– Sometimes many people are confused about how to design their bedroom apartment. Generally, an apartment is always in urban areas and it makes us feel stressed because of the monotonous and unpleasant atmosphere. One of the ways for reducing our stress is to make our apartment feel relaxing and the first room we have to change the design is our bedroom. If we apply a modern zen design to our bedroom. It can make us have a relaxing place in the apartment without going anywhere. Zen design is a simple concept that is related to nature and prioritizes naturalness and simplicity. This design always used in meditation places as it can help to make us feel calm and to reduce our stress. It is suitable for people that live in a house and not in an apartment. If you want to make it we will help you to make a Zen bedroom design to reduce stress. This time we will help you to make a Modern Zen design for the bedroom apartments.

How to Choose Furniture for Modern Zen Bedroom Apartment

Zen furniture has a simple design and does not have too bright color but it doesn’t make our bedroom feel darker. We can choose a brighter lamp or furniture with white and beige colors. The conclusion is simple furniture is very suitable for this concept.

Zen wooden cupboard for zen bedroom apartment

A wooden cupboard is very suitable for a zen bedroom design. It has a simple design and neat color that are typical of zen designs. We should choose it for making this room and make harmonious concepts between the color and furniture that we use.

Zen bed style with calm color and don’t look too much

We should choose a bed for our bedroom that has a simple design and calm colors such as light grey, white, brown, or any calm colors. Avoid using bright colors such as yellow, pink, and any bright colors because that makes our concept doesn’t feel harmonious in the use of color.

Zen ceiling light lamp
Japanese ceiling light lamp can make our zen bedroom feel stronger and brighter

The Japanese ceiling light lamp is very suitable for Zen bedroom design because it has a simple design and warm light. It also can make our room feel like a Japanese bedroom with a Zen concept. This lamp makes our bedroom have a peaceful and calming impression.

Hashira lamp
Hashira table lamp is suitable for Zen bedroom design

The Hashira lamp is made of shoji paper that is generally used as a covering door or sliding window in Japan. This lamp is very suitable for Zen bedroom design because can make our bedroom has a natural concept which is according to zen design.

Zen accent chair
Zen accent chair for making zen bedroom design

Zen accent chair is a typical chair that is very related to Zen design. This chair is made of wood and has a simple design. This chair can make our bedroom have a stronger zen concept.

Wood round coffee table
Wooden round coffee table

If we prefer more to a little table than a long table in our bedroom, we can choose the round coffee table. It has a simple design and makes our bedroom feel aesthetic even in the Zen bedroom design. A wooden round table is more suitable for a Zen bedroom design.

Zen curtain
Curtain for Zen bedroom apartment design

We can choose a grey color curtain if we want to add a dark color to the Zen bedroom design. Make sure we choose a long curtain because it’s suitable for a window in the apartment.

Rattan carpet for Zen bedroom

Rattan carpet is suitable for zen bedroom design because it has a simple design and natural concept. This carpet can make it feels comfortable and look natural.

Modern Zen Bedroom Apartment Decorating Ideas

Beige color furniture
Beige color furniture in zen decorating ideas

Beige color furniture is the first concept that is suitable for Zen bedroom design. We should choose a white bed and rattan pendant light for making this concept. Beige color is a calm color that can make our bedroom feels aesthetic. We can also add a rattan basket, plants, a mirror, and pictures as decorations.

Zen bedroom in white color
White color in Zen bedroom design

The white color has a bright atmosphere and also suitable for any decorations and interior design. If we will make this concept, we should choose white furniture and combine it with some black furniture like a mirror. Set up a black and white carpet for making this concept. We can add some plants if we want to make the Zen design feels stronger.

Zen bedroom design
Simple zen bedroom apartment design

Simple Zen bedroom apartment design is suitable for you who want to have a simple zen bedroom apartment. This concept is also suitable for a small place because we don’t need many furniture to make it. We can add an indoor plant to make this concept feel stronger and look prettier.

Zen bedroom design
Zen bedroom design with many plants

Zen bedroom design can be made with many plants and white furniture. If we apply this concept we can make the air in our room feel fresher than before. We can add a round mirror on the wall to make this concept look prettier.

Canopy bed for Zen bedroom
Install canopy bed for making zen bedroom design

A canopy bed can be added to the Zen-bedroom apartment design. We can install plants to make them look natural and the concepts feel stronger.

Zen bedroom design
Brown color furniture for Zen bedroom design

Brown color furniture is suitable for making Zen bedroom apartment designs because it’s related to nature. This color also gives a tropical atmosphere with some plants as decoration.


Zen design needs more furniture from wood and has a natural concept because it is prioritizing give relaxing atmosphere for us. This design can reduce our stress and suitable in small or wider places and also suitable for people on a budget. The design has warm color furniture and brings an aesthetic concept to our bedroom. The color of the furniture that suitable for this design is green, brown, light brown, beige, white, and any warm color. We should avoid a bright color and hopefully, we might help you to apply this design in your apartment.


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