1. Overview of kitchen ceramics

The kitchen is one of the rooms in a house and apartment. Then, the function of the kitchen is to cook and prepare food and drinks for the whole family. In addition, the function of the kitchen also can add spirit when cooking. Therefore, to design the kitchen, you can choose an attractive kitchen wall ceramic motif.

A comfortable and fun kitchen will not only improve your mood while cooking but can also beautify the interior of your home. This time, we provide beautiful kitchen interior wall tiles motifs to make you more excited about cooking. For that, let’s first look at the best ceramic motif ideas for the kitchen.

2. Kitchen ceramic motif ideas

Everyone knows that installing kitchen wall tiles can make a room look more luxurious. Therefore, many people think that to present a magnificent house, it is mandatory to use expensive materials with shades of gold or silver.
However, the fact is, you can use simple materials with the right arrangement. One of them is to install ceramics on the kitchen walls according to the kitchen model. Besides being able to beautify the interior of the kitchen, this material is easier to clean than paint.

Therefore, ideas and inspiration for designing a kitchen are needed. So that the kitchen looks modern design. Then, after that, all you have to do is protect and care for your kitchen walls with ceramic cleaning fluid so that it always looks clean and shiny. By installing ceramic tile on the wall, you no longer need to use anti-stain paint that can peel off at any time.

3. Choosing the best ceramic design

Choosing the best ceramic design can make your kitchen walls more beautiful and durable. Therefore, coating the kitchen walls using ceramic is a common thing to do because ceramics are heat resistant. In addition, the ceramic surface also does not absorb water. So it is durable and easy to clean from all kinds of stains.

Besides being heat resistant and not absorbing water, kitchen wall tiles also have other benefits, namely that they can increase the aesthetic value. Therefore, we advise you to choose the best ceramic design.

4. Some examples of kitchen ceramic designs

Ceramics is one of the materials that is widely used by the community to beautify the floors and walls of the house. We understand that ceramics are currently more popular because they are cheaper than marble. Therefore, you can design a kitchen wall to keep it clean and beautify your kitchen interior design. Therefore, let’s discuss some examples of ceramic motifs below. Hopefully, our review can use for you. Welcome to our article review!

White hexagon pattern

For this one kitchen, we recommend kitchen wall tiles with a white hexagon motif. This form looks beautiful mounted on the kitchen wall even though it looks simple. The beautiful motif adds to the interior of the kitchen to be more artistic.

The hexagon shape looks unique when compared to ceramics generally with a square or rectangular model. Hexagon is the right choice, especially for minimalist or modern concept dwellings. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add a kitchen table set, a kitchen set, a unique chandelier, and kitchen accessories. That way, your kitchen feels comfortable and pleasant.

White brick pattern

The appearance of a beautiful and comfortable kitchen can increase your enthusiasm for cooking. For that, we recommend white brick kitchen wall tiles. This type generally has a rectangular shape with a small size. From a distance, it looks like real brick. With a ceramic motif like this, your kitchen will look clean.

Then, to make it look more attractive, you can add wooden shelves to put kitchen utensils and flower pots so they don’t look boring. Then design the kitchen table in white to match the color of the walls. With this all-white and clean design, your kitchen will look more spacious and make you feel more comfortable.

Monochrome black and white ceramics

You can create an attractive kitchen design by combining colors such as white and black. But if you want to add another color, you have to adjust it to the existing color so it’s not too crowded. Therefore, you must choose the right monochrome ceramic motif to make it look cool. Then to look more beautiful, add a kitchen table and kitchen set with a matching color to make it look harmonious. In addition, add ornamental plant pots to make it feel calmer and more comfortable.

Ceramics with natural motifs

If we previously only discussed white and made you less interested in that color. Therefore. you can choose natural ceramic motifs. This motif looks beautiful if you can arrange it properly. That way, the kitchen will look artistic and unique.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a wooden shelf and adjust the color to the color of the ceramics. With a design like this, your kitchen will be pleasing to the eye. Don’t forget to design a kitchen table with a color that matches the walls so that the atmosphere in the kitchen is warmer.

Ceramic with gray-brown motif

Ceramics with natural motifs are the next recommendation. Ceramic motifs with brown and gray colors are very suitable to be installed on the kitchen wall. Therefore, you must also be able to design it well. So as you wish. Then, you also have to adjust the color of the kitchen table and wooden shelves on the wall to make it look beautiful and harmonious.

Rectangular motif with green color

There are many ways to make your kitchen look aesthetic and fun. One of them is installing green rectangular kitchen wall tiles. This muted color makes you feel cool when cooking. Then, this model will also bring a Scandinavian impression to your kitchen.

To make it look more attractive, you can add a white kitchen table set, a gas stove set, and ornamental plants. With additional equipment like this, your kitchen will become more comfortable. Then, you will be happy to be in the kitchen while cooking.

Ceramic with red brick motif

A kitchen with a red brick wall ceramic motif is perfect for a traditional style kitchen. Therefore, if you have decided according to the desired model, you can immediately arrange the kitchen table model and window model to make them look cooler.

To look more attractive, design a kitchen table set in white. Then the table texture matches the wall color. Then, to make it look more complete, install wooden shelves and a mini kitchen set on the kitchen wall. That way, you can put kitchen utensils and eat in this place. Then your kitchen doesn’t look cramped because all the equipment has been placed in the storage area.

3D ceramic motif

Designing a kitchen is a pleasant activity because you are required to be creative. But to make the best design, you must prepare the best design so that your kitchen looks different and stunning. Therefore, in this article, we want to share ideas and inspiration with you to design your kitchen with a 3D ceramic motif with a blue fish fin model. This motif seems unique and rarely used by homeowners. But if you want to design this motif in your kitchen, you can make it like this picture.

To make it look more attractive and harmonious, design the color of the kitchen table and kitchen set in white. Then decorate it with chandeliers and flower pots. So it doesn’t look monotonous. With this design, your kitchen will look unique and make you and your family happy. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for you.

All-white ceramic

White kitchen wall tiles can make a perfect impression of luxury and spaciousness in your kitchen. In addition, the marble pattern will bring a cool nuance to the kitchen and make your cooking activities calmer and more enjoyable. But keep in mind that white tends to look dirty if it gets stained. Therefore, you must clean by wiping the white marble-patterned ceramic coating.

To make it look more beautiful, you can adjust the color of your kitchen table set with a color that matches the wall. Then install a wooden shelf with the original wood color. With this design, your kitchen will look aesthetic and harmonious.

Ceramics with floral motifs

Kitchens with natural nuances can make you feel more comfortable cooking. Therefore, floral patterns can bring a lively and more playful feel to the kitchen. The floral motif will also disguise blemishes and is different from plain ceramic motifs which are easily stained and exposed. For that, a kitchen theme with a floral motif for your kitchen will look brighter and closer to nature and add freshness.

To amaze everyone who sees it, you can decorate this kitchen with a kitchen table in a color that matches the walls, then for the texture of the table, you can use original wood colors. Don’t forget to add a wooden shelf on the wall with a color that matches the wall and kitchen table. With a design like this, your kitchen will amaze and fascinate your family.

Classic kitchen ceramic

This kitchen wall with a small black and white ceramic pattern is very common and classic. This ceramic is generally used on the walls of old houses to make them look festive. A design like this will evoke a vintage design. In this kitchen, black and white colors are more dominant, so it can bring a classic feel to the kitchen.

Then, to make the kitchen more attractive, the kitchen table set is designed in white with a black texture that matches the color of the walls. While the kitchen set is designed in white to add a more cheerful atmosphere. We hope this design can add to your inspiration.

Ceramics with Jogja batik motifs

Ceramic is known as a wall coating that has a smooth and shiny surface and has a variety of motifs. As you can see, this kitchen wall looks unique and artistic with the color of batik Jogja. Then, even this motif is closer to a vintage style that emphasizes colors. In addition, this design makes your kitchen look pleasing to the eye.

Then, to be more attractive, you can align the color of the kitchen table, and kitchen set according to the color of the walls. Then design the texture of the kitchen table with a marble motif. That way, your kitchen interior will look beautiful and unique. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for those of you who want to design a kitchen wall with a Jogja batik motif.

5. Conclusion

If you want to beautify the kitchen, it is not enough to just complete it with kitchen and cooking furniture and equipment. You must be able to find ideas and inspiration to make your kitchen look aesthetic, beautiful, comfortable, attractive, and fun. Therefore, we provide some examples of ceramic designs and motifs like the picture above. We hope that one of the examples of this ceramic design and motif can be an inspiration for you. Happy decorating!


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