– Some people love to mix and match any colors and create a colorful concept in their room. Do you know if this concept can be applied in the bathroom? If we want to make it, an eclectic interior style is suitable for us! A bathroom is an important room in our home because we usually use it every time. It is also often used by guests who come to our house. That’s why we should make it look beautiful with a pretty concept. If you want to apply a design that doesn’t have many rules, we can apply it easily. Today, we will give you information about how to make a colorful bathroom and give you some ideas to design your interior.

How To Make It?

It is important to know more about the design that we will apply in our home in order to avoid us making a mistake while applying it. If we want to make an amazing look we should choose an interesting interior design. Colorful eclectic bathroom style ideas are suitable for us. It is also preferred for people in their first time applying it.

  1. Although we want to make a colorful concept, don’t choose furniture color carelessly because it can make our home look messy and doesn’t have a beautiful design.
  2. It can be combined with any concept but we can’t carelessly combine it. If we want to make a colorful concept, we should choose a design that has many colors in their furniture. For example, we can’t combine gothic design with nautical because it can make our home looks ugly.
  3. We should pay attention to furniture selection and color for making our room look impressive and won’t look monotonous.

Some Recommendations For Colorful Bathroom

If we are confused about choosing furniture that we will add to our eclectic bathroom this time we will give you some furniture recommendations. We also need walls textured and flooring information to make us feel easier to apply it and make a colorful concept. We also have to know any information about eclectic design to make our bathroom look prettier. Now, let’s get to the list!

Furniture Recommendations

Vessel sink in the bathroom
Colorful vessel sink in the bathroom

Furniture selection is necessary to think because it influences a lot of the design that we will apply later. To apply an eclectic style for a colorful bathroom we should choose suitable furniture like a sink. The suitable sink type for it is a vessel sink with attractive color. It is a very popular type for contemporary-style homes but also suits people who want to combine it with eclectic design. It would be a little bit complicated to clean but if we consider its design. Certainly, this gonna be suitable for you!

Colorful wall-mounted sink
Colorful wall-mounted sink for eclectic bathroom

To apply an eclectic interior style in our home and want to make it look fascinating, we can use a colorful wall-mounted sink. It has a unique design and makes our home have a different characteristic from any bathroom. The wall-mounted sink is a type that is attached to the wall. If we love a sink that has a slim shape with a wide bowl dimension but it is not deeper, we should choose it. For people who have a small place, it is very suitable because it doesn’t take up much space to add.

Flooring And Wall Textured Recommendations

Pink wall tiles bathroom
Pink wall tiles for making colorful bathroom

After choosing furniture, we should choose colorful wall tiles to apply a colorful eclectic bathroom concept with a fun impression. If we don’t want to use it, we can paint our wall in a color that we like as long as it is related to the concept. It influences the majority design that we will apply because it can make it have a stronger concept. But if we want to have something that easy to clean, wall tiles are the right choice than paint our walls.

Terrazzo bathroom floor
Terrazzo flooring for the bathroom

For applying a colorful eclectic bathroom theme, terrazzo tiles are suitable for you because it has many design and color. We can choose it as long as it is related to the design that we apply.

Colorful Eclectic Bathroom Interior Style Ideas

Sometimes we need ideas to apply an eclectic interior

to make a colorful concept with it. We should follow it if we are still confused and can’t imagine what concept that we will make. A colorful concept is also suitable for an eclectic home office that can make it look pretty. This is useful to avoid us making a mistake while applying the design. This time, we will give you some ideas about it.

Colorful Wallpaper In The Bathroom

Colorful eclectic bathroom
Create a colorful bathroom with wallpaper

We can apply wallpaper to our bathroom if we don’t want to feel complicated while painting our walls. There are many designs and patterns that we can choose as long as it is related to the concept. We should make sure to choose it in a bright color to make our bathroom have a stronger concept and design. Don’t forget to combine it with white and black flooring for making an attractive impression of an eclectic design.

Pineapple wallpaper in pink color
Colorful bathroom with pink wallpaper

Who wants to have a tropical accent in their bathroom? If you are one of them, a fruit wallpaper with pink color and combine it with an aesthetic wall lamp is suitable for us! A sink that suits an eclectic design with a colorful concept is a pedestal type. We should choose a white sink to make the design have a harmonious color to each other.

Using Wall Tiles

White brick tiles
White brick tiles textured

Some people don’t like to apply wallpaper in their bathrooms. Alternatively, we should apply wall tiles. It can make it look beautiful even our walls don’t paint with pretty color. It also has many design and color that we can choose and combine it with black or navy floor. If wall tiles make our bathroom look prettier, they also can be added to the eclectic kitchen cabinets to make it look beautiful. The walls textured is also made our bathroom have unique characteristics that won’t be found in any interior design. The bathroom should have a comfortable impression so this concept is preferred to be applied.

Colorful walls tiles
We can apply yellow tiles to make a colorful impression

A colorful impression makes us happy every time we look at it because it has a fun impression and a unique atmosphere at the same time. It is also suitable to be combined with an eclectic interior style. We can apply yellow wall tiles and combine them with a carpet that has a unique pattern. We can also use a red bathtub, black and white curtain to make it more look attractive.

Tips To Apply Eclectic Interior Ideas

Having a beautiful result after applying the design is challenging for us. It can be complicated if we don’t know some tips for an eclectic style or tricks about applying it. Today, we will give you some information that might help you create a beautiful bathroom.

  1. Mixing textures. Combining rough and soft textures is the best choice that we can do if we want to apply the style. We have to choose a rug that has many patterns and add some chairs that have natural colors. We can also apply it to our walls or ceiling to create a fascinating result.
  2. Choosing main colors. We have to choose main or basic colors before adding others. For example, we can apply beige and white then add another to create a combination.
  3. Colorful furniture. Besides choosing colorful decorations, we have to add some furniture in different colors. It will make our bathroom look stunning.


To apply the design and combine it with a colorful concept, we should pay attention to the furniture and concept that we will apply. We also have to make sure the flooring and walls textured are suitable for applying an eclectic interior style. It is suitable for people who have a small place and a low budget because it doesn’t need much furniture that has an expensive price. Hopefully, by using our ideas and recommendation, we might help you to apply them.


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