1. Vintage style curtains at a glance

Vintage curtains are classic curtains that are generally designed with floral motifs. These curtains are known as vintage shabby chic curtains, which are the design of a soft, luxurious, and cottage-style decoration for an antique and attractive appearance. We know that to make the house look beautiful and charming you need home interior decoration. Therefore, if you want to make the home interior look beautiful, you can use curtains, wallpapers, carpets, and vinyl.

Of course, you want to design this type of curtain to display in your home. One of them that has a model of all time and is always sought after by customers is vintage style curtains. By choosing it, you will feel happy and confident. Therefore, nothing in the history of the Vintage Curtains model is said to be “old-fashioned” because this model cannot be eaten with time. Then, there are always enthusiasts and fans, from young people to adults and seniors.

The Vintage curtains consist of various kinds and types, namely Dimout & Blackout. But if you want to make the privacy of the room, you can choose the Blackout type because this type of sunlight or Ultraviolet cannot penetrate the room. In addition, this model can be varied depending on your needs and desires. With a vintage feel in your home, the decor also emphasizes vintage elements and invites you to remember your past. For that, let’s look at the inspiration below.

2. Vintage curtain inspiration

Curtains are part of our home interior design. If we have a window in the living room, it seems incomplete if we don’t have curtains installed. In addition, the curtains have equipped with a vitrage in the form of a thin cloth and installed behind the curtain. The function of vitrage is for a barrier, so the house interior is not visible outside the window. But don’t block the sunlight from entering the room. Therefore, if you want to decorate the interior of your home, you can look for ideas and inspiration for curtains that match your home model.

As we know, the living room is the most important in a house. Therefore, many people want to decorate their living room with beautiful curtains to make it look aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. One alternative is to choose a vintage curtain design that suits your taste.

If you want to make your home interior looks beautiful and elegant, you have to choose the curtain model according to the concept of the living room you have. Especially for a minimalist living room, you can select a simple curtain model so that later it can produce an elegant impression. To make it, you can choose the Spanish spring curtain model with a vintage style, which has a colorful pattern with floral motifs. For that, please select the best curtains idea. Then, you can get a design that matches the minimalist living room concept that you apply. Here are some models of classic style living room curtains with floral motifs.

3. Floral motif vintage curtain design

Vintage curtains are classic curtains designed with floral motifs. Then, the curtains are also called ancient times that do not run out of time. With its soft, luxurious. But cottage-style design gives an antique and attractive impression. Therefore, in decorating the interior of the house, your creativity is needed so that the interior of the house looks beautiful and charming. In addition to vintage curtains, you can design them with Wallpaper, Carpet, and Vinyl. By adding this design, your home interior will feel more comfortable.

As you know, Vintage Curtains consist of various models and are more dominant with colorful and floral motifs. One thing, because shabby chic was born from a vintage feel, the decor emphasizes more on vintage elements more. Here are examples of different types of vintage curtains.

4. Some examples of trendy curtain designs

To design the house interior to make it look more attractive, you can choose the type of curtains that match the house interior and your taste. Therefore, you can select various styles of curtain motifs so your home can look trendy.

Many people in villages or metropolitan cities make their homes with minimalist models because this model has many advantages, ranging from simple, bright, clean designs and does not require much equipment such as furniture, accessories, and wall hangings.

But we know that these designs are currently trending. This design is a trend not only in Indonesia, but design with a vintage curtain model is booming in the world. Therefore, many home architects make floor plans and luxurious minimalist home interiors with vintage decorations.

With the development of the design world, architects are competing to design houses complete with accessories. So don’t be surprised if there is high competition for designers. For the architect to get a minimalist home design has a different character and can make happy consumers. So you are forced to follow the design world so that your home is not outdated. Then, always look different from the previous design. For that, let’s discuss an example image below. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

Rose floral vintage curtains

If you’re looking for floral design living room curtains. You can choose a rose flower design like your dream. With this beautiful floral design, you can replace your old living room curtains with vintage curtains. That way, your living room looks elegant and unique.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of the color game. You can choose various models according to your taste. By choosing vintage curtains, the interior of your room will look like an old house. Hopefully, this curtain motif can be an inspiration for you.

Curtains with beautiful scenery motifs

Having a beautiful house with beautiful artistic curtains is everyone’s dream, and you will be happy because the interior of your home looks luxurious. Therefore, choose the curtains for your dream house with a scenic motif. By changing the living room curtains like this picture, you will feel like you are in this place.

Choosing accessories for the interior of the room is difficult. Therefore, follow this article. So you did not select the wrong living room curtains. However, you also don’t be afraid to combine this curtain motif with your home interior model. The Curtains with motifs like this picture are not widely used by homeowners. But this motif looks beautiful and artistic. Then, it can make your living room more beautiful and lively.

Vintage curtains in pastel colors

Curtains with a vintage concept are curtains whose designs have been adopted from ancient curtains. Characteristic of vintage curtains, the color tends to take the base of pastel colors, and the pattern is usually dense and crowded. Such as flowers, thread motifs, lace, leaves, or geometric patterns printed close together.

Therefore, most vintage curtains have a distinctive curtain rod that uses a hook ring. Not only that, but the uniqueness of vintage curtains is also at the top of the curtain called curtain bangs. These curtain bangs work as decorations as well as sun protection when the curtains are opened or tied to the side. With a unique motif like this, your home interior will get compliments from your guests.

Living room curtains with lace pattern

The next model of beautiful and luxurious curtains is lace motif curtains. For those of you who don’t know, lace motif curtains are very different from other vintage curtains. Vintage models are curtains that were originally used in the 50s to 60s, while lace motifs are curtains patterns that were trendy in the 70s. With the development of designs, this motif is increasingly popular.

This Vintage Curtain with lace motif, The pattern is taken from the designs of the past. Then, for the selection of bolder colors, such as brown, red, orange, yellow, neon green, and others. In addition, these curtains can look more beautiful if the room is by the curtain motif because if not, the curtains will look like ordinary minimalist curtains. Well, hopefully, this design can add to your curtains repertoire.

Matching color vintage curtain design

You can make this one small window curtain model as a decoration for a beautiful and luxurious living room. In addition, you can also add vitrage in it. That way, the view from the outside does not penetrate the room.

In addition, you can also combine it with a minimalist small window curtain model in a color that matches the sofa cushions and carpet. Then, design the curtains in a color that matches the interior of your home. That way, your home will look beautiful and luxurious like a palace. Well, if you have a minimalist model house, you can use this motif as an inspiration for your home interior.

Motif shabby chick

Vintage curtains are classic curtains with colorful floral motifs. These curtains are better known as shabby chic. In addition, these curtains have been designed with soft motifs such as pink, light brown, and white. Therefore, this color design can give an antique and attractive impression.

For those of you who have a luxurious and minimalist home, this design is perfect for the interior of your living room. But you have to arrange it properly to make it look neat. Then, to not be seen from the outside, you can use vitrage as a curtain layer. But don’t make the layer too thick because it can block sunlight from entering the room and make your room dark and unhealthy. Hopefully, this design can captivate you and your family. Happy decorating!

Vintage floral and bird cage curtains

Vintage curtains are classic curtains and much liked by homeowners who are happy with the feel of the past. These curtains can remind you of the past because the motifs remind us of the designs of the past. Therefore, many minimalist home models design the interior of their homes with these curtains.

Then, to look more attractive, you can combine it with beautiful flower pots, white windows, and bright interiors. In addition, these floral motifs can provide comfort to the family and can reduce your stress after working all day at the office. With a cottage style, these curtains can give you a soft impression.

Curtains with classic motifs

Today, curtains are an integral part of the interior decoration of our homes. Therefore, every house has designed with beautiful curtains. Then, To look beautiful, the curtains are equipped with vitrage in the form of thin cloth. The function of the vitrage is for a barrier to view from outside. But does not block sunlight from entering the room.

As we know, the living room is the appearance of the house owner. Whether the living room is classic, luxurious, or modern, everything must use curtains to make it look beautiful and luxurious. Then, curtains can also make you feel more comfortable because the interior of your home does not feel hot. For this reason, homeowners choose the best design. But still designed with the concept of the living room that you apply. Hopefully, this curtain motif can lure you out.

Vintage curtains wallpaper motif

Vintage curtains are classic curtains that are generally identical to wallpaper. Then to look more attractive, designed with floral motifs. Curtains like this picture feature a stylish décor that is soft, luxurious, and elegant. With this design, the interior of your living room will look bright.

To look more aesthetic, you can combine this design with a beautiful wall photo frame and a profile iron table with a color matching the curtains. In addition, the wooden floor design can give a natural feel to your room. That way, the living room interior feels comfortable and calm. Hopefully, this curtain motif can add to your ideas and inspiration.

5. Conclusion

If you want to decorate the interior of your home. Please Choose a design for a beautiful and charming home interior as attractive furniture, curtains, and room accessories.
Beautiful and soft interior design can affect your everyday personality. For that, you must be able to choose the best motif curtains to look your home design aesthetic, attractive, beautiful, and luxurious. Therefore, you can make a vintage curtain design one of the icons that can fascinate your guests and compliment you. Happy decorating!


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