1. Overview of the beautiful apartment

The lifestyle in urban areas, where land is increasingly scarce, encourages people to choose apartments as residences. Apart from being small in size, currently, apartments are also available in sizes large enough to accommodate families with many members. For apartments to be spacious, many people combine several apartment units into one to meet the required residential area. So the apartment looks spacious.

Some apartments have designed to be five beautiful and elegant bedrooms. The way they combine two apartment units to get a more spacious and comfortable room. For that, let’s look at the attractive apartment designs below.

2. Attractive design

In general, an apartment has a limited area compared to a house. Therefore, you as an apartment owner should design the interior so that it looks attractive, flexible, comfortable, and free from stuffiness.

Of the many interior designs that can be adopted, Modern minimalist design is perfect for application in your apartment. As you know, minimalist design has the advantage of being simple, clean, and doesn’t require much furniture. With a modern touch, it can produce a luxurious apartment interior design but still simple, clean, aesthetic, and space-saving.

If you are currently looking for the right interior design inspiration, we provide interesting references for luxury and aesthetic apartment designs. For those of you who are not curious, let’s look at some examples of attractive and aesthetic apartments with more than three bedrooms.

3. Some aesthetic and attractive designs

The interior design of a luxury apartment that has more than three bedrooms is perfect for large families. Then, so it doesn’t look cramped. If you want to make it a minimalist design is the right choice. Below we provide some examples of attractive and aesthetic designs. Hopefully, this design suits your taste and can make your apartment interior look elegant. Hopefully, our review can use for you and your family. Welcome to our review!

Unique cloud-themed ceiling

Having beautiful apartment designs can make us more confident. The 3-bedroom apartment has a large area. Then, the price is not cheap. The superior aspect that the designer did not waste on this more than 3-bedroom apartment is the position of the room’s high ceilings. Miveworks gives a unique touch in the form of a cloud motif on the ceiling surface. With this arrangement, you will feel comfortable.

In addition, the exotic and classic impression of the European Renaissance era feels thick to the accents of the bright blue sky and clouds of cotton. Then, the lighting has been designed like hidden by placing the lights on the inside of the ceiling edge. That way, the cloud motif on the ceiling is no longer boring.

Open concept design

The apartment design with more than 3-rooms also carries an open concept which creates a feeling of relief. The dining room has connected to the family room without any partitions. Then, the abundant natural light from the large windows further supports the creation of the illusion of a spacious room.

As you can see in this modern minimalist design, the dining room has been made with the best decoration. So it feels comfortable. Then to look more attractive, a modern dining table is chosen according to the size of the dining room. Then, three chandeliers become ornaments that sweeten the dining table area. In addition, placing vases and fresh flowers as a centerpiece or decoration in the middle of the dining table makes this room even more attractive. To not seem monotonous. So the dining room walls are also not left empty.

Untuk tampak lebih menarik, dihias lukisan abstrak dengan lampu-lampu yang menyorot seperti di sebuah galeri. Kemudian pada ruang tamu dilengkapi dengan sofa set cantik, buffet kaca untuk meletakkan pernak pernik canti, dan televisi untuk hiburan. Dengan begitu, interior apartemen ini terlihat aesthetik.

Glass wall in the master bedroom

This master bedroom design looks beautiful and bright. The two sides of the wall in the master bedroom use glass walls. The benefit, glass material makes the bedroom feel lighter. In addition, these glass walls also function as windows. Some parts can be opened and closed. So that fresh air can enter freely.

So that this bedroom looks beautiful, this bedroom is equipped with a beautiful bed, bed covers, and soft pillows. Next to the bed is equipped with a gray nightstand, decorative lights on the left and right, and attractive wall paintings. That way, this bedroom looks elegant and luxurious. So you can be comfortable inside. Then, your sleep gets deeper.

Glass wall design to see the view

The use of glass material in the bedroom also creates a spacious impression. The transparent glass material creates the illusion that there is no boundary between the inside and outside. The bedroom seems to extend outward.

In addition, the glass material opens access to natural light to enter freely. Then, the view of the city from the bedroom certainly really helps to rest the heart and mind. Then, to feel at home in the bedroom, this bedroom is equipped with a work desk, makeup mirror, a wooden buffet to put the television on, and flower pots to sweeten the room. That way, your bedroom design will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Modern bunk bed in children’s room

For those of you who have children, you have to think about a bedroom for them. Therefore, to optimize the bedroom, you can make a bunk bed in the child’s bedroom. Then, make bunk beds that apply a modern design with multifunctional steps for storage.

Choosing an earthy color in the form of a light wood color is the trick to creating a spacious room. Meanwhile, to optimize lighting, add lights on the edges of the bunk beds. So it’s not just on the ceiling. Apart from lights, children’s rooms are still fitted with windows as a source of natural lighting from sunlight. That way, the bedroom looks bright during the day and makes the child healthier. With this arrangement, the bedroom design looks minimalist and modern.

Sofabed as a complement to the bedroom

Unlike the main bedroom concept, the next bedroom does not use glass walls. However, a large window is enough to be an entrance for natural light and fresh air. Given the limited size of the room, the selected furniture is the main furniture for sleeping facilities. Apart from the bed, a sitting area was also added in the form of a sofa bed. Then, the sofabed placed near the window is quite large, so it also functions as an extra bed.

This bedroom design has shown the apartment with more than three beautiful and elegant bedrooms. This apartment turned out to be the result of a merger of two apartment units. The overall design between spaces looks so unified and unified. Comfort is also a major point of concern. That way, your bedroom looks complete and comfortable.

Design in luxurious blue color

The use of beautiful and elegant blue velvet as an accent wall makes this apartment look attractive. This apartment has a different touch compared to other rooms. A touch of luxury is presented through the use of blue velvet as the headboard and blanket. Apart from that, another element that complements this bedroom is the use of a ceiling tray, wall panels, and glass cabinets.

Then, to make it look complete, this bedroom has equipped with a work desk and chair, wardrobe, and one bed, beautiful pillows. Then, to give an artistic impression, this room is decorated with blue curtains and make the icon of this bedroom. That way, the bedroom design looks attractive and charming. Then, make your sleep sound.

Choice of Korean-style aesthetic room paint

Currently, the Korean style is becoming popular. Therefore, Korean-style bedrooms are also a favorite among teenagers. This bedroom design is synonymous with natural colors, calm and pleasing to the eye. Then, choosing a consistent type and color for the furniture will also strengthen the theme of the bedroom.

So if you are confused about where to start making a Korean-style bedroom design, you can choose bedroom paint colors like the design above. Then, to make it feel like in Korea, you can add a bed on the floor and soft sofa cushions. Then, add a standing vanity mirror, wooden shelves, a carpet with a color that matches the interior, and a table to put drinks on. That way, your room design looks Korean.

Elegant and luxurious design

Amid modern times like this, luxury interior design is often the choice. The interior design of this luxury 3-bedroom apartment tries to present an impression of luxury that is elegant, gentle, and not exaggerated. The result is a home that feels comfortable and still looks glamorous. Therefore, the design of the living room that blends in with the dining room is made to look as luxurious as possible so that it feels comfortable.

As you can see, this living room is equipped with a luxurious sofa set, colorfully patterned cushions, a wooden sideboard for placing the television, a round table for placing drinks, patterned rugs, and decorative mirrors to make the living room look spacious. The living room is equipped with a dining table and chairs, spotlights for lighting, and wooden shelves mounted on the wall. That way, the interior of this apartment looks luxurious and elegant.

Aesthetic open-space design

A touch of gold accent color in a room with an open space design can be used in this luxury 3-bedroom apartment. This design is a common strategy used to get around limited housing sizes. So it looks luxurious. Here, the living room and dining room are in the same room.

The first thing that is visible from this room is the use of gold as an accent color in several elements of the room. The gold color which is synonymous with luxury is used as the color for chandeliers, cutlery, and several wall displays. One more thing, the glass wall on the side of the room brings the double advantage of a brightly lit room that makes it look spacious and spacious.

Then, to make it look more charming, this room is equipped with antique decorative lamps mounted on the ceiling, wooden shelves for placing knick-knacks mounted on the wall with a mirror back, a Tosca green sofa set, colorful motif sofa cushions, a round table for placing drinks, wooden buffet to put the television, and television. Meanwhile, in the corner of the room, you can see an orange chair, sofa cushions, a decorative lamp, and a beautiful flower pot. That way, the interior of this apartment design looks aesthetic.

The game of color and texture in the room

Arranging a 3-bedroom apartment is not an easy thing. You have to design it well. The interior color arrangement of the room has an important role in making the interior look attractive. As you can see, the use of texture elements in an elegant way through carpets, flower vases, and wall panels in this luxury 3-bedroom apartment residence is perfectly designed. Soft gray is the base color which is the canvas for the various color accents and textures of the room interior. Then, gold becomes the most prominent accent color to display a luxurious impression.

You can conclude, in terms of the texture itself, several textured elements starting from the soft carpet in the living room, the slat pattern on the TV table, paneled walls, vases of dried flowers, and of course, the use of smooth and shiny materials on the floor, furniture dining table, and coffee table. Then, additional decorations in various corners of the room make the area look even cooler plus a unique curved decorative lamp in the corner of the room. That way, the interior design of this apartment makes you more confident.

Elegant furniture choices

The interior design of this 3-bedroom luxury apartment is equipped with beautiful and elegant furniture. One of them is seen in the selection of seats for each area. Dining chairs in the dining room are chairs with an attractive relaxed style. Then besides being equipped with a kitchen, kitchen set, decorative lights hanging on the ceiling, floor carpets, and paintings on the walls. In order to look bright during the day and save electricity, the window design is made large. That way, the interior of this apartment looks simple but beautiful.

Aesthetic and elegant living room design

As a popular type of housing in urban areas, apartments are increasingly being sought after as a place to live. Developers compete to present new ideas to meet dynamic and ever-changing market tastes. Due to the limited availability of space, arranging the interior of an apartment is not an easy thing. For that, special tricks are needed so that the room in it feels comfortable and spacey at the same time.

For this reason, the design of this living room is equipped with a beautiful sofa set, patterned sofa cushions, a rug in soft colors, a round table for placing drinks, beautiful curtains, and artistic wall hangings. That way the interior of the living room of this apartment looks aesthetic and elegant.

4. Conclusion

Those are some three-bedroom apartment designs that we can recommend. In answering the challenge of apartment design, there are many divisions of rooms that you must design appropriately. We hope that one of our reviews can inspire you. However, if you don’t want to bother, you can order from a home decor company to suit your taste. Hopefully, our review can make your apartment interior look comfortable, aesthetic, beautiful, and attractive. Happy decorating!


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