1. Overview of mosquito net doors

Currently, the use of mosquito screen doors has begun to be widely used by the community with the main goal of preventing the entry of mosquitoes into the house. Screen doors have prices that vary depending on the quality and size. However, I recommend choosing a good quality screen door because it will affect durability. Usually, this type of screen door is equipped with a house key and an iron latch lock to make it safe and comfortable for the homeowner. Therefore, let’s discuss the door model below!

2. Mosquito wire door design

Countries in Asia have tropical climates. A tropical climate is located between the equator, which is characterized by always getting sunlight all year round. Building a house in a tropical country needs to consider several aspects in terms of security, health, and comfort.

The problem faced by homeowners is mosquitoes because the problem can carry many diseases. Therefore, the solution to dealing with mosquitoes that enter your home, you can use an iron door design from steel wire. In addition, this door is decorative furniture that you can use instead of a wooden door. Below is a photo of mosquito wire that you can design for your home to make it look more attractive. With this door design, the exterior of your home will look luxurious and aesthetic.

3. Some design examples

If your house the located close to stagnant water, you have to be careful because this place will become a place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Therefore, you should consider making prevention by installing a wire door. For this reason, we provide several examples of wire door designs that match the models that are currently popular. For that, let’s review some designs below. Hopefully, this design suits your taste. For that, let’s follow the review below.

Mosquito screen door model

The mosquito folding door is a partition that has several panels that move to the right or the left. Then, the design depends on taste. In the folding door, there is a mosquito screen that folds in a zigzag manner and will help the folding door avoid mosquito and dust attacks. The folding door is made of PVC material which can be easily cleaned and will be very light. Then, using PVC material for partitions in this day and age will provide convenience for its application.

The PVC strip on the folding door will reduce the tripping effect for you. The strip, which is only 3mm thick, is also child-friendly, so your child who is learning to walk doesn’t easily trip over this folding door. The PVC strip that is only 3mm is also said to be disability-friendly because of the thinness of the strip of this folding door. Someone who has physical limitations and must use a wheelchair in their daily activities can easily pass through this folding door without having to ask for help.

Besides being disability-friendly and child-friendly, this folding door is also friendly for the elderly. Especially if in your house there are family members who have reached old age and still have a great desire to go around your home. So you don’t have to worry because the folding door strip which is only 3mm won’t make your old family members stumble when they pass by.

When you are required to go back and forth from inside the house to outside the home, don’t think that this folding door will be difficult to open or close because there is no spring force in it, even though it doesn’t have a spring you are still easy to open and close.

Attractive design

A beautiful home design is everyone dream’s. If you are interested in installing a wire door in your home. Before installing, see some of the recommended pictures. Then, select which one is suitable for your house door. One of the models of house doors that are in demand by the wider community is mosquito and dust-repellent wire doors. The idea and inspiration for this door have been used as an additional door that functions as a home security from mosquitoes and insects.

In addition, the netted model makes this door able to repel mosquitoes and other animals from the outside. In addition, this door also can be used for air circulation and light to enter the house optimally. The trick, open the main door, then let the door cover the house. That way, air, and sunlight will enter the gaps in the door net. That way, you don’t need to be afraid that anyone will enter the house. In addition, this door model will also add to the impression of the house. Then make it dashing, modern, and elegant. Therefore, let’s review some attractive wire door designs below.

Some examples beautiful of wire door designs

The current model of the door of the house is very diverse in shape. The security and beauty of the door seem to be one of the benchmarks in having a beautiful home design. Partitions such as wire doors do not miss providing the best security and impression.

In addition, modern house door models are very diverse. You must have heard the house door equipped with a wire. This door is usually called mosquito netting. The names vary but as you know, this is a mosquito net door. This door is the choice used for doors and windows of the house. The presence of a house door model that has equipped with mosquito netting will indeed protect from various kinds of small insects that sometimes disturb a peaceful life.

In addition, this mosquito screen door model is simple, and you can use it on several sides, such as the front door, back door, and side door of your house. Then, some panels can provide beauty and protect you and your family from insect bites that can carry dangerous diseases.

Benefits of aesthetic wire doors

Mosquitoes are insects that have a variety of viruses in them. The danger of these mosquitoes can attack anyone, especially mosquitoes at this time are very resistant to various anti-mosquito drugs.

Did you know that an insect will basically have a bad influence on human health? Therefore, you have to deal with it with preventive measures. Using a house door model with mosquito netting is the most appropriate choice. Then, its use has now become familiar in various homes and has become the best choice. Therefore, if you want to make the health of your family, you can use this screen door.

Minimalist wire door function

As far as we know, mosquitoes with survival are very dangerous for you and your family. Especially if the doors and windows are left open without special protection. For this reason, you have to make anti-mosquito security. The use of anti-mosquito security can make your health.

Currently, many kinds of diseases come from mosquitoes. Of course, this is very dangerous. Even mosquitoes have been claimed as animals that can make spread diseases in the tropics. Therefore, you can install a mosquito net door to avoid disease. Then make, your home interior design feel comfortable.

The best door model is not easy to tear

When you are talking about the best wire door design. Of course, You can use nets made of heat-resistant and flexible wire. Materials like this are not easily torn if they rub. Therefore, this model is the best for you to install on your wire door. That way, your wire door will last a long time.

Mosquito wire door model without sound

As you know, the anti-mosquito folding door is now available without a pulling sound. Even though at first the door of this chain model when pulled made a sound that disturbed the peace. However, now, this door comes with a chain that is much safer and will not make a sound when the door is pulled.

With the latest design, you can use this folding door for a child’s room without disturbing the child’s rest. This door has been specially designed and secure. Then, it will not take up space, and will not make the family calm anymore. So you could say this new component is very useful for families at home.

Aluminum wire sliding door

An attractive home design can make you feel at home. We know you will often find aluminum sliding door models at your friends’ houses. The concept of aluminum sliding doors is easy to use, so it is a favorite among our customers. However, now this sliding door is designed using mosquito nets to make the homeowner the house feel safer and more comfortable. That way, mosquitoes will not enter the house, thus making you and your family healthy.

4. Conclusion

If you want your house to be free from mosquitoes and insects entering the house, you can install a wire door. By installing a door like this, you will be free from mosquito and insect attacks. In addition, a neatly installed wire door will make your home’s exterior design look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and comfortable. Therefore, we hope that one of the wire door models above can make you and your family healthy. Happy decorating!


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