Home roofs make the most important part and have many reasons for getting that essentiality for homes. The roof provides you the main comfort in your home while you live in it with peace. It is designed to keep you safe from weather calamities such as rain, sun rays, snow falling, etc.

When a thing gives you so many advantages, it should be your responsibility to provide it with every great thing. For example, a good roof needs good material that can sustain for a long time without any problem. Once the roof is built, the roofers’ next step is to color it, which can be chosen according to your preference.

Choosing a color combination for your roof and siding can be a difficult task to do, especially for those who don’t have any aesthetic sense. For those types of cases, you can take help from home designers that can guide you properly. Happily, now you can get many colors for the roof rather than only brown or grey back in the days. Feel free to visit this website to see more roofing colors https://allseasonsroofer.com/.

If you choose the right color for your roof, it will come up with many benefits, such as offering long life to your roof and home and giving timeless aesthetics. Moreover, this choice lets you get the most out of your home investment. It also helps you in making your curb more appealing than before.

So first of all, we will discuss the list of colors, and then we will help you with how to choose them briefly.

List of roof colors:

Today, if you choose roof colors, you will get a variety of colors because back in time, there were only two or three colors available (grey and brown mostly). As the roofing procedure and material change with time, the roofing color variety also comes up in the market as a new change.

We are showing you only the most popular colors of roofs in 2022, but you can get many more from your area easily!

  • Dark brown hues: This color theme involves tree bark color, weathered wood, and autumnal brown shades, which you can choose easily according to your preferences.
  • Light brown hues: It includes desert color, sand, and taupe shades, which come up with roofs and siding colors.
  • Green hues: This one comes up with various colors related to moss, hunter, and forest accordingly to your home’s aesthetic.
  • Blue hues: It involves sky, blue-green mixture, denim, and navy and all of them look great if you have white themed.
  • Off-white hues: It is most popularly used in homes. It includes stone, Tan, Khaki, and beige colors, giving amazing looks to the roof once you do it.

Color combinations for siding and roofs:

Almost every home has siding and roof style all over the globe, which requires a color combination that not only looks good but also provides longevity to the life of your home’s roof. The main color is chosen for the roof, and some light tone is used for the sidings, making a great combo for Surin addition; it increases the home’s exterior features.

1.   Blue siding:

It is one of the most used colors for siding and roofs calculated last year according to the demands of the homeowners. Any blue-themed color will be chosen, and now it’s time to match the siding with accurate color. For siding, you can choose light and dark hues. If your roof has a dark blue color, then opt for light blue and vice versa.

2.   Beige siding:

If you have colored your home’s interior and walls with beige tones like tan and off-white hues, then you should go for warm color for your roofing. But what color should you choose for the sidings? Then you have to use the lighter tone for the sidings because it will match perfectly.

3.   Grey siding:

Most homeowners go for warm colors for their roofing because it increases the home’s life and is tear and wear-free. On the other hand, with dark roofing, you need to have cool colors for siding, such as grey. In grey, you can choose white or lighter shades of grey according to your family’s preference.


The right way to choose a roof color is to consider the color of your siding because if you look for cool color for sidings, you have to go for the warm color of roofing and vice versa. You can get many color combinations from the color companies once you approach them and tell them about your home’s interior and exterior properties.


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