1. Overview of bohemian designs

Bohemian interior home designs look aesthetic and are increasingly in demand by many people because of their unique and attractive designs. But if you live in an apartment, this design is the right choice for your living room. Especially if your living room is full of various knick-knacks looks more attractive. As we know, this design is practical, comfortable, and effective for those of you who live in modern cities.

Then, to get maximum comfort, you can design an apartment with the most preferred interior design style. Personalize the interior style according to your character and personality. Then it can provide a lot of advantages. One of the design styles with a unique and fresh appearance is the bohemian interior style. This design style is very suitable because the model is unique, aesthetic, attractive, and practical. To get to know him, let’s look at the bohemian style.

2. Get to know the bohemian style

Bohemian, familiarly called boho, is a style that reflects a free personality. This design uses a lot of patterns, colors, and motifs. The various motifs and patterns in this style are combined to make them appear to bump into each other, random and irregular. However, even though it looks disorganized and messy, bohemian looks unique in its appearance. Then looks unique and eccentric. Its uniqueness is that it is lively and lively.

With designs and motifs like this, it gives a different impression from another motif. Then, make the interior of the living room design look alive and cheerful. Therefore, this design style is much liked by those who like the play of color, cheerful atmosphere, and quirky. Let’s look at the following bohemian sofa design ideas and inspiration.

3. Bohemian sofa ideas and inspiration

Having a house with a bohemian or vintage style 1800-1900 style, you should use a maximalist industrial-style boho design. In this design, plants and colors are the keys to beauty. To look more attractive, combine it with white brick walls, sofas, and matching carpets, and divide the room with a pile of your favorite collection.

As we know, the boho-style room design is still a trend in 2021. It is synonymous with warm tones and plants, with various motifs and bright colors that make boho attractive to many homeowners. In addition to the dining room and bedroom, you can design your living room in a unique and aesthetic boho style. For that, let’s look at the image review below. Hopefully useful for you and your family.

Minimalist design with bohemian style

Bohemian, familiarly called boho, is a style that reflects a free personality, with the use of many patterns, colors, and motifs. In addition, the various motifs and patterns in this style are deliberately combined to make them appear to bump into each other, random, and irregular. However, it looks very unique and eccentric.

Another uniqueness of the bohemian design is that it is lively and lively. In addition, you can tweak this design to make it feel more minimalist. The trick is to present bohemian only as an accent. The living room to look more attractive, you can add some ornamental plants in the corner of the room to make it look fresher. Then design the table and floor carpet with a bohemian motif. That way, your living room design will feel warmer and more pleasant.

Bohemian sofa for a minimalist apartment

Wooden designs as home decorations and floor colors can be an option for a minimalist bohemian-style apartment living room. The presence of a plain gray, green, or brown sofa is also the right choice. In addition, use white or neutral colors for the walls, or use wallpaper or fabric motifs in one part. That way, you can get a distinctive boho accent in the living room of your tiny apartment.

To look more attractive, you can add carpets and sofa cushions with unique motifs and patterns as well as various colors. Then, plants also can be added as natural decorative elements that give a cool and fresh impression. With this arrangement, your living room will look beautiful and antique.

Bohemian design style

The bohemian design style is synonymous with a nomadic lifestyle that is free or not fixed. This concept is closely related to the gypsy population in Europe in the 1800s. Finally began to be referred to as bohemian when the gypsies left the city of Bohemia in Central Europe.

The hallmark of bohemian design is the use of ethnic elements and unique colors. You can see this from the use of building materials to the mix and match of the interiors used. The bohemian style is synonymous with gypsy, colorful, and mixed between ethnic, hippies, and vintage styles. The cool but not stiff is the hallmark of this bohemian style.

As in the picture above, the living room design is full of bohemian style. The play of colors, antique decorative lamps, motif sofa cushions, ornamental plants, and floor carpets make the atmosphere of the room more lively and cheerful. For those of you who like a unique model, this design can be an inspiration for you.d

Simple bohemian design

Actually, there are no fixed rules in applying the bohemian style. The main concept is freedom of expression and combining colors freely. Therefore, you don’t need to think too much about what elements should be in your living room. You can design a simple but charming bohemian living room. To look more attractive, you can combine a mandala-style rug and colorful pillowcases to sweeten the room. Then place the ornamental plants in the corner of the living room. That way, your simple living room design will look beautiful and charming.

Minimalist bohemian apartment dining room

The easiest and most effective way to display a bohemian style in the living room is to present a patterned rug. Carpets can have the magical power of displaying the character of a room. In addition, motif carpets can also add to the appearance of the room to look more luxurious.

The boho motif carpet as the base for the chairs and dining table is more attractive and unique. Then, the carpet motif can also represent your eccentric personality as a fan of the boho style. To make it look more attractive, you can present a wall decoration in the form of a painting or photo with a vintage-looking gold wooden frame and a classic wooden dining table. That way, the design of your dining room will feel more comfortable.

Minimalist bohemian apartment kitchen

As discussed earlier, the boho style is a design style that is very rich in the use of patterns, colors, and motifs. Therefore, this needs to be a concern if you want to display a more minimalist bohemian impression, especially in the kitchen. You can choose vintage-style cooking utensils that have bright and vibrant colors. Even though it only displays colors on the furniture, this method can give a strong boho impression.

If you don’t want to use different colors in your kitchen utensils, you can play with patterned tiles. Using patterned tiles or tiles can display a unique, bohemian vintage impression. To make it look more attractive, you can add hanging decorative lights, decorative mirrors, wooden shelves, classic dining tables, and decorative lights on the table. With a design like this, your kitchen atmosphere will feel pleasant. Then your partner is even more excited to cook.

Minimalist bohemian apartment bedroom

If you want a beautiful and comfortable room atmosphere, choose white as the wall color for your bohemian apartment. Then decorate with various motifs on the expression or carpet. Boho-style motifs also can be presented on blankets, pillows, to the fabric motifs that you use as wall decorations.

The most important thing for you to remember, avoid a combination of no more than three colors and motifs that are not too complicated. This is done so that the boho impression that will be presented is not too dominant and is still able to display a clear minimalist atmosphere. To feel fresher, you can bring some ornamental plants to your bedroom. That way, your bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Simple bohemian bedroom

The bedroom is a space where you rest after a tired day of activities. You can decorate the floor with a beautiful and aesthetic bedroom design using a motif rug with a distinctive bohemian color. In addition, you can use a geometric patterned carpet, striated, or carved motifs. Then, adjust the color of the carpet to the palette or color of your room.

Although the bohemian style is known to be free and breaking the rules, to get beauty, you should choose eye-catching colors. If your room has plain walls, you are free to use various motifs and colors for your carpet. And if you’ve put a lot of ornaments such as wallpaper, bright wall paint, or decorations, avoid carpets with different colors or motifs. Then, choose a rug with a combination of no more than three colors and a pattern that is not too complicated. That way, your simple bedroom design will look aesthetic.

Bohemian kitchen style

The Bohemian style has character with the use of carpets and fabrics that enliven the appearance of the room. The term design actually comes from the nomads who left Bohemia in Central Europe. Then, fleeing the rigid rules.

Of the various designs, Bohemian does not have a binding style. This is what makes this style seem unique and attractive. In addition, Bohemian tends to have a freestyle. They tend to have bright colors. However, the application of this bohemian style does not mean completely free. The freedom of form and the bohemian model has still adapted to fit and high art. For that, you can see bohemian kitchen designs that tend to play against colors that collide with each other such as the color of the kitchen table, walls, dining table, floor carpet, antique decorative lights, and decorative plants.

Bohemian free design for home interior

If you are confused about the design of the kitchen at home, then you can consider a bohemian-style design. Bohemian is a term used to describe the lifestyle of the gypsies. This people is a group that has nomadic and nomadic characteristics. They do not like to stay and stay in the same place for a long time.

The bohemian style has defined as a style that emphasizes freedom of expression and is not bound by standard rules. In this bohemian kitchen design, you freely combine any colors and motifs. Therefore, the bohemian can be applied to the living room, family room, and kitchen. Hopefully, this kitchen design is useful for you and your family.

Bedroom design with curtains, accessories, and plants

Bohemian-style bedrooms are generally equipped with curtains on the bed or commonly called mosquito nets. If you don’t want to place the curtain as a mosquito net on the bed, you can place it on the door or window.  Then, Boho-style curtains are generally bone white, and you design them not just from fabric. In addition to fabric, curtains in the form of spun rope, crochet, or necklaces of stones, can be a perfect choice so that your bedroom feels more comfortable.

Bohemian is also known for its distinctive features that highlight traditional, slightly ethnic, and natural elements. Therefore, use these three design elements in a bohemian style in your bedroom. Then, choose attractive details such as fringe, tassel, hanging accessories, and decorative plants, and combine them with other elements. You can combine it with elements of wood, copper, and or stones.

4. Conclusion

The Bohemian interior design style seems free and tends to be messy but not sloppy. So if we talk about the Bohemian style, it is not as popular as other interior design styles, such as Industrial, Rustic, and Minimalist. But that does not mean this style is not suitable to be applied as a residence. Especially for residents who are dynamic and have a high artistic taste. This style feels appropriate to be applied in their homes. Therefore, if you want your home to look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and antique, this design can be an inspiration for you. Hopefully, this review can use for you and your family.


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