1. Overview of the Scandinavian design 

Scandinavia consists of several countries in Eastern Europe as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Finland. The Scandinavian architectural design was introduced at design exhibitions in America and Canada around the 1950s. At that time, they introduced the Scandinavian lifestyle which was beautiful, simple, clean, and inspired by nature and the Northern climate that was accessible and available to all.

At that time, Scandinavian designers were more interested in producing products that were functional, durable, and at efficient prices. They believe that if the consumer needs something, the item will be bought, but if not, there is no need to sell it. In principle, Scandinavian style design prioritizes functionality without losing its beauty and elegance.

As far as we know, Scandinavian style interior design is widely applied in Western countries, mainly because this interior design focuses on simplicity, the use of each room while still looking elegant and beautiful. Good lighting is a very important element in this interior design. Lighting is expected to give a warm and comfortable impression to the house room design.

2. Scandinavian design ideas

If you are a fan of homes or buildings with a Scandinavian design style, the Scandinavian-style trend is indeed in demand because it looks simple but still attractive. No wonder now various Scandinavian design principles are often applied in residential or commercial buildings. This contemporary design style is also considered very functional, so it is very popular with young children. If you are interested in Scandinavian designs for your house, let’s review some examples of attractive designs.

3. Some examples of interesting designs

One of the home decor styles that are currently trending is the Scandinavian style. This design is in great demand by many people because of its clean, bright, and simple appearance. Therefore, Scandinavian designers are more interested in producing functional, durable products at efficient prices than selling new design concepts to consumers. They believe that if a consumer needs something. Therefore, we discuss one by one the images below, and hopefully can be your ideas and inspiration.

Design with wood material

Wood is a material that is always use as the main material in building a Scandinavian-style house. Not only for building houses, but wood also dominates the furniture used in the interior design of the house. Wood has usually used as a material for roofs and walls of houses. Then, wood can also give a warm, homey, and natural impression to a private home.

The wood material used is usually not finished. Wood is better-left natural, original, and not polished so that residents of the house can enjoy the beauty contained in the wood material. In Scandinavian-style designs, wood materials are usually combined with soft, monochrome, and unobtrusive colors. Then, making it look elegant. Then, to look more attractive, you can add accessories such as table lamps, hanging decorative lights, and furniture with natural colors.

Design with wooden floor

The hallmark of the Scandinavian style is the use of wooden floors. The wood used for flooring tends to be pale or dark in color. Therefore, you should use wood floors for all rooms of the house except in the bathroom or other wet areas. To look more attractive, you can combine it with bright color furniture, wall paintings, and decorative lights. That way, your bedroom interior design will be more comfortable like the picture above.

Natural color for living room

The natural colors in this living room design look beautiful and aesthetic. This color has often used in Scandinavian-style designs. Currently, the use of other neutral colors that are brighter, such as white, gray, blue, and beige, has developed. This aims to make the room feel spacious and clean and provide a more lively atmosphere.

Natural colors like this have become a trademark of Scandinavian design and become one of the main attractions. To look more attractive, you can add bright color sofas, wooden tables, sofa cushions, wall paintings, decorative lights, and room accessories. That way, your living room design will look aesthetic.

Emphasis on the design function

The most important element in Scandinavian style design is wood. A comfortable home is a house that is open, cool and allows the owner to live comfortably. Therefore, Scandinavian-style interiors can provide comfort for the whole house. Then the arrangement of the room emphasizes a comfortable design so as not to complicate the movement of homeowners. That way, the people in this place would find it easy to move around.

Then, to look more attractive, you can emphasize the function of furniture and lighting so that the Scandinavian style looks more high-quality. In addition, another characteristic of the Scandinavian style of interior design is its minimalist shape which is symbolized by a line motif. Then a simple and firm form is also represented in the architectural design and furniture in the house.

Big window design

Large windows for lighting can make the space in your home healthy. Therefore, large windows are very popular with Scandinavians. This may be due to the lack of sunlight in winter. Large windows from the floor to the roof of the house are widely used so that natural sunlight can enter the house. That way, you can also save energy by not using lights during the day. As you can see in the picture above, the bright nuances in Scandinavian Interior are not only from the home colors but also from the large windows of the Scandinavian-style interior design to get maximum natural lighting.

Dominant neutral color character

If you enter a house with a Scandinavian concept, you will be greeted with bright colors and generally neutral. White usually becomes the dominant color in Scandinavian interior design and is then complemented by other light and soft colors such as light blue, light brown, and neutral pastel colors.

Then, to look more beautiful and charming, you can add a gray sofa, wall paintings, sofa cushions, guest tables, decorative lights, floor rugs, and ornamental plants. In addition, large windows also play an important role in lighting up the living room during the day. That way, you can also save electricity. Hopefully, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration.

The presence of fabric elements in Scandinavian Interior design

Despite the lack of striking and simple colors, this Scandinavian Interior design style still looks warm and not stiff. Then, the presence of fabric elements complements the overall appearance of the interior design of the living room.

Starting from carpets, and curtains, to just tablecloths or decorative fabrics to beautify the room. Then, the beautiful minimalist sofa design decoration also makes the living room look more aesthetic. Moreover, the presence of standing decorative lights, hanging decorative lights, sofa cushions, and ornamental plants adds to the warm atmosphere in the living room.

Design with a natural feel

At first, many Scandinavian houses were built side by side with nature, either on the outskirts of the forest or in the middle of plantations. No wonder one of the main Scandinavian design principles is the addition of natural or natural elements and elements.

You can see this Scandinavian design principle from the use of natural materials. Design principles that are close to nature will give you looks like natural wood on floors, furniture, and even walls. Generally, light-colored wood such as pine is often found to strengthen the Scandinavian accent in the living room. In addition to materials with natural principles, you can use other decorations, such as ornamental plants, hanging decorative lights, and floor carpets.

Colors in Scandinavian design

Talking about Scandinavian design principles, it’s not complete without discussing the color palette of Scandinavian homes. The Scandinavian design certainly has a color palette that is not far from natural elements. You will rarely find striking contrasting colors in Scandinavian homes. In general, Scandinavian designs will play with neutral colors such as white and gray combined with muted earthy tones.

Sometimes, splashes of color such as mustard yellow, dark blue, and maroon are included as design variations such as a table, sofa bed, wardrobe, or wall shelf. This color palette will certainly look very harmonious, forming a beautiful Scandinavian room design.

Processing in a simple form

One of the reasons why Scandinavian design principles are quite popular is because it looks simple and not excessive. This design principle is closely related to minimalist forms without excessive decorative elements. You will rarely find abstract forms in Scandinavian residential designs.

However, the simplicity in this design principle in no way reduces the appeal of the Scandinavian residential style. Simple but practical is also one of the attractions of Scandinavian housing. To make it look more harmonious, you design furniture with matching colors. That way the interior of your bedroom design will feel comfortable.

Scandinavian design’s closeness to nature

Closeness to nature also makes Scandinavian residential design principles very synonymous with natural lighting. Homes that apply Scandinavian designs have large windows to maximize natural lighting.

In addition, the Scandinavian design principle not only feels more comfortable, but it also makes the house energy efficient so that it saves electricity bills. Of course, this is a useful added value when you already have your own home. But to look more dancing, add furniture with bright colors, wall paintings, and ornamental plants. That way, the interior of your bedroom will look more aesthetic.

Scandinavian kitchen with the same theme

The basic concept of a Scandinavian luxury home kitchen is a bright color design. The color palette of white is the key element to making the display look more spacious. Using white is a great way to turn your room into a beautiful, luxurious, and bright kitchen.

Then, if you want to remodel or add a Scandinavian touch to your luxury home kitchen, you must also arrange it properly. So it is pleasing to the eye. A Scandinavian-style luxury house, it has the same theme, which is clean, neat, and attractive. Therefore, the Scandinavian-style kitchen is in great demand by people. But if you look at the conventional color combinations of a luxury home kitchen, you will know that white was used as the base paint. In addition, other colors have been used to provide contrast to make it look beautiful such as black and brown.

Kitchen design in white

If you want to design a beautiful luxurious Scandinavian-style kitchen, the rule that you must adhere to is to choose white for the walls and all the furniture and decorations. Then, use a lighter color scheme that will maximize the amount of light that enters the kitchen to reflect off the walls. It will give the illusion of a more spacious kitchen space.

Scandinavian luxury home kitchens generally use white, black, and gray, but light blue can be used to achieve the maximum look. Keep this rule in mind, bright colors for accents and backsplash matches cabinet colors, then design the floor with wood motif ceramics. To look more attractive, you can add black hanging decorative lights and floor designs with wood motif ceramics. That way, the Scandinavian kitchen design will feel more comfortable.

Let natural light in

If you want to design a Scandinavian comfortable kitchen, don’t forget to make large windows so that sunlight enters the room. Then don’t block the window blinds, blinds, or curtains that are complicated to let in as much natural light as possible into the room.

Then, the space closest to the window can be equipped with a dining table and chairs to take advantage of natural light to illuminate your dining room. But you still have to add artificial lighting, such as a chandelier in the kitchen which has its luxury. That way, your Scandinavian dining room, and kitchen will amaze your guests who come.

4. Conclusion

If you want to make a simple, clean, and comfortable home design, you can implement the Scandinavian design style in your home. To make all that, you must prepare a sufficient budget to pay for home decor so that the results are according to your taste. However, if you want to design your own, we hope that one of the designs above can be an inspiration for you. We hope that the design you choose can make your home look aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious. Hopefully, this review can be useful for you and your family. Happy decorating!




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