another type of TV table that is the most favorite is a combination of glass and wood. This one model also has a variety of designs, ranging from modern to ethnic. In addition, in terms of appearance also looks attractive. This glass and wood table design can also highlight the elegant side of the room. For maintenance, you only need to clean the wood using a dry cloth, while the wet cloth is for the glass parts.

Buffet-style TV table with storage shelves

The beautiful TV table model is a model designed like an elongated buffet. In addition, this table model will look strong. As you can see, this TV table has equipped with both open and closed storage spaces. An open table means that has not equipped with a closing door. This table with storage shelves can make it easier to store your DVD collection, karaoke equipment, stereo, speakers, or some displays and decorations. Then, to look cool, you can add floor rugs, knick-knacks, and wall hangings. With the best materials and an attractive design, this TV table will make your living room look aesthetic.

Minimalist TV table

Placing a minimalist model TV table in a room or private room can add aesthetic value to the living room. In addition to placing the TV and sweetening the interior design, this TV table also has a shelf that you can use as a storage area to help you organize your things. Therefore, if you are still confused about finding a TV table that suits your taste, you can choose this TV table as a TV stand and decoration for your living room. Then, to make your living room design look more beautiful, you can add floor rugs, beautiful flower pots, and interesting knick-knacks. An arrangement like this, it can make you feel at ease and comfortable.

TV table made of processed wood

This wooden TV table has made with a minimalist design. This model looks elegant because it is embellished with a layer of wood motifs and made of quality materials. In addition, it is also equipped with wheels on each side to facilitate mobilization. This table is suitable for those of you who don’t want to spend too much on a budget. Therefore, this model is in great demand by many people.

TV table made of iron frame

Who says the TV rack only can be used to display television? This furniture can be used as a storage rack for other items, ranging from books, and flower pots, to miniature displays. This TV shelf design has drawers for storing things without taking up much space.

By having a sturdy construction, this table is equipped with shelves on the left and right as a place to display knick-knacks. Then the advantage of this product is that it has a knockdown system, so it is easy for you to install or assemble it yourself if you want to move or store it at any time. With dimensions that are not too large, this table is suitable for those of you who have not too large a room. In addition, the living room design will look more aesthetic.

TV table classic model

Are you planning to replace the old TV rack with a classic TV table? If you want to add to the atmosphere of your living room to look classic, this classic-model TV table is the right choice for you. Although the model looks classic, its presence can make your living room design look more beautiful.

After all, classic themes are one of the styles that are in high demand by many people today. Therefore, many people are competing to apply the classic theme because of the uniqueness of this style. To make it look more harmonious in the living room, choose a slightly dark wood color design like the color in the picture above. Agrar looks more beautiful, add ornamental plants and beautiful pots. Then design a wooden floor with a color that matches the TV table. Arrangements, like this, will make you feel at home and comfortable.

Beautiful colorful TV rack

This TV table design looks beautiful and elegant. This design is perfect for a minimalist home model. This table model is not only used to place the TV. This model also can be used as a living room decoration. Wood brown and white colors make the appearance of this table thick with a minimalist model.

Then, to make this table look cool, you can add floor rugs, sofa cushions, photo frames on the walls, and beautiful knick-knacks. With this arrangement, this TV table model looks more beautiful and elegant. To make the living room design look comfortable, you can paint the interior of the living room with bright colors. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

TV table gray color with 4 shelves model

The touch of wood can make the atmosphere more comfortable and feel warm. But if you’re looking for a TV table with a warm wooden concept. This table is also practical because of its simple model and has a storage drawer, making it easy to put things.

The doors on the left and right can be opened and closed for placing your documents. Then, the number of racks on the table can make it easier for you to organize the home theater set you need.

This long tv table is beautiful. It’s just that the basic color is black. The shape has a design with classic, but that is the side of its uniqueness that many people like. At the top is given a light wood-colored decoration. Then at the bottom is given a gray color. You can add flower pots on the table, knick-knacks, and rattan carpets in front of the table. With this arrangement, the table looks attractive.

Teak wood TV table with six shelves

The last model is a TV table made of teak wood with six shelves. This modern tv table has been designed with six drawers arranged. With enough space as a place to put a lot of things in it, you can put some of your favorite knick-knacks. In addition, the wood color accent is indeed a very exotic color. Then, coupled with a fairly shiny surface. Of course, this design can adds to the art, beauty, and uniqueness. Then, to look more attractive, you can add a colorful patterned floor rug.

4. Conclusion

Choosing a TV table for the living room or private room can add aesthetic value to the room. In addition to the TV table, it can sweeten the interior design of your living room. Then, a TV table that has drawers can be used for the storage of goods because it can save space in your living room. We hope that the design above can be an inspiration for you. Then, it can make your living room design look elegant, aesthetic, beautiful, and attractive. Hopefully, the above review can be useful for you and your family. Welcome to decorate your room!


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